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Oracle backup fails with error RMAN-06056: could not access datafile

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Oracle backup fails with error "RMAN-06056: could not access datafile".


could not read file header for datafile 189 error reason 1 released channel:ch0
RMAN-00571: ===================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ======
RMAN-00571: ===================================================
RMAN-03002: failure of backup plus archivelog command at 02/06/2009 09:35:29
RMAN-06056: could not access datafile 189

As per RMAN troubleshooting guide.


A backup or copy could not proceed because the datafile header could not be read or the header was not valid.


Make the datafile accessible or skip it.


A backup failure can occur for many reasons. To potentially resolve, understanding the error code is important.
Following are the list of error code along with the reason.

The specified datafile could not be accessed. The reason codes are:

1 - filename is MISSINGxx in the controlfile
2 - file is offline
3 - file is not verified
4 - DBWR could not find the file
5 - unable to open file
6 - I/O error during read
7 - file header is corrupt
8 - file is not a datafile
9 - file does not belong to this database
10 -file number is incorrect
12 -wrong file version
15 -controlfile is not current

Check the status of the datafile and take action as per the reason for the error code. This would require sound knowledge and understanding of ORACLE database operations and RMAN, so Symantec recommends to contact ORACLE support if necessary.

How to check the status of the datafile.

1. Connect to the Oracle database using sqlplus tool
2. Run the following command
  select file#, status, enabled from v$datafile where file# = XXX;

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