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1 Rda 介绍

RemoteDiagnostic Agent (RDA) is a command-line diagnostic tool that is executed by anengine written in the Perl programming language. RDA provides a unified packageof support diagnostics tools and preventive solutions. The data capturedprovides Oracle Support with a comprehensive picture of the customer'senvironment which aids in problem diagnosis.


Oracle Supportencourages the use of RDA because it greatly reduces service request resolutiontime by minimizing the number of requests from Oracle Support for moreinformation. RDA is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible; it does notmodify systems in any way. It collects useful data for Oracle Support only anda securityfilter is provided if required.




Platforms Supported

At this time, RDA has been successfully tested to run on the following Supported platforms:

  • Apple Mac OS X/Darwin
  • HP OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 and above
  • HP OpenVMS Itanium
  • HP Tru64 UNIX
  • HP-UX Itanium
  • HP-UX PA-RISC (32 and 64 bit)
  • IBM AIX on POWER Systems(32 and 64 bit)
  • IBM Dynix/Ptx
  • IBM Linux on POWER
  • IBM zSeries Based Linux
  • Linux Itanium
  • Linux x86 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation and Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Sun Solaris Intel
  • Sun Solaris SPARC (32 and 64 bit)

Following Platforms are NOT Supported:

  • IBM Z/OS (OS/390)

You can run RDA also on other platforms that support Perl 5.005 and later. However, Oracle Support recommends testing on a non-production server first because the performance is unpredictable. For example, you will receive errors when RDA attempts to run utilities and commands that are not supported on these platforms.




Products Supported

RDA collects information that is useful for diagnosing issues related to the following Supported Oracle products

  • OLAP Products (Express Server, Financial Analyzer, and Demand Planning Server)
  • Oracle Application Server (iAS 1.0.2.x/9.0.x/10.1.2.x/10.1.3.x,10.1.4.x,WebLogic Server (WLS) Release 9.x and 10.x,11g (WLS), HTTP Server,WebCache,J2EE/OC4J)
  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management products
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite (Email Server,Calendar,Discussions,Content Services,Workspaces,WebClient,and Wireless)
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle Developer (Forms and Reports)
  • Oracle Ebusiness Suite 11i and 12
  • Oracle Enterprise Content
  • Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on
  • Oracle Enterprise performance management (Hyperion) products
  • Oracle Guardian
  • Oracle Identity Management products
  • Oracle JDBC/PRO *C/ODBC and other development client related information
  • Oracle Management Server and Intelligent Agent (Grid Server, Agent Server, DB Control)
  • Oracle Networking products
  • Oracle RAC Cluster (Single/Multiple Nodes, Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Cluster File System, Data Guard)
  • Oracle RDBMS Server (Standard and Enterprise Editions)
  • Oracle Retail (Retek)
  • Oracle SQL*Plus/iSQL*Plus
  • Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
  • Oracle Universal Archive (11g)
  • PeopleSoft
  • Siebel


2 安装RDA

[oracle@rac1 ~]$ unzip

[oracle@rac1 rda]$ ./ -h

Usage: [-bcdfilntvwxy] [-ABCDEGHIKLMPQRSTV] [-e list] [-m dir]

              [-s name] [-o out] [-p prof] arg ...

        -A      Authentify user through the setup file

        -B      Start background collection

        -C      Collect diagnostic information

        -D      Delete specified modules from the setup

        -E      Explain specified error numbers

        -G      Convert report files to XML format

        -H      Halt background collection

        -I      Regenerate the index

        -K      Kill background collection

        -L      List the available modules, profiles, and conversion groups

        -M      Display the related manual pages

        -O      Render output specifications from STDIN

        -P      Package the reports (tar or zip)

        -Q      Display the related setup questions

        -R      Generate specified reports

        -S      Setup specified modules

        -T      Execute test modules

        -V      Display component version numbers

        -b      Don't backup setup file before saving

        -c      Check the RDA installation and exit

        -d      Set debug mode

        -e list Specify a list of alternate setting definitions (var=val,...)

        -f      Set force mode

        -g grp  Specify the XML conversion group

        -h      Display the command usage and exit

        -i      Read settings from the standard input

        -l      Use a lock file to prevent concurrent usage of a setup file

        -m dir  Specify the module directory ('modules' by default)

        -n      Start a new data collection

        -o out  Specify the file for background collection output redirection

        -p prof Specify the setup profile ('Default' by default)

        -q      Set quiet mode

        -s name Specify the setup name ('setup' by default)

        -t      Set trace mode

        -v      Set verbose mode

        -w      Wait as long as the background collection daemon is active

        -x      Produce cross references

        -y      Accept all defaults and skip all pauses




[oracle@rac1 rda]$ ./ -L modules

Available data collection modules are:

  ACFS     Collects ASM Cluster File System Information

  ACT      Collects Oracle E-Business Suite Application Information

  ADBA     Collects ACS Oracle Database Assessment

  ADX      Collects AutoConfig and Rapid Clone Information

 *AGT      Collects Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent Information

  APEX     Collects APEX Information

  ASAP     Collects Oracle Communications ASAP Information

  ASBR     Collects Application Server Backup and Recovery Information

  ASG      Collects Application Server Guard Information

  ASIT     Collects Oracle Application Server Installation Information

 *ASM      Collects Automatic Storage Management Information

  B2B      Collects Oracle Business to Business Information

  BAM      Collects Business Activity Monitoring Information

  BEE      Collects Beehive Information

  BI       Collects Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Info.

