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D2 Map CFG 2005/12/22

原创 IT综合 作者:jillv 时间:2005-12-22 23:54:34 0 删除 编辑

Reveal Act Automap Key: -1 // VK_SUBTRACT
Reveal Level Automap Key: -1
Center Map Scroll Key: VK_PAUSE
Quick Exit Game Key: VK_U
Quick Back Town Key: VK_N
Quick Next Game Key: VK_Y // VK_OEM_MINUS 大键盘"-"
View Equipment Key: VK_0
Auto Reveal Act: 1 //自动开全部地图

// new features
Auto Next Game Name: 1
Auto Next Game Password: 1
First Player Stat Key: VK_6
Previous Player Stat Key: VK_7
Next Player Stat Key: VK_8
View Player Stats Key: VK_9
Keep Game Window Toggle: 0, VK_5 // 1没有用
Minimap Toggle: 1, -1
Server Ip Toggle: 1, -1
Minimap Cell Colour: 12
Minimap Size: 4 // 6

// format: Minimap Cells[level number][cell no.1, cell no.2, ...] : 1 // 1 for enable, -1 for disable
// example:
Minimap Cells[Rogue Encampment][The Secret Cow Level]: 1
Minimap Cells[Blood Moor][Den of Evil]: 1
Minimap Cells[Stony Field][Cairn Stone]: 1
Minimap Cells[Underground Passage Level 1][Dark Wood]: 1
Minimap Cells[Dark Wood][Tree of Inifuss]: 1
Minimap Cells[Black Marsh][Forgotten Tower]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 1][Tower Cellar Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 2][Tower Cellar Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 3][Tower Cellar Level 4]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 4][Tower Cellar Level 5]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tamoe Highland][Pit Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Pit Level 1][Pit Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Pit Level 1][Tamoe Highland]: 1
Minimap Cells[Barracks][Jail Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Jail Level 1][Jail Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Jail Level 2][Jail Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Jail Level 3][Inner Cloister]: 1
Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 1][Catacombs Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 2][Catacombs Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 3][Catacombs Level 4]: 1
Minimap Cells[Sewers Level 1][Sewers Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Sewers Level 2][Sewers Level 3]: 1
//Minimap Cells[Sewers Level 3][Radament on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[Dry Hills][Halls of the Dead Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of the Dead Level 1][Halls of the Dead Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of the Dead Level 2][Halls of the Dead Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Far Oasis][Maggot Lair Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Maggot Lair Level 1][Maggot Lair Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Maggot Lair Level 2][Maggot Lair Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Lost City][Ancient Tunnels]: 1
Minimap Cells[Lost City][Claw Viper Temple Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Claw Viper Temple Level 1][Claw Viper Temple Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Arcane Sanctuary][Horazon's Journal]: 1
Minimap Cells[Spider Forest][Spider Cavern]: 1
Minimap Cells[Flayer Jungle][Flayer Dungeon Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Flayer Dungeon Level 1][Flayer Dungeon Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Flayer Dungeon Level 2][Flayer Dungeon Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Kurast Bazaar][Ruined Temple]: 1
Minimap Cells[Kurast Sewers Level 1][Kurast Sewers Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Upper Kurast][Forgotten Temple]: 1
Minimap Cells[Kurast Causeway][Disused Reliquary]: 1
Minimap Cells[Kurast Causeway][Ruined Fane]: 1
Minimap Cells[Durance of Hate Level 1][Durance of Hate Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Durance of Hate Level 2][Durance of Hate Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Plains of Despair][Izual on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[City of the Damned][River of Flame]: 1
Minimap Cells[River of Flame][Hellforg on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[Crystalline Passage][Frozen River]: 1
Minimap Cells[Frozen River][Anya on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[Glacial Trail][Frozen Tundra]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of Anguish][Halls of Pain]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of Pain][Halls of Vaught]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of Vaught][Nihlathak on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[118][Arreat Summit]: 1
Minimap Cells[Worldstone Keep Level 1][Worldstone Keep Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Worldstone Keep Level 2][Worldstone Keep Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Worldstone Keep Level 3][Throne of Destruction]: 1

