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Opening a Business Componen

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Opening a Business Component

When QuickTest is connected to a Quality Center project, you can open a component that is stored in the project to view, modify, debug, or run it. You find components according to their location in the component tree.

Components that are currently open in Quality Center or another QuickTest session are locked and can be opened only in read-only format. To work with these components, they must be closed everywhere else.

When you open a component, if the component's associated application area cannot be found, you are prompted to associate a different application area with it.

Notes for users of previous QuickTest versions:

  • When you open a business component or scripted component that was created using an earlier version of QuickTest, you are asked whether you want to convert it or view it in read-only format. If you choose to view it in read-only format, it appears as it did previously, using all of its original settings, but you cannot modify it. If you choose to convert it, it is updated to the current format. When the component is updated, it uses the associated application area's current settings. If the component had customized settings (settings that were defined directly in the Business Component Settings dialog box), these settings are removed and the associated application area's current settings are applied instead.
  • After you save a converted component, it cannot be used with earlier versions of QuickTest.
  • You cannot open a component that was created with a later version of QuickTest on a computer running an earlier version of QuickTest. For example, you cannot open a component created in QuickTest 9.2 on a computer running QuickTest 8.2.
  • You open business components and scripted components in the same way. For more information on scripted components, see Creating Scripted Components

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