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SAP R/3 Hints

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Of course it does not guarantee a successful implementation. It is a great deal of summed up aid, though.
  • Team integration has to be enhanced
  • Set high standards of performance for implementation team
  • IT teams and users have to work closely during the implementation
  • New ways of thinking and acting must not be discarded
  • Do not underestimate the user training needs
  • Project management should be on the critical list
  • The nearest SAP branch should be your partner
  • Consultants are not always the key to succeed
  • Consultants are a good source of knowledge. On the other hand, letting them make configuration changes the transfer of knowledge will be harmed
  • Foreign consultants usually do not know country-specific details
  • Deepening your basis knowledge is always useful
  • Avoid changing standard R/3 objects as much as possible
  • Always follow the SAP rules to give names to your own objects
  • Establish SAP connection as soon as possible
  • Exchange information with other companies
  • Focus on interfaces with non-R/3 applications
  • Plan the whole environment carefully (servers, network, protocols, etc.)
  • Development and production environment should be totally independent

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