// for anti-detection, let it be if you dont know what it means
Extrawork Dll Action: 1 // unload hackmap automatically if extrawork.dll coming out
Version Checking Dll Action: 1 // unload when logging into Battle.Net; 0-keep loaded when logging into Battle.Net
Locale MPQ: "d2locale.mpq"
Localization Support: 1
Use Custom Font Toggle: 0, -1
Right Click Swap Toggle: 1, -1

// Below is Dangerous Monster defining
// chicken dangerous monsters toggle, disable by default
Dangerous Monster Chicken Toggle: 0, -1
// specify player's reaction when you meet dangerous monster. support two choices: "exit game" or "back to town"
Dangerous Monster Action: exit game
// define dangerous monster, format:
// Dangerous Monster[Monster Index 1, Monster Index 2]: resistance type, resistance threshold // resistance type can be one of fr, cr, lr, pr; resistance thresold ranges between -127 and 128
// for example:
Dangerous Monster[Black Soul 1, Black Soul 2]: lr,-30 // fr, cr, lr, pr
// the above line means chicken out(return town or exit game) when you meet black soul and your lighting resistance is below -30

// end

Full Visuals Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
//Weather Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
//Infravision Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
//Light Radius Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
//Screen Shake Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY

// 定义小地图中其他玩家默认状态,名字和同盟显示
Hidden Corpses Toggle: 0, VK_MULTIPLY
Automap Monsters Toggle: 1, VK_DIVIDE
Automap Level Names Toggle: 1, VK_DIVIDE
Automap Chests Toggle: 1, VK_DIVIDE
Automap Items Toggle: 1, VK_DIVIDE
Automap Missiles Toggle: 1, VK_DIVIDE
Automap Corpses Toggle: 0, -1
Automap Active Rooms Toggle: 0, -1
//-----Automap Ready Rooms Toggle: 0, -1
Hidden Items Toggle: 0, VK_OEM_COMMA
Scroll Map Toggle: 0, VK_SCROLL
Automap Screen Area Toggle: 0, VK_SCROLL
Monster TC Toggle: 1, -1
Monster Level Toggle: 1, -1
Monster Resists Toggle: 1, -1
Game Time Toggle: 1, -1
Clock Toggle: 1, -1
Perm Show Orbs Toggle: 1, -1
Drop Protect Toggle: 1, -1
Input Line Toggle: 1, -1
Out Town Select Toggle: 1, -1
//-----Tppk Protect Toggle: 1, -1
//-----Message Filter Toggle: 1, -1
//-----Message Log Toggle: 1, -1

//Example keys without NUMPAD (0,9,8,7) :-
//Reveal Act Automap Key: VK_0
//Full Visuals Toggle: 1, VK_9
//Automap Monsters Toggle: 1, VK_8
//Hidden Items Toggle: 1, VK_7

Automap Party Default: 1
Automap Names Default: 1

Mini Shrines Toggle: 1, -1
Level Name Colour: White
Staff Tomb Level Desc: " %2*"
Diagonal Scroll Toggle: 1, -1
Map Scroll Speed: 16
Life Bar Transparency: 2 //-1
Life Bar Colour: 0x08 //-1
Socket Protect Toggle: 1, VK_K

Chicken Life Toggle: 0, VK_L
Chicken Hostile Toggle: 0, -1
Chicken Hostile Nearby Toggle: 0, -1
Chicken Life: 0
Chicken Hostile Life: 0
Chicken Hostile Nearby Life: 0
Chicken Life Percent: 40 // 0~100
Chicken Hostile Life Percent: 0 // 0~100
Chicken Hostile Nearby Life Percent: 0 // 0~100

Player Blob File: 0
Monster Blob File: 0
Object Blob File: 0
Missile Blob File: "blobdot"
Item Blob File: "blobcircle"

//Example :-
//Object Blob File: "blobcircle"

Automap Active Rooms Colour: 0x19
//-----Automap Ready Rooms Colour: 0x07
Automap Screen Area Colour: 0x19

