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原创 Linux操作系统 作者:stone0619 时间:2009-06-16 12:02:08 0 删除 编辑
alter system set
event='10027 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '10028 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '10162 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '10183 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '10191 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '10629 trace name context forever, level 32',
 '10891 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '14532 trace name context forever, level 1',
      '38068 trace name context forever, level 100',
 '38087 trace name context forever, level 1'
2、event 诊断事件及含义:
ORA-10000: controlfile debug event, name 'control_file'
ORA-10001: controlfile crash event1
ORA-10002: controlfile crash event2
ORA-10003: controlfile crash event3
ORA-10004: controlfile crash event4
ORA-10005: trace latch operations for debugging
ORA-10006: testing - block recovery forced
ORA-10007: log switch debug crash after new log select, thread
ORA-10008: log switch debug crash after new log header write, thread
ORA-10009: log switch debug crash after old log header write, thread
ORA-10010: Begin Transaction
ORA-10011: End   Transaction
ORA-10012: Abort Transaction
ORA-10013: Instance Recovery
ORA-10014: Roll Back to Save Point
ORA-10015: Undo Segment Recovery
ORA-10016: Undo Segment extend
ORA-10017: Undo Segment Wrap
ORA-10018: Data Segment Create
ORA-10019: Data Segment Recovery
ORA-10020: partial link restored to linked list (KSG)
ORA-10021: latch cleanup for state objects (KSS)
ORA-10022: trace ktsgsp
ORA-10023: Create Save Undo Segment
ORA-10024: Write to Save Undo
ORA-10025: Extend Save Undo Segment
ORA-10026: Apply Save Undo
ORA-10027: Specify Deadlock Trace Information to be Dumped
ORA-10028: Dump trace information during lock / resource latch cleanup
ORA-10029: session logon (KSU)
ORA-10030: session logoff (KSU)
ORA-10031: sort debug event (S*)
ORA-10032: sort statistics (SOR*)
ORA-10033: sort run information (SRD*/SRS*)
ORA-10035: parse SQL statement (OPIPRS)
ORA-10036: create remote row source (QKANET)
ORA-10037: allocate remote row source (QKARWS)
ORA-10038: dump row source tree (QBADRV)
ORA-10039: type checking (OPITCA)
ORA-10040: dirty cache list
ORA-10041: dump undo records skipped
ORA-10042: trap error during undo application
ORA-10043: check consistency of owner/waiter/converter lists in KSQ
ORA-10044: free list undo operations
ORA-10045: free list update operations - ktsrsp, ktsunl
ORA-10046: enable SQL statement timing
ORA-10047: trace switching of sessions
ORA-10048: Undo segment shrink
ORA-10049: protect library cache memory heaps
ORA-10050: sniper trace
ORA-10051: trace OPI calls
ORA-10052: don't clean up obj$
ORA-10053: CBO Enable optimizer trace
ORA-10054: trace UNDO handling in MLS
ORA-10055: trace UNDO handing
ORA-10056: dump analyze stats (kdg)
ORA-10057: suppress file names in error messages
ORA-10058: use table scan cost in tab$.spare1
ORA-10059: simulate error in logfile create/clear
ORA-10060: CBO Enable predicate dump
ORA-10061: disable SMON from cleaning temp segment
ORA-10062: disable usage of OS Roles in osds
ORA-10063: disable usage of DBA and OPER privileges in osds
ORA-10064: thread enable debug crash level , thread
ORA-10065: limit library cache dump information for state object dump
ORA-10066: simulate failure to verify file
ORA-10067: force redo log checksum errors - block number
ORA-10068: force redo log checksum errors - file number
ORA-10069: Trusted Oracle test event
ORA-10070: force datafile checksum errors - block number
ORA-10071: force datafile checksum errors - file number
ORA-10072: protect latch recovery memory
ORA-10073: have PMON dump info before latch cleanup
ORA-10074: default trace function mask for kst
ORA-10075: CBO Disable outer-join to regular join conversion
ORA-10076: CBO Enable cartesian product join costing
ORA-10077: CBO Disable view-merging optimization for outer-joins
