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Associating Add-ins with Your Componen

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Associating Add-ins with Your Component

When you open QuickTest, you can select the add-ins to load from the Add-in Manager dialog box. You can record on any environment for which the necessary add-in is loaded.

Choosing to associate an add-in with an application area instructs QuickTest to check that the associated add-in is loaded each time you open a component that is associated with that application area. When you create a new component, its associated add-ins are those defined in the component's application area.

When you open a component, QuickTest notifies you if an associated add-in is not currently loaded, or if you have loaded add-ins that are not currently associated with your component (via its application area). This process reminds you to add the required add-ins to the associated add-ins list if you plan to use them with the currently open component, thereby helping you to ensure that your run session will not fail due to unloaded add-ins.

When a Subject Matter Expert opens a business process test in Quality Center, the QuickTest Professional add-ins that are associated with the first component in the business process test are loaded automatically. Add-ins associated with other components in the business process test are not loaded. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all required QuickTest add-ins are associated with the application area of the first component in the business process test. 

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