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Creating a Scripted Component

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Creating a Scripted Component

When QuickTest is connected to a Quality Center project, you can create a new scripted component in that project.

Each scripted component is based on a specific application area, which contains the resources and settings used by the component, such as the location of the shared object repository and function libraries. You select the application area that is best suited for your scripted component. You can choose from any application area that is located in the Quality Center project in which you intend to save the component. For more information, see Working with Application Areas.

Tip: You can also convert a business component to a scripted component. For more information, see Converting a Business Component to a Scripted Component.

Note: If you have not yet created an application area, the scripted component will be based on the default application area settings provided with Business Process Testing.

Note: In the Design Steps tab of the Quality Center Business Components module, Subject Matter Experts can view and work with only the manual steps defined for a scripted component (if any). They cannot view or modify the automated steps unless they open the scripted component in QuickTest by clicking the Launch button in the Automation tab (provided that QuickTest is installed on the Quality Center client). For more information, refer to the HP Business Process Testing User's Guide

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