ORA-10078: CBO Disable constant predicate elimination optimization
ORA-10079: trace data sent/received via SQL*Net
ORA-10080: dump a block on a segment list which cannot be exchanged
ORA-10081: segment High Water Mark has been advanced
ORA-10082: free list head block is the same as the last block
ORA-10083: a brand new block has been requested from space management
ORA-10084: free list becomes empty
ORA-10085: free lists have been merged
ORA-10086: CBO Enable error if kko and qka disagree on oby sort
ORA-10087: disable repair of media corrupt data blocks
ORA-10088: CBO Disable new NOT IN optimization
ORA-10089: CBO Disable index sorting
ORA-10090: invoke other events before crash recovery
ORA-10091: CBO Disable constant predicate merging
ORA-10092: CBO Disable hash join
ORA-10093: CBO Enable force hash joins
ORA-10094: before resizing a data file
ORA-10095: dump debugger commands to trace file
ORA-10096: after the cross instance call when resizing a data file
ORA-10097: after generating redo when resizing a data file
ORA-10098: after the OS has increased the size of a data file
ORA-10099: after updating the file header with the new file size
ORA-10100: after the OS has decreased the size of a data file
ORA-10101: atomic redo write recovery
ORA-10102: switch off anti-joins
ORA-10103: CBO Disable hash join swapping
ORA-10104: dump hash join statistics to trace file
ORA-10105: CBO Enable constant pred trans and MPs w WHERE-clause
ORA-10106: CBO Disable evaluating correlation pred last for NOT IN
ORA-10107: CBO Always use bitmap index
ORA-10108: CBO Don't use bitmap index
ORA-10109: CBO Disable move of negated predicates
ORA-10110: CBO Try index rowid range scans
ORA-10111: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10112: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10113: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10114: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10115: CBO Bitmap optimization use maximal expression
ORA-10116: CBO Bitmap optimization switch
ORA-10117: CBO Disable new parallel cost model
ORA-10118: CBO Enable hash join costing
ORA-10119: QKA Disable GBY sort elimination
ORA-10120: generate relative file # different from absolute
ORA-10121: CBO Don't sort bitmap chains
ORA-10122: Disable transformation of count(col) to count(*)
ORA-10123: QKA Disable Bitmap And-EQuals
ORA-10124: Force creation of segmented arrays by kscsAllocate
ORA-10125: Disable remote sort elimination
ORA-10126: Debug oracle java xa
ORA-10127: Disable remote query block operation
ORA-10128: Dump Partition Pruning Information
ORA-10129: Alter histogram lookup for remote queries
ORA-10130: sort disable readaheads
ORA-10131: use v$sql_plan code path for explain plan
ORA-10132: dump plan after compilation
ORA-10133: testing for SQL Memory Management
ORA-10134: tracing for SQL Memory Management for session
ORA-10135: CBO do not count 0 rows partitions
ORA-10136: CBO turn off fix for bug 1089848
ORA-10137: CBO turn off fix for bug 1344111
ORA-10138: CBO turn off fix for bug 1577003
ORA-10139: CBO turn off fix for bug 1386119
ORA-10140: CBO turn off fix for bug 1332980
ORA-10141: CBO disable additional keys for inlist in bitmap optimization
ORA-10142: CBO turn off advanced OR-expansion checks
ORA-10143: CBO turn off hints
ORA-10144: CBO turn off cost based selection of bji over bsj subquery
ORA-10145: test auditing network errors
ORA-10146: enable Oracle TRACE collection
ORA-10147: enable join push through UNION view
ORA-10148: Use pre-7.3.3 random generator
ORA-10149: allow the creation of constraints with illegal date constants
ORA-10150: import exceptions
ORA-10151: Force duplicate dependency removal
ORA-10152: CBO don't consider function costs in plans
ORA-10153: Switch to use public synonym if private one does not translate
ORA-10154: Switch to disallow synonyms in DDL statements
ORA-10155: CBO disable generation of transitive OR-chains
ORA-10156: CBO disable index fast full scan
ORA-10157: CBO disable index access path for in-list
