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[root@localhost sim]# ls
bfs.L  ,disks  etc  ,mac-address  makedisks  makespare  maytag.L  ,nvram  ,serialno  sessionlogs  sksidekam  ,tapes  ,virgo  ,virgo_nor
[root@localhost sim]# ./ script. version Script. version 22 (18/Sep/2007)
This session is logged in /home/sim/sessionlogs/log

NetApp Release 7.3.4: Thu May 27 15:43:26 PDT 2010
Copyright (c) 1992-2010 NetApp.
Starting boot on Tue May 24 13:08:07 GMT 2011
Tue May 24 13:08:08 GMT []: Failed to initialize acceleration card (model name X1938A-R5, serial number 5012345670, part number virgo-simulator) in slot 1.
Tue May 24 13:08:08 GMT [fmm.domain.card.failure:error]: PAM II in slot 1 (model name X1938A-R5, serial number 5012345670, part number virgo-simulator): Flash device failed and needs to be updated or repaired or replaced.
Tue May 24 13:08:16 GMT [fmmb.current.lock.disk:info]: Disk v4.16 is a local HA mailbox disk.
Tue May 24 13:08:16 GMT [fmmb.current.lock.disk:info]: Disk v4.17 is a local HA mailbox disk.
Tue May 24 13:08:16 GMT [fmmb.instStat.change:info]: normal mailbox instance on local side.
Tue May 24 13:08:17 GMT [raid.cksum.replay.summary:info]: Replayed 0 checksum blocks.
Tue May 24 13:08:17 GMT [raid.stripe.replay.summary:info]: Replayed 0 stripes.
sparse volume upgrade done. num vol 0.
Vdisk Snap Table for host:0 is initialized
Tue May 24 13:08:20 GMT [vol.language.unspecified:info]: Language not set on volume vol0. Using language config "C". Use vol lang to set language.
Tue May 24 13:08:20 GMT [rc:notice]: The system was down for 25 seconds
Tue May 24 13:08:28 GMT [dfu.firmwareUpToDate:info]: Firmware is up-to-date on all disk drives
Tue May 24 13:08:28 GMT [sfu.firmwareUpToDate:info]: Firmware is up-to-date on all disk shelves.
Tue May 24 13:08:29 GMT [netif.linkUp:info]: Ethernet ns0: Link up.
add net default: gateway
Tue May 24 13:08:29 GMT [snmp.agent.msg.access.denied:warning]: Permission denied for SNMPv3 requests from root. Reason: Password is too short (SNMPv3 requires at least 8 characters).
Tue May 24 13:08:29 GMT [perf.archive.start:info]: Performance archiver started. Sampling 22 objects and 195 counters.
Tue May 24 13:08:31 GMT [mgr.boot.disk_done:info]: NetApp Release 7.3.4 boot complete. Last disk update written at Tue May 24 13:07:53 GMT 2011
Tue May 24 13:08:31 GMT [mgr.boot.reason_ok:notice]: System rebooted after a reboot command.
CIFS local server is running.

Data ONTAP (yellow.)
login: root
yellow> Tue May 24 13:08:33 GMT [console_login_mgr:info]: root logged in from console

yellow> ?
?                   fsecurity           nis                 snap               
acpadmin            ftp                 options             snaplock           
aggr                halt                orouted             snapmirror         
arp                 help                partner             snapvault          
backup              hostname            passwd              snmp               
cdpd                httpstat            ping                software           
cf                  ifconfig            ping6               source             
charmap             ifstat              pktt                stats              
cifs                igroup              portset             storage            
clone               ipsec               priority            sysconfig          
config              ipspace             priv                sysstat            
date                iscsi               qtree               timezone           
df                  keymgr              quota               traceroute         
disk                license             rdate               traceroute6        
disk_fw_update      lock                rdfile              uptime             
dns                 logger              reallocate          useradmin          
download            logout              reboot              version            
dump                lun                 restore             vfiler             
echo                man                 route               vif                
ems                 maxfiles            routed              vlan               
environment         mt                  rshstat             vol                
exportfs            nbtstat             sasadmin            vscan              
fcadmin             ndmpcopy            sasstat             wcc                
fcp                 ndmpd               savecore            wrfile             
fcstat              ndp                 sectrace            ypcat              
file                netdiag             secureadmin         ypgroup            
filestats           netstat             setup               ypmatch            
flexcache           nfs                 sftp                ypwhich            
fpolicy             nfsstat             sis                

yellow> aggr
The following commands are available; for more information
type "aggr help "
add                 mirror              rename              split              
copy                offline             restrict            status             
create              online              scrub               undestroy          
destroy             options             show_space          verify             
yellow> rdfile /etc/exports 
#Auto-generated by setup Tue May 24 12:32:36 GMT 2011
/vol/vol0       -sec=sys,ro,rw=,root=,nosuid
/vol/vol0/home  -sec=sys,rw,root=,nosuid
/vol/vol1       -sec=sys,rw,root=,nosuid

[root@localhost /]# mount /vol1
[root@localhost /]# echo "dsa" > /vol1/haha.txt
[root@localhost /]#
[root@localhost /]# cd /vol1
[root@localhost vol1]# ls -l
total 0
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root bin  52 Mar 12  2010 adsl.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  4 May 24 05:51 haha.txt
[root@localhost vol1]# more haha.txt
[root@localhost vol1]#
[root@localhost vol1]# rm adsl.txt
rm: remove regular file `adsl.txt'? y
[root@localhost vol1]#

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