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Unregistering User-Defined Test Object Methods

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Unregistering User-Defined Test Object Methods

When you register a method using a RegisterUserFunc statement, your method becomes a recognized method of the specified test object while it is being used by the component, or until you unregister the method. If your method overrides a QuickTest method, unregistering the method resets the method to its normal behavior. Unregistering other methods removes them from the list of methods supported by the test object.

To unregister a user-defined method, use the following syntax:

UnRegisterUserFunc TOClass, MethodName



The test object class for which your method is registered.
The method you want to unregister.

For example, suppose that the Find Flights Web page contains a Country edit box, and by default, the box contains the value USA. The following example registers the Set method to use the MySet function to retrieve the default value of the edit box before the new value is entered. After using the registered method in a WebEdit.Set statement for the Country edit box, the UnRegisterUserFunc statement is used to return the Set method to its standard functionality.

Function MySet (obj, x)

       dim y

       y = obj.GetROProperty("value")

       Reporter.ReportEvent micDone, "previous value", y


End Function

RegisterUserFunc "WebEdit", "Set", "MySet"

Browser("MercuryTours").Page("FindFlights").WebEdit("Country").Set "Canada"

UnRegisterUserFunc "WebEdit", "Set" 

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