ORA-10158: CBO preserve predicate order in post-filters
ORA-10159: CBO disable order-by sort pushdown into domain indexes
ORA-10160: CBO disable use of join index
ORA-10161: CBO recursive semi-join on/off-switch
ORA-10162: CBO join-back elimination on/off-switch
ORA-10163: CBO join-back elimination on/off-switch
ORA-10164: CBO disable subquery-adjusted cardinality fix
ORA-10165: mark session to be aborted during shutdown normal
ORA-10166: trace long operation statistics updates
ORA-10167: CBO use old index MIN/MAX optimization
ORA-10168: CBO disable single-table predicate predicate generation
ORA-10169: CBO disable histograms for multi partitions
ORA-10170: CBO use old bitmap costing
ORA-10171: CBO disable transitive join predicates
ORA-10172: CBO force hash join back
ORA-10173: CBO no constraint-based join-back elimination
ORA-10174: view join-back elimination switch
ORA-10175: CBO star transformation switch
ORA-10176: CBO colocated join switch
ORA-10177: CBO colocated join switch
ORA-10178: CBO turn off hash cluster filtering through memcmp
ORA-10179: CBO turn off transitive predicate replacement
ORA-10180: temp table transformation print error messages
ORA-10181: CBO disable multi-column in-list processing
ORA-10182: CBO disable generation of implied predicates
ORA-10183: CBO disable cost rounding
ORA-10184: CBO disable OR-exp if long inlist on bitmap column
ORA-10185: CBO force index joins
ORA-10186: CBO disable index join
ORA-10187: CBO additional index join switch
ORA-10188: CBO additional index join switch
ORA-10189: CBO turn off FFS null fix
ORA-10190: Analyze use old frequency histogram collection and density
ORA-10191: Avoid conversion of in-lists back to OR-expanded form
ORA-10192: nopushdown when number of groups exceed number of rows
ORA-10193: Force repeatable sampling with specified seed
ORA-10194: CBO disable new LIKE selectivity heuristic
ORA-10195: CBO don't use check constraints for transitive predicates
ORA-10196: CBO disable index skip scan
ORA-10197: CBO force index skip scan
ORA-10198: check undo record
ORA-10199: set parameter in session
ORA-10200: consistent read buffer status
ORA-10201: consistent read undo application
ORA-10202: consistent read block header
ORA-10203: block cleanout
ORA-10204: signal recursive extend
ORA-10205: row cache debugging
ORA-10206: transaction table consistent read
ORA-10207: consistent read transactions' status report
ORA-10208: consistent read loop check
ORA-10209: enable simulated error on controlfile
ORA-10210: check data block integrity
ORA-10211: check index block integrity
ORA-10212: check cluster integrity
ORA-10213: crash after controlfile write
ORA-10214: simulate write errors on controlfile
ORA-10215: simulate read errors on controlfile
ORA-10216: dump controlfile header
ORA-10217: debug sequence numbers
ORA-10218: dump uba of applied undo
ORA-10219: monitor multi-pass row locking
ORA-10220: show updates to the transaction table
ORA-10221: show changes done with undo
ORA-10222: row cache
ORA-10223: transaction layer - turn on verification codes
ORA-10224: index block split/delete trace
ORA-10225: free/used extent row cache
ORA-10226: trace CR applications of undo for data operations
ORA-10227: verify (multi-piece) row structure
ORA-10228: trace application of redo by kcocbk
ORA-10229: simulate I/O error against datafiles
ORA-10230: check redo generation by copying before applying
ORA-10231: skip corrupted blocks on _table_scans_
ORA-10232: dump corrupted blocks symbolically when kcbgotten
ORA-10233: skip corrupted blocks on index operations
ORA-10234: trigger event after calling kcrapc to do redo N times
ORA-10235: check memory manager internal structures
ORA-10236: library cache manager
ORA-10237: simulate ^C (for testing purposes)
ORA-10238: instantiation manager
ORA-10239: multi-instance library cache manager
ORA-10240: dump dba's of blocks that we wait for
ORA-10241: remote SQL execution tracing/validation
ORA-10242: suppress OER 2063 (for testing distrib w/o different error log)