Closed Chest Colour: 0x09
Locked Chest Colour: 0x19

Hostile Missile Colour: 0x62
Guided Missile Colour: 0x5b
Tracer Missile Colour: 0x97
Other Missile Colour: 0x20 //-1

Missile Colours[All Arrows]: -2
//Missile Colours[Firewall, FireSmall, FireMedium]: -2
//Missile Colours[FrozenOrbBolt, FrozenOrbNova]: -2
Missile Corpses[Vine Beast Death]: 0
Missile Colours[Ice bolt, Frost Nova, Ice Blast, Glacial Spike, FrozenOrb, FrozenOrbBolt, FrozenOrbNova]: -2
Missile Colours[Charged Bolt, Nova, Lightning, Chain Lightning]: -2
Missile Colours[Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, Fire Wall, Meteor]: -2
Missile Colours[BattleCommand,BattleOrders,BattleCry,Shout,Howl,warcry]: -2

Rune Numbers Toggle: 1, -1
Socket Numbers Toggle: 1, -1
Item Levels Toggle: 1, -1
Item Value Toggle: 1, -1
Unit Numbers Toggle: 0, -1 //for testing
Item Indexs Toggle: 0, -1 //for mods
View Socketables Toggle: 0, VK_OEM_MINUS
Item Basic Stats Toggle: 0, VK_OEM_MINUS
Quest Item Colour: -1
Hidden Items Level: 0
//-----Hidden Item Value: 0

//-----Light Radius: 255
Ethereal Item Prefix: ""
Ethereal Item Postfix: "%5=Eth=%5"

//Item Colours[?]: ?

//Example :-
//Item Colours[Shako][Unique]: 1,0x20 //show unique shako name red and automap white
//Item Colours[Ear]: -1,-2 //hide ears

//Item Colours[0+][1-4,6]: -1,-2

Item Colours[All][1]: -1,-2 // Low Quality, Inferior, Crude, Cracked, Damaged
Item Colours[Archon Plate][1]: -1,-1
Item Colours[Mage Plate][1]: -1,-1

Item Colours[all][Normal]: -1,-2
Item Colours[1113-1116][2][1][1]: -1,-1 // Normal Circlets no eth, no sockets, for Imbue

Item Colours[All][High Quality, Superior]: -1,-1
Item Colours[44-53,137-145,240-248][3]: -1,-2 // Superior Throwing, Javinlin
Item Colours[1029-1043,1075-1089,1145-11159][3]: -1,-2 // Superior Gloves, Boots, Belt
Item Colours[all][3][1,2][2]: -1,-2 // Superior 1s

Item Colours[all][magic]: -1,-2
Item Colours[1-5,11-23,26-52,64-68][4]: -1,-1 // Magic One Hand weapon, Wand, Scepter, Staff (Normal)
Item Colours[94-98,104-116,119-145,157-161][4]: -1,-1 // Magic One Hand weapon, Wand, Scepter, Staff (Exceptional)
Item Colours[197-201,207-219,222-248,260-264][4]: -1,-1 // Magic One Hand weapon, Wand, Scepter, Staff (Elite)
Item Colours[1005-1007,1019-1021][4]: -1,-1 // Magic 3s Helm, 4s Armor (Normal)
Item Colours[1051-1053,1065-1067][4]: -1,-1 // Magic 3s Helm, 4s Armor (Exceptional)
Item Colours[1121-1138,1142-1144,1160][4]: -1,-1 // Magic 3s Helm, 4s Armor (Elite)
Item Colours[2013,2015][4]: -1,-1 // Magic Amulet, Ring
Item Colours[1029-1033,1075-1079,1145-1149][4]: -1,-1 // Magic Gloves
Item Colours[1076,1146][4]: -1,-1 // Magic Sharkskin Gloves, Vampirebone Gloves
Item Colours[1077,1147][4]: -1,-1 // Magic Heavey Bracers, Vambraces
Item Colours[1086,1156][4]: -1,-1 // Magic Sharkskin Belt, Vampirefang Belt
Item Colours[1113-1116][4]: -1,0x97 // Magic Circlet, Coronet, Tiara, Diadem
Item Colours[1138,1142][4]: -1,0x97 // Magic Archon Plate, Monarch

