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Advance Web Solutions---Office Messenger

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No longer just a tool to exchange information and to interact, instant messaging has swamped the workplace where professionals swap industry information, gossip ? all in the blink of an eye. Instead of traipsing down the hall, making a phone call, or waiting for an e-mailed response, employees can communicate with one another via online text, ?pinging? each other questions and requests, speeding up reaction rate and increasing productivity.


So what?s the problem with free IM programs? ? Productivity for starters. Are your employees gossiping with their friends & whiling away time or using Instant Messaging strictly as a means of business communication?


The Solution. Our OFFICE MESSENGER is developed specifically for inter-office use, restricting access to external users.




Office Messenger (OM) is an instant messaging program. It enables users to send and receive messages instantly, through an Intranet or the Internet.


Intuitive, user-friendly interface. Simple operation makes it very easy to use.


Security - Access is restricted to users that you allow. External users cannot register on your network, so security risks are avoided. Messages are encrypted to prevent others from being able to read what you send.


Send messages to individual users or groups of users. OM allows users to send messages not only to individual users, but also to any number of user groups. Users can create unlimited numbers of groups.


Send inter-office memos through (OM) to an individual or to a group. Memos have a forward function. A powerful function has been incorporated in terms of pre-dating memos. You can set a memo for delivery on any predetermined date and it is automatically delivered. Delivery status of any Memo sent is confirmed by the system. A copy of all memos is stored for record.


Powerful Contact Management. Our contact

list has "block lists" and user group support. You can create an unlimited number of different user groups, allow/block message receiving from individual users, and more!


You can allow users to add you directly to their contact list, or ask that your authorization be required by any user to add you to their contact list.


Conference Chat - Chat facility lets you communicate instantly with anyone on the network. No more waiting for mail to be delivered. Invite multiple users for a conference chat.


Save Chat sessions as HTML files for review and printing. Messages sent to users who are offline are stored on the server and automatically sent to the users as soon as they login. Chat and Memos are recorded and logged on the server for record and reference.

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