ORA-10243: simulated error for test  of K2GTAB latch cleanup
ORA-10244: make tranids in error msgs print as 0.0.0 (for testing)
ORA-10245: simulate lock conflict error for testing PMON
ORA-10246: print trace of PMON actions to trace file
ORA-10247: Turn on scgcmn tracing. (VMS ONLY)
ORA-10248: turn on tracing for dispatchers
ORA-10249: turn on tracing for multi-stated servers
ORA-10250: Trace all allocate and free calls to the topmost SGA heap
ORA-10251: check consistency of transaction table and undo block
ORA-10252: simulate write error to data file header
ORA-10253: simulate write error to redo log
ORA-10254: trace cross-instance calls
ORA-10255: pl/sql parse checking
ORA-10256: turn off shared server load balancing
ORA-10257: trace shared server load balancing
ORA-10258: force shared servers to be chosen round-robin
ORA-10259: get error message text from remote using explicit call
ORA-10260: Trace calls to SMPRSET (VMS ONLY)
ORA-10261: Limit the size of the PGA heap
ORA-10262: Don't check for memory leaks
ORA-10263: Don't free empty PGA heap extents
ORA-10264: Collect statistics on context area usage (x$ksmcx)
ORA-10265: Keep random system generated output out of error messages
ORA-10266: Trace OSD stack usage
ORA-10267: Inhibit KSEDMP for testing
ORA-10268: Don't do forward coalesce when deleting extents
ORA-10269: Don't do coalesces of free space in SMON
ORA-10270: Debug shared cursors
ORA-10271: distributed transaction after COLLECT
ORA-10272: distributed transaction before PREPARE
ORA-10273: distributed transaction after PREPARE
ORA-10274: distributed transaction before COMMIT
ORA-10275: distributed transaction after COMMIT
ORA-10276: distributed transaction before FORGET
ORA-10277: Cursor sharing (or not) related event (used for testing)
ORA-10278: Internal testing
ORA-10279: Simulate block corruption in kdb4chk
ORA-10280: Internal testing - segmentation fault during crash recovery
ORA-10281: maximum time to wait for process creation
ORA-10282: Inhibit signalling of other backgrounds when one dies
ORA-10283: simulate asynch I/O never completing
ORA-10284: simulate zero/infinite asynch I/O buffering
ORA-10285: Simulate controlfile header corruption
ORA-10286: Simulate controlfile open error
ORA-10287: Simulate archiver error
ORA-10288: Do not check block type in ktrget
ORA-10289: Do block dumps to trace file in hex rather than fromatted
ORA-10290: kdnchk - checkvalid event - not for general purpose use.
ORA-10291: die in tbsdrv to test controlfile undo
ORA-10292: dump uet entries on a 1561 from dtsdrv
ORA-10293: dump debugging information when doing block recovery
ORA-10294: enable PERSISTENT DLM operations on non-compliant systems
ORA-10295: die after file header update durning cf xact
ORA-10296: disable ORA-379
ORA-10297: customize dictionary object number cache
ORA-10298: ksfd i/o tracing
ORA-10299: Trace prefetch tracking decisions made by CKPT
ORA-10300: disable undo compatibility check at database open
ORA-10301: Enable LCK timeout table consistency check
ORA-10302: trace create or drop internal trigger
ORA-10303: trace loading of library cache for internal triggers
ORA-10304: trace replication trigger
ORA-10305: trace updatable materialized view trigger
ORA-10306: trace materialized view log trigger
ORA-10307: trace RepCat execution
ORA-10308: replication testing event
ORA-10309: Trigger Debug event
ORA-10310: trace synchronous change table trigger
ORA-10311: Disable Flashback Table Timestamp checking
ORA-10312: Allow disable to log rows into the mapping table
ORA-10313: Allow Row CR operations for single instance
ORA-10314: Enable extra stats gathering for CR
ORA-10316: Events for extensible txn header, non zero ext header size
ORA-10317: Events for extensible txn header, zero ext header size
ORA-10318: Trace extensible txn header movements
ORA-10319: Trace PGA statistics maintenance
ORA-10320: Enable data layer (kdtgrs) tracing of space management calls
ORA-10321: Datafile header verification debug failure.