//Sell for 35000 Gold
Item Colours[11-14,16-18,64-68][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // Wand, Scepter, Staff (Normal)
Item Colours[104-107,109-111,157-161][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // Wand, Scepter, Staff (Exceptional)
Item Colours[207-210,212-214,260-264][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // Wand, Scepter, Staff (Elite)
Item Colours[1062-1068,1121-1144,1160-1162][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // 35000 Helm, Armor, Shield

Item Colours[all][rare]: -1,-1
Item Colours[2013,2015][rare]: -1,0x6f // Rare Amulet, Ring
Item Colours[1113-1116][rare]: -1,0x6f // Rare Circlet, Coronet, Tiara, Diadem
Item Colours[1029-1043][rare]: -1,0x6f // Rare Gloves, Belts, Boots(normal)
Item Colours[1075-1089][rare]: -1,0x6f // Rare Gloves, Belts, Boots(Exceptional)
Item Colours[1145-1159][rare]: -1,0x6f // Rare Gloves, Belts, Boots(Elite)
Item Colours[190,196,306,253,235,201][6][2]: -1,0x6f // 近身刃,近身剪,女族长标枪,战枪,巨神之刃,狂战士斧

Item Colours[all][crafted]: -1,-1

Item Colours[1093-1112,1163-1202][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // DruOnly, BarOnly, PalOnly, NecOnly
Item Colours[176-196][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // AsnOnly
Item Colours[277-281,287-291,297-301][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // SorOnly
Item Colours[282-286,292-296,302-306][2,3,4]: -1,-1 // AmaOnly

Item Colours[all][set]: -1,0x84
//Item Colours[0+][5]: 10,-1
Item Colours[1135][5]: 2,0x84 // Tal Rasha's GuardianShip 塔.拉夏的守护
Item Colours[1087][5]: 2,0x84 // Tal Rasha's 织网腰带
Item Colours[1051][5]: 2,0x84 // 吉永之脸
Item Colours[214][5]: 2,0x84 // 格瑞斯华尔德神使之杖
Item Colours[1197][5]: 2,0x84 // 格瑞斯华尔德旋风盾
Item Colours[1122][5]: 2,0x84 // 格瑞斯华尔德头冠
Item Colours[1077][5]: 2,0x84 // 塔格奥手套
Item Colours[1158][5]: 2,0x84 // 塔格奥洞穴巨魔腰带
Item Colours[1181][5]: 2,0x84 // 塔格奥领唱者印记
Item Colours[1137][5]: 2,0x84 // 不休之王的神圣盔甲
Item Colours[1116][5]: 2,0x84 // 马维娜的真实之眼
Item Colours[196][5]: 2,0x84 // 娜塔亚的记号

Item Colours[all][Unique]: -1,0x63 // 0x58
//Item Colours[0+][7]: -1,-1
Item Colours[1055][7]: -1,0x63 // Skin of ViperMage Serpentskin Item 海蛇皮甲;
Item Colours[1090][7]: -1,0x63 // Vampire Gaze 吸血鬼的凝视;
Item Colours[1127][7][2]: -1,0x63 // Gladiator Bane Wire Fleece 线羊毛皮甲;
Item Colours[1124][7]: -1,0x63 // 灰暮寿衣;
Item Colours[1132][7]: -1,0x63 // Arkaine's Valor 阿凯尼的荣耀 (炎魔皮板甲);
Item Colours[1116][7]: -1,0x63 // Diadem; 权冠;Griffon's Eye
Item Colours[1201][7]: -1,0x63 // 女妖之骨;
Item Colours[1202][7]: -1,0x63 // Darkforce Spawn;Bloodlord Skull
Item Colours[1189][7]: -1,0x63 // Wolfhowl;Fury Visor
Item Colours[1121][7]: -1,0x63 // Nightwing's Veil;Spired Helm
Item Colours[1123][7][2]: -1,0x63 // Andariel's Visage;Demonhead
Item Colours[1122][7]: -1,0x63 // Crown of Ages;Corona
Item Colours[1134][7]: -1,0x63 // Leviathan;Kraken Shell
Item Colours[1137][7]: -1,0x63 // Templar's Might or Tyrael's Might;Sacred Armor
Item Colours[1154][7]: -1,0x63 // Shadow Dancer;Myrmidon Greaves
Item Colours[1151][7][2]: -1,0x63 // ETH沙暴之旅(Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell Boots)
Item Colours[1149][7]: -1,0x63 // 食人魔铁手套(Steelrend Ogre Gauntlets)
Item Colours[1146][7]: -1,0x63 // (Dracul's Grasp Vampirebone Gloves)

