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【gg notes】config gg for windows x86 32bit ,single node

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1, Prepare the install environment

OS: windows XP(x86-32-bit)

DB: Oracle11R2

GG: ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit

Network: single node test


2, Download GG for windows x86-32-bit-edition, just for test

This is the web link:


3, Extract file to your path




4, Alter database archivelog

Oracle GG need database running on archive mode

Need perform. these commands:

Shutdown immediate;

Startup mount;

Alter database archivelog;

Alter database open;


5, Create test user and tables

Create user ggs identified by ggs;

Create user ggt identified by ggt;

Grant dba to ggs;

Grant dba to ggt;


Conn ggs/ggs

Create table test(

Stu_id number(6),

Stu_name varchar2(20),

Stu_pass varchar2(20)



Conn ggt/ggt;

Create table test(

Stu_id number(6),

Stu_name varchar2(20),

Stu_pass varchar2(20)



6, Config golden gate

1)       Create file path

Access path c:\gg

Execute ggsci.exe

In ggsci command,execute:

Create subdirs    ---only for the first config operation


2)       Modify params for manager process(mgr)

Edit param mgr


Port 7809   --set the manager running port


Can use command:

Start mgr

To start the mgr process

Can use command :

Info all

To see the status of mgr running



3)       Add supplemental logging for table, both source and target


4)       Add and edit params for extract progress


Add extract ext1,tranlog,begin now

Edit param ext1


Param Contents:

Userid ggs,password ggs

Rmthost mgrport 7809

Rmttrail C:\gg\dirdat\r1


Table ggs.test


Add remote list

Add rmttrail C:\gg\dirdat\r1,extract ext1,megabyte 100


5)       Add and edit replicat process param

Add replicat rep1,exttrail C:\gg\dirdat\r1,modebcheckpoint

Edit param rep1

Rep1.prm contents:

Userid ggt,password ggt


Discardfile C:\gg\dirdatrep1.dsc,append

MAP ggs.*,TARGET ggt.*



6)       Start progress

Start extract progress:

Start ext1

Start replicat progress

Start rep1

Check the progress running

Info all


7)       Testing

Conn ggs/ggs

Insert into test select 1,’aa’,’pass1’ from dual;

Insert into test select 2,’bb’,’pass2’ from dual;



few seconds later:

conn ggt/ggt

select * from test;







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