ORA-10322: CBO don't simplify inlist predicates
ORA-10323: before committing an add datafile command
ORA-10324: Enable better checking of redo logs errors
ORA-10325: Trace control file record section expand and shrink operations
ORA-10326: clear logfile debug crash at , log
ORA-10327: simulate ORA-00235 error for testing
ORA-10328: disable first-to-mount split-brain error, for testing
ORA-10329: simulate lost write, test detection by two-pass recovery
ORA-10330: clear MTTR statistics in checkpoint progress record
ORA-10331: simulate resilvering during recovery
ORA-10332: force ALTER SYSTEM QUIESCE RESTRICTED command to fail
ORA-10333: dump MTTR statistics each time it is updated
ORA-10334: force FG to wait to be killed during MTTR advisory simulation
ORA-10336: Do remote object transfer using remote SQL
ORA-10337: enable padding owner name in slave sql
ORA-10338: CBO don't use inlist iterator with function-based indexes
ORA-10339: CBO disable DECODE simplification
ORA-10340: Buffer queues sanity check for corrupted buffers
ORA-10341: Simulate out of PGA memory in DBWR during object reuse
ORA-10342: Raise unknown exception in ACQ_ADD when checkpointing
ORA-10343: Raise an out of memory exception-OER 4031 in ACQ_ADD
ORA-10344: Simulate kghxal returning 0 in ACQ_ADD but no exception
ORA-10345: validate queue when linking or unlinking a buffer
ORA-10346: check that all buffers for checkpoint have been written
ORA-10347: dump active checkpoint entries and checkpoint buffers
ORA-10348: test abnormal termination of process initiating file checkpoint
ORA-10349: do not allow ckpt to complete
ORA-10350: Simulate more than one object & tsn id in object reuse
ORA-10351: size of slots
ORA-10352: report direct path statistics
ORA-10353: number of slots
ORA-10354: turn on direct read path for parallel query
ORA-10355: turn on direct read path for scans
ORA-10356: turn on hint usage for direct read
ORA-10357: turn on debug information for direct path
ORA-10358: Simulate out of PGA memory in cache advisory reset
ORA-10359: turn off updates to control file for direct writes
ORA-10360: enable dbwr consistency checking
ORA-10365: turn on debug information for adaptive direct reads
ORA-10370: parallel query server kill event
ORA-10371: disable TQ hint
ORA-10372: parallel query server kill event proc
ORA-10373: parallel query server kill event
ORA-10374: parallel query server interrupt (validate lock value)
ORA-10375: turn on checks for statistics rollups
ORA-10376: turn on table queue statistics
ORA-10377: turn off load balancing
ORA-10378: force hard process/range affinity
ORA-10379: direct read for rowid range scans (unimplemented)
ORA-10380: kxfp latch cleanup testing event
ORA-10381: kxfp latch cleanup testing event
ORA-10382: parallel query server interrupt (reset)
ORA-10383: auto parallelization testing event
ORA-10384: parallel dataflow scheduler tracing
ORA-10385: parallel table scan range sampling method
ORA-10386: parallel SQL hash and range statistics
ORA-10387: parallel query server interrupt (normal)
ORA-10388: parallel query server interrupt (failure)
ORA-10389: parallel query server interrupt (cleanup)
ORA-10390: Trace parallel query slave execution
ORA-10391: trace PX granule allocation/assignment
ORA-10392: parallel query debugging bits
ORA-10393: print parallel query statistics
ORA-10394: generate a fake load to test adaptive and load balancing
ORA-10395: adjust sample size for range table queues
ORA-10396: circumvent range table queues for queries
ORA-10397: suppress verbose parallel coordinator error reporting
ORA-10398: enable timeouts in parallel query threads
ORA-10399: trace buffer allocation
ORA-10400: turn on system state dumps for shutdown debugging
ORA-10401: turn on IPC (ksxp) debugging
ORA-10402: turn on IPC (skgxp) debugging
ORA-10403: fake CPU number for default degree of parallelism
ORA-10404: crash dbwr after write
ORA-10405: emulate broken mirrors
ORA-10406: enable datetime TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL datatype creation
ORA-10407: enable datetime TIME datatype creation
ORA-10408: disable OLAP builtin window function usage
ORA-10409: enable granule memset and block invalidation at startup