Item Colours[226][7]: -1,0x63 // Azurewrath or Light Sabre;Phase Blade
Item Colours[235][7]: -1,0x63 // The Grandfather 祖父之剑;
Item Colours[272][7]: -1,0x63 // WindForce 逝去的荣耀;
Item Colours[296][7][2]: -1,0x63 // Titan's Revenge 泰坦;
Item Colours[147][7][2]: -1,0x63 // ETH的减速叉
Item Colours[301][7]: -1,0x63 // Death's Fathom;Dimensional Shard
Item Colours[257][7][2]: -1,0x63 // Tomb Reaver;Cryptic Axe
Item Colours[256][7][2]: -1,0x63 // The Reaper's Toll;Thresher
Item Colours[210][7]: -1,0x63 // 死亡之网(Death's Web Unearthed Wand)
Item Colours[214][7]: -1,0x63 // 神使之杖(Astreon's Iron Ward Caduceus)
Item Colours[218][7]: -1,0x63 // 暴风之结
Item Colours[271][7]: -1,0x63 // 弑夫刃

Item Colours[2019,2021]: -1,-2 // Arrows,Bolts
Item Colours[2036,2022,2023]: -1,-2 // Key,Scroll of Town Portal,Scroll of Identify
Item Colours[2006,2007,2010]: -1,-2 // Stamina Potion,Antidote Potion,Thawing Potion
Item Colours[81-86]: -1,-2 // Rancid Gas Potion,Oil Potion,Choking Gas Potion,Exploding Potion,Strangling Gas Potion,Fulminating Potion
Item Colours[hp1,hp2,hp3,hp4,mp1,mp2,mp3,mp4]: -1,-2
Item Colours[hp5,mp5]: -1,-1
Item Colours[Rejuvenation Potion]: -1,-1
Item Colours[Full Rejuvenation Potion]: 11,-1
Item Colours[89]: -1,0x0f // 维特之脚,地图颜色黑色,经常有人扔在ACT1地上.
Item Colours[2014,2017,2018,2024-2035,2037-2048,2137-2139]: -1,0x0f // 特殊过关物品和任务物品,地图颜色黑色
Item Colours[Shaft of the Horadric Staff]: -1,0x0f // 赫拉迪克杖;
Item Colours[Horadric Staff]: -1,0x0f // 未合成的仗
Item Colours[Khalim's Flail]: -1,0x0f // 克林姆的意志合成前那个小锤
Item Colours[Khalim's Will]: -1,0x0f // 克林姆意志
Item Colours[Elixir]: -1,0x0f // 蛇符
Item Colours[Hell Forge Hammer]: -1,0x0f // 地狱溶炉铁锤
Item Colours[The Gidbinn]: -1,0x0f // 吉得宾匕首
Item Colours[Horadric Malus]: -1,0x0f // Imbue任务锤子,铁匠mm丢的

//Item Colours[Gold_Items][2,3,4,6]: -1,-1 // 卖价35K物品的颜色
//Item Colours[Elite Weapons][2,3,6]: -1,-1 // 精华装备
//Item Colours[Elite Armor][2,3]: -1,-1 // 精华装备

