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About Working with Business Components

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About Working with Business Components

Generally, business components are created and modified in Quality Center by Subject Matter Experts. For more information, see the HP Business Process Testing User's Guide. However, you can use the Business Component Keyword View to create, view, modify, and debug a business component in QuickTest, if required.

In the Keyword View, business components are divided into steps in a modular, keyword-driven, table format. Each step is a row that comprises individual parts that you can easily modify. You create and modify steps by selecting items and operations and entering additional information, as required.

Each step in a business component is automatically documented as you complete it. This enables you to view a description of the step in understandable sentences. In addition, if you added a function library to the application area associated with the business component, when you define a step by selecting a user-defined operation (function), the documentation that you added in the function library will be displayed for the step. For more information, see Documenting the Function.

Before you create or open a business component, you connect QuickTest to a Quality Center project, which is where business components and application area resources and settings are stored. Connecting to your Quality Center project enables QuickTest to create or open the business component. This also enables the business component to access all of the resources defined in the application area on which the component is based.

Note: You need to make sure you have the required Quality Center permissions before working with business components and application areas. For more information on setting user group permissions in the Business Components module, refer to the HP Business Process Testing User's Guide.

If the application area you select does not yet contain all of the required resources and settings, you can still add steps using the ManualStep function or the Comment option. This enables you to type in manual steps as you would in Quality Center or in another application, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. You can also use comments to add information about a step or to separate sections of your business component. Each manual step and comment appears as a separate row in the Keyword View. For more information, see Adding and Modifying Manual Steps for Components and Working with Comments.


If you want to delete a component, you can do so only in Quality Center, regardless of whether it was created in QuickTest or in Quality Center. For more information, refer to the HP Business Process Testing User's Guide.

If needed, you can convert a business component to a scripted component. For more information, see Creating Scripted Components.

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