ORA-10410: trigger simulated communications errors in KSXP
ORA-10411: simulate errors in IMR
ORA-10412: trigger simulated errors in CGS/CM interface
ORA-10413: force simulated error for testing purposes
ORA-10414: simulated error from event  level
ORA-10425: enable global enqueue service open event trace
ORA-10426: enable global enqueue service convert event trace
ORA-10427: enable global enqueue service traffic controller event trace
ORA-10428: enable tracing of global enqueue service distributed resource
ORA-10429: enable tracing of global enqueue service IPC calls
ORA-10430: enable tracing of global enqueue service AST calls
ORA-10431: enable verification messages on pi consistency
ORA-10432: enable tracing of global cache service fusion calls
ORA-10433: global enqueue service testing event
ORA-10434: enable tracing of global enqueue service multiple LMS
ORA-10435: enable tracing of global enqueue service deadlock detetction
ORA-10436: enable global cache service duplicate ping checking
ORA-10437: enable trace of global enqueue service S optimized resources
ORA-10442: enable trace of kst for ORA-01555 diagnostics
ORA-10450: signal ctrl-c in kdddca (drop column) after n rows
ORA-10496: Turn off fix for bug 2554178
ORA-10498: Trim blank characters including contol characters
ORA-10499: revert to old scale behaviour
ORA-10500: turn on traces for SMON
ORA-10501: periodically check selected heap
ORA-10502: CBO disable the fix for bug 2098120
ORA-10503: enable user-specified graduated bind lengths
ORA-10504: CBO disable the fix for bug 2607029
ORA-10510: turn off SMON check to offline pending offline rollback segment
ORA-10511: turn off SMON check to cleanup undo dictionary
ORA-10512: turn off SMON check to shrink rollback segments
ORA-10513: turn off wrap source compression
ORA-10515: turn on event to use physical cleanout
ORA-10520: recreate package/procedure/view only if definition has changed
ORA-10550: signal error during create as select/create index after n rows
ORA-10560: block type ''
ORA-10561: block type '', data object#
ORA-10562: Error occurred while applying redo to data block (file# , block# )
ORA-10563: Test recovery had to corrupt data block (file# , block# ) in order to proceed
ORA-10564: tablespace
ORA-10565: Another test recovery session is active
ORA-10566: Test recovery has used all the memory it can use
ORA-10567: Redo is inconsistent with data block (file# , block# )
ORA-10568: Failed to allocate recovery state object: out of SGA memory
ORA-10570: Test recovery complete
ORA-10571: Test recovery canceled
ORA-10572: Test recovery canceled due to errors
ORA-10573: Test recovery tested redo from change  to
ORA-10574: Test recovery did not corrupt any data block
ORA-10575: Give up restoring recovered datafiles to consistent state: out of memory
ORA-10576: Give up restoring recovered datafiles to consistent state: some error occurred
ORA-10577: Can not invoke test recovery for managed standby database recovery
ORA-10578: Can not allow corruption for managed standby database recovery
ORA-10579: Can not modify control file during test recovery
ORA-10580: Can not modify datafile header during test recovery
ORA-10581: Can not modify redo log header during test recovery
ORA-10582: The control file is not a backup control file
ORA-10583: Can not recovery file  renamed as missing during test recovery
ORA-10584: Can not invoke parallel recovery for test recovery
ORA-10585: Test recovery can not apply redo that may modify control file
ORA-10586: Test recovery had to corrupt 1 data block in order to proceed
ORA-10587: Invalid count for ALLOW n CORRUPTION option
ORA-10588: Can only allow 1 corruption for normal media/standby recovery
ORA-10589: Test recovery had to corrupt  data blocks in order to proceed
ORA-10590: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10591: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10592: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10593: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10594: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10595: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10596: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10597: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10598: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10599: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10600: check cursor frame. allocation