Item Colours[1122,1123,1160][3][1,2][1,4]: 8,0x60
//Corona,Demonhead 2,Bone Visage
Item Colours[1124-1138][3][1,2][1,4,5]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[1015,1068][3][1][1,4]: 8,0x60
//Breast Plate,Mage Plate
Item Colours[1141,1142,1161,1162][3][1][1,4]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[1193-1197][3][1,2][1,4,5]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[1193-1197][2][2][1,4,5]: 8,-1
Item Colours[1142][3][1][1,4,5]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[1142][2][1][1,4,5]: 8,-1
Item Colours[22,115,218][2,3][1][5]: 8,-1
Item Colours[22,115,218][2,3][1,2][1,5,6]: 8,-1
Item Colours[30,123,226][2,3][1][1,6,7]: 8,-1
Item Colours[18,111,214][2][1][1,6]: 8,-1
Item Colours[18,111,214][3][1][1,6]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[69,162,272][2,3][1][4]: 8,-1
//Short Bow,Edge Bow,Hydra Bow
Item Colours[207-210][3][1,2][1,3]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[207-210][2][1,2][1,3]: 8,-1
Item Colours[190,196][3][1][1,4]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[190,196][2][1][1,4]: 8,-1
Item Colours[201,235,252,253,258,259,264][3][2][1,7]: 1,0x60
//Berserker Axe, Colossus Blade, Gost Spear, War Pike,Great Poleaxe, Giant Thresher, Archon Staff
Item Colours[201][3][1][1,7]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[214][2,3][1][4]: 8,-1
Item Colours[213][2,3][1][1,4]: 8,-1
Item Colours[201][3][1][5,6]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[201][2][1][5,6]: 8,-1
Item Colours[302,303][3][1][5]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[268][3][1][1,5]: 8,0x60
Item Colours[201,235][3][2][5,6]: 1,0x60
Item Colours[201,235][2][2][5,6]: 1,-1
Item Colours[256,257][3][2][1,6]: 1,0x60
Item Colours[256,257][2][2][1,6]: 1,-1
Item Colours[258,259][3][2][6]: 1,0x60
Item Colours[258,259][2][2][6]: 1,-1
Item Colours[256-259][3][2][5]: 1,0x60
Item Colours[256-259][2][2][5]: 1,-1
Item Colours[255][3][2][1,5]: 1,0x60
Item Colours[255][2][2][1,5]: 1,-1

//Item Colours[Jewel]: -1
//Charm Colours[1+]: Purple
Item Colours[2136][Magic]: Purple,0x4b //magic的jew
Item Colours[2136][Rare]: yellow,0x4b //rare的jew
Item Colours[2136][Unique]: Gold,0x63 //unique的jew
Item Colours[2096-2098][4]: Purple,0x9b //sc,lc,gc
Item Colours[2096-2098][7]: Gold,0x63 //unique的sc gc
Rune Colours[4,6,8,9-23]: Gold,-1
Rune Colours[24+]: orange,0x60
Rejuv Pot Colours[2+]: Purple,-1
Healing Pot Colours[5+]: -1,-1
Mana Pot Colours[5+]: -1,-1
Gem Colours[1+]: 1,-1
Amethyst Colours[5+]: 1,0x62
Topaz Colours[5+]: 1,0x62
Sapphire Colours[5+]: 1,0x62
Emerald Colours[5+]: 1,0x62
Ruby Colours[5+]: 1,0x62
Diamond Colours[5+]: 1,0x62
Skull Colours[5+]: 1,0x62

//Examples :-
//Gem Colours[Chipped]: Purple //show chipped gem names purple
//Rune Colours[12+]: Gold //show 12 and above runes names gold

Good Gold Number: 5000
Good Gold Colour: Gold
Poor Gold Colour: -1,-2

//Example :-
//Poor Gold Colour: -1,-2 //dont show < number of good gold at all

Monster Desc Colour: Red
//Monster Colours[?]: ?
//Monster Death Anims[?]: ?
Monster Death Anims[Shenk]: 0
Monster Corpses[Wake of Fire-Death Sentry]: 0
//Monster Corpse Colours[?]: x

//Examples :-
//Monster Colours[?]: -1 //show monster in default colour
//Monster Colours[?]: -2 //dont show monster on automap
//Monster Colours[Undead Stygian Doll]: 0x20 //show undead stygiandoll's white on automap
//Monster Colours[Wake of Fire-Death Sentry]: 0x20 //show traps on automap
//Monster Death Anims[1+]: 0 //dont show any monster death anims
//Monster Death Anims[Andariel]: 0 //dont show andariel death anim
Monster Colours[Black Soul 1, Black Soul 2, Burning Soul 1, Burning Soul 2, Gloam 1, Gloam 2]: 0x20
Monster Colours[unused DiabloClone]: 0x9c
Monster Colours[Baal Unraveler]: 0x8f
Monster Colours[Baal Taunt]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Baal Crab to Stairs]: 0x8f
Monster Colours[Kaelan]: 0x8f
Monster Colours[Blood Raven]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Griswold]: 0x9b
//Monster Colours[The Countess]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[The Smith]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Andariel]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Radament]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Duriel]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Dark Wanderer]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Mephisto]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[dummy Mephisto Spirit]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Izual]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Izual's Ghost]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Hephasto The Armorer]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Diablo]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Shenk]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Nihlathak]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Talic]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Madawc]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Korlic]: 0x9b
//Monster Colours[Talic Statue]: 0xcb
//Monster Colours[Madawc Statue]: 0xcb
//Monster Colours[Korlic Statue]: 0xcb
//Monster Colours[Baal Council Member]: 0x9b
//Monster Colours[Baal Venom Lord]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Baal Throne]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Baal Crab]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Baal Crab Clone]: 0xcc
Monster Colours[Worldstone shake]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Blood Golem,Clay Golemm,Dire Wolf,Necromage,Necroskeleton,Spirit Wolf,Valkyrie,Wolf,Raven]: 0x75

//以下在pvp or pk中有可能致命或者大幅度影响全局的怪物和雇佣兵设定为蓝紫色:
Monster Colours[Bear,Bonewall,Fire Golem,Heart of Wolverine,Iron Golem,Oak Sage]: 0x9d
Monster Colours[Rogue Hireling,Shadow Master,Shadow Warrior]: 0x9d

// 防PK,地图上显示一些陷阱,刺客的和女巫的火龙,白色
Monster Colours[411]: 0x20 // Wake of Fire
Monster Colours[413]: 0x20 // lighting Sentry
Monster Colours[416]: 0x20 // Inferno Sentry
//Monster Colours[248]: 0x20 // Hydra

Normal Monster Colour: 0x62
Boss Monster Colour: 0x08
Minion Monster Colour: 0x5b // 0x5b
Champion Monster Colour: 0x66 // 0x5b
Act5 Barbarian Colour: 0xcb

Neutral Player Colour: 0x62
Hostile Player Colour: 0x5b

Normal Corpse Colour: 0x08
Boss Corpse Colour: 0x08
Minion Corpse Colour: 0x08
Champion Corpse Colour: 0x08

Extra Strong Desc: "S"
Extra Fast Desc: "F"
Cursed Desc: "C"
Magic Resistant Desc: "%8m"
Fire Enchanted Desc: "%1f"
Champion Desc: 0
Lightning Enchanted Desc: "%9L"
Cold Enchanted Desc: "%3c"
Thief Desc: 0
Mana Burn Desc: "%5M"
Teleportation Desc: "T"
Spectral Hit Desc: 0
Stone Skin Desc: "%4s"
Multiple Shots Desc: "M"
Ghostly Desc: "%5g"
Fanatic Desc: "%5f"
Possessed Desc: "%5p"
Berserker Desc: "%5b"

Might Aura Desc: "%7A"
Holy Fire Aura Desc: "%1A"
Blessed Aim Aura Desc: 0
Holy Freeze Aura Desc: "%3A"
Holy Shock Aura Desc: "%9A"
Conviction Aura Desc: "%2A"
Fanaticism Aura Desc: "%5A"

Physical Immunity Desc: "%4i"
Magic Immunity Desc: "%8i"
Fire Immunity Desc: "%1i"
Lightning Immunity Desc: "%9i"
Cold Immunity Desc: "%3i"
Poison Immunity Desc: 0 //"%2i"


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