ORA-10601: turn on debugging for cursor_sharing (literal replacement)
ORA-10602: cause an access violation (for testing purposes)
ORA-10603: cause an error to occur during truncate (for testing purposes)
ORA-10604: trace parallel create index
ORA-10605: enable parallel create index by default
ORA-10606: trace parallel create index
ORA-10607: trace index rowid partition scan
ORA-10608: trace create bitmap index
ORA-10609: trace for array index insertion
ORA-10610: trace create index pseudo optimizer
ORA-10611: causes migration to fail - testing only
ORA-10612: prints debug information for auto-space managed segments
ORA-10613: prints debug information for auto-space managed segments
ORA-10614: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10615: Invalid tablespace type for temporary tablespace
ORA-10616: Operation not allowed on this tablespace
ORA-10617: Cannot create rollback segment in dictionary managed tablespace
ORA-10618: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10619: Avoid assertions when possible
ORA-10620: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10621: data block does not belong to the segment
ORA-10622: test/trace online index (re)build
ORA-10623: Enable Index range scan Prefetch - testing only
ORA-10624: Disable UJV invalidation on drop index
ORA-10625: Turn off redo log dump for the index when OERI 12700
ORA-10627: Dump the content of the index leaf block
ORA-10628: Turn on sanity check for kdiss index skip scan state
ORA-10640: Operation not permitted during SYSTEM tablespace migration
ORA-10641: Cannot find a rollback segment to bind to
ORA-10642: Found rollback segments in dictionary managed tablespaces
ORA-10643: Database should be mounted in restricted mode and Exclusive mode
ORA-10644: SYSTEM tablespace cannot be default temporary tablespace
ORA-10645: Recursive Extension in SYSTEM tablespace during migration
ORA-10646: Too many recursive extensions during SYSTEM tablespace migration
ORA-10647: Tablespace other than SYSTEM,,  not found in read only mode
ORA-10650: disable cache-callback optimisation
ORA-10651: incorrect file number block number specified
ORA-10666: Do not get database enqueue name
ORA-10667: Cause sppst to check for valid process ids
ORA-10690: Set shadow process core file dump type (Unix only)
ORA-10691: Set background process core file type (Unix only)
ORA-10700: Alter access violation exception handler
ORA-10701: Dump direct loader index keys
ORA-10702: Enable histogram data generation
ORA-10703: Simulate process death during enqueue get
ORA-10704: Print out information about what enqueues are being obtained
ORA-10705: Print Out Tracing information for every I/O done by ODSs
ORA-10706: Print out information about global enqueue manipulation
ORA-10707: Simulate process death for instance registration
ORA-10708: print out trace information from the RAC buffer cache
ORA-10709: enable parallel instances in create index by default
ORA-10710: trace bitmap index access
ORA-10711: trace bitmap index merge
ORA-10712: trace bitmap index or
ORA-10713: trace bitmap index and
ORA-10714: trace bitmap index minus
ORA-10715: trace bitmap index conversion to rowids
ORA-10716: trace bitmap index compress/decompress
ORA-10717: trace bitmap index compaction trace for index creation
ORA-10718: event to disable automatic compaction after index creation
ORA-10719: trace bitmap index dml
ORA-10720: trace db scheduling
ORA-10721: Internal testing - temp table transformation
ORA-10722: set parameters for CPU frequency calculation (debug)
ORA-10723: Internal testing - release buffer for buffer cache shrink
ORA-10724: trace cross-instance broadcast
ORA-10730: trace row level security policy predicates
ORA-10731: dump SQL for CURSOR expressions
ORA-10740: disables fix for bug 598861
ORA-10750: test rollback segment blksize guessing for index array insert
ORA-10800: disable Smart Disk scan
ORA-10801: enable Smart Disk trace
ORA-10802: reserved for Smart Disk
ORA-10803: write timing statistics on cluster database recovery scan
ORA-10804: reserved for ksxb
ORA-10806: Switch to 7.3 mode when detaching sessions
ORA-10807: Disable user id check when switching to a global transaction
ORA-10810: Trace snapshot too old
ORA-10811: Trace block cleanouts
ORA-10812: Trace Consistent Reads
ORA-10826: enable upgrade/downgrade error message trace
ORA-10827: database must be opened with MIGRATE option
ORA-10830: Trace group by sort row source
ORA-10831: Trace group by rollup row source
ORA-10841: Default un-inintialized charact set form. to SQLCS_IMPLICIT
ORA-10842: Event for OCI Tracing and Statistics Info
ORA-10850: Enable time manager tracing
ORA-10851: Allow Drop command to drop queue tables
ORA-10852: Enable tracing for Enqueue Dequeue Operations
ORA-10853: event for AQ statistics latch cleanup testing
ORA-10856: Disable AQ propagator from using streaming
ORA-10857: Force AQ propagator to use two-phase commit
ORA-10858: Crash the AQ propagator at different stages of commit
ORA-10859: Disable updates of message retry count
ORA-10860: event for AQ admin disable new name parser
ORA-10861: disable storing extended message properties
ORA-10862: resolve default queue owner to current user in enqueue/dequeue
ORA-10871: dump file open/close timestamp during media recovery
ORA-10900: extent manager fault insertion event #
ORA-10902: disable seghdr conversion for ro operation
ORA-10903: Force tablespaces to become locally managed
ORA-10904: Allow locally managed tablespaces to have user allocation
ORA-10905: Do cache verification (kcbcxx) on extent allocation
ORA-10906: Unable to extend segment after insert direct load
ORA-10907: Trace extent management events
ORA-10908: Trace temp tablespace events
ORA-10909: Trace free list events
ORA-10910: inject corner case events into the RAC buffer cache
ORA-10911: Locally managed SYSTEM tablespace bitmaps can be modified only under the supervision of Oracle Support
ORA-10912: Used to perform. admin operations on locally managed SYSTEM tablespace
ORA-10913: Create locally managed database if compatible > 920 by default
ORA-10924: import storage parse error ignore event
ORA-10925: trace name context forever
ORA-10926: trace name context forever
ORA-10927: trace name context forever
ORA-10928: trace name context forever
ORA-10929: trace name context forever
ORA-10930: trace name context forever
ORA-10931: trace name context forever
ORA-10932: trace name context forever
ORA-10933: trace name context forever
ORA-10934: Reserved.  Used only in version 7.x.
ORA-10935: Reserved.  Used only in version 7.x.
ORA-10936: trace name context forever
ORA-10937: trace name context forever
ORA-10938: trace name context forever
ORA-10939: trace name context forever
ORA-10940: trace name context forever
ORA-10941: trace name context forever
ORA-10943: trace name context forever
ORA-10944: trace name context forever
ORA-10945: trace name context forever
ORA-10970: backout event for bug 2133357
ORA-10975: trace execution of parallel propagation
ORA-10976: internal package related tracing
ORA-10977: trace event for RepAPI
ORA-10979: trace flags for join index implementation
ORA-10980: prevent sharing of parsed query during Materialized View query generation
ORA-10981: dscn computation-related event in replication
ORA-10982: event to turn off CDC-format MV Logs
ORA-10983: event to enable Create_Change_Table debugging
ORA-10984: subquery materialized view-related event
ORA-10985: event for NULL refresh of materialized views
ORA-10986: donot use HASH_AJ in refresh
ORA-10987: event for the support of caching table with object feature
ORA-10988: event to get exclusive lock during materialized view refresh in IAS
ORA-10989: event to internally create statistics MV
ORA-10996: event to make a process hold a latch in ksu
ORA-10999: do not get database enqueue name
从10000 至 10999,包含所有公布的和未公布的事件
SET linesize 120
SET feedback off
err_msg VARCHAR2(120);
dbms_output.enable (1000000);
FOR err_num IN 10000..10999
err_msg := SQLERRM (-err_num);
IF err_msg NOT LIKE '%Message '||err_num||' not found%' THEN
dbms_output.put_line (err_msg);

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