  BIPL     Collects Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Information

  BPEL     Collects Oracle BPEL Process Manager Information

  BPM      Collects Oracle Business Process Management Suite Information

 *BR       Collects Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Information

  BRM      Collects Oracle Communications BRM Information

  CAMM     Collects Oracle Composite Application Monitor and Modeler Info.

  CB       Collects Oracle Crystal Ball Information

  CCR      Collects OCM Diagnostic Information

  CM       Collects Oracle Communications CM Information

  COHR     Collects Oracle Coherence Information

  CONT     Collects Oracle Content Services Information

  CRID     Collects Oracle Access Manager (COREid) Information

  CS       Collects Oracle Communications Calendar Server Information

  CUST     Collects Customer-Specific Information

  D2PC     Collects Distributed Transaction Information

  DAC      Collects Data Warehouse Administration Console Information

 *DB       Controls Oracle RDBMS Data Collection

 *DBA      Collects Oracle RDBMS Information

 *DBC      Collects Database Control Information

 *DBM      Collects Oracle RDBMS Memory Information

  DEV      Collects Oracle Developer Information

 *DG       Collects Data Guard Information

 *DNFS     Collects Direct NFS Information

  DPS      Collects Oracle DSEE Directory Proxy Server Information

  DSCS     Collects Discussions Information

  DSCV     Collects Oracle Discoverer Information

  ECM      Controls Oracle Enterprise Content Management Data Collection

  EMS      Collects Email Marketing Server Information

  EPM      Collects Enterprise Performance Management System Information

  EPMA     Collects Enterprise Performance Management Architect Information

  ES       Collects Oracle Entitlements Server Information

  ESB      Collects Enterprise Service Bus Information

  ESS      Collects Oracle Essbase Information

  ESSO     Collects Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Information

  EXA      Collects Exadata Information

  EXL      Collects Oracle Exalogic Information

  FCM      Collects Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management Information

 *FLTR     Controls Report Content Filtering

  GFS      Collects Oracle GlassFish Server Information

  GRDN     Collects Oracle Guardian Information

 *GRID     Collects Oracle Management Server and Repository Information

  GTW      Collects Transparent/Procedural Gateway Information

  HCM      Collects Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager Information

  HDRM     Collects Hyperion Data Relationship Management Information

  HFM      Collects Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Information

  HFR      Collects Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Information

  HIR      Collects Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Information

  HPL      Collects Oracle Hyperion Planning Information

  HPSV     Collects Oracle Hyperion Provider Services Information

  HSS      Collects Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Information

  HSV      Collects Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office Information

  IA       Collects Intelligent Agent Information

  IAS      Collects Web Server Information

  IFS      Collects iFS (iFS, CMSDK, Files) Information

  INFA     Collects Informatica Information

 *INST     Collects the Oracle Installation Information

  IPM      Collects Oracle Imaging and Process Management Information

  IPSA     Collects Oracle Communications IP Service Activator Information

  IWPS     Collects Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server Information

  IWS      Collects Oracle iPlanet Web Server Information

  J2EE     Collects J2EE/OC4J Information

  JDBC     Collects Oracle Java DB Connectivity (JDBC) Information

  JDEV     Collects Oracle JDeveloper Information

  JIVE     Collects Jive Information

  LANG     Collects Oracle Language Information

 *LOG      Collects Oracle Database Trace and Log Files

  MAIL     Collects Oracle Collaboration Suite Mail Information

  MES      Collects Oracle Messaging Exchange Server Information

  MSLG     Collects Microsoft Languages Information

  MYCL     Collects Oracle MySQL Cluster Information

  MYSQ     Collects Oracle MySQL Server Information

  NCC      Collects Network Charging and Control Information

  ND       Collects Oracle Communications Network Discovery Information

 *NET      Collects Network Information

  NI       Collects Oracle Communications Network Integrity Information

  NM       Collects Oracle Communications Network Mediation Information

  NPRF     Samples Performance Information (root not required)

  OAAM     Collects Oracle Adaptive Access Manager Information

  OAM      Collects Oracle Access Manager Information

  OCAL     Collects Oracle Calendar Information

  OCDB     Collects Oracle Content Database Information

 *OCFS     Collects Oracle Cluster File System Information

  OCS      Controls Oracle Collaboration Suite Data Collection

  ODC      Collects Oracle Document Capture Information

  ODI      Collects Oracle Data Integrator Information

  ODM      Collects Oracle Data Mining Information

  OES      Collects Oracle Express Server Information

  OFA      Collects Oracle Fusion Applications Information

  OGG      Collects Oracle GoldenGate Information

  OIA      Collects Oracle Identity Analytics Information

  OID      Collects Oracle Internet Directory Information

  OIF      Collects Oracle Identity Federation 10g Information

  OIM      Collects Oracle Identity Manager Information

  OLAP     Collects OLAP Information

  OMM      Collects Oracle Multimedia or Oracle interMedia Information

 *ONET     Collects Oracle Net Information

 *OS       Collects the Operating System Information

  OSB      Collects Oracle Service Bus Information

  OSM      Collects Oracle Communications OSM Information

  OSSO     Collects Oracle OpenSSO Information

  OUD      Collects Oracle Unified Directory Information

  OVD      Collects Oracle Virtual Directory Information

  OVMM     Collects Oracle VM Manager Information

  OVMS     Collects Oracle VM Server Information

  OW       Collects Oracle Waveset Information

  OWB      Collects Oracle Warehouse Builder Information

  OWSM     Collects Oracle Web Services Manager Information

  PAPP     Collects PeopleSoft Information from Tuxedo Application Server

  PDA      Collects Oracle Portal Information

  PDBA     Collects PeopleSoft Information from an Oracle Database

  PDC      Collects Oracle Communications Pricing Design Center Information

 *PERF     Collects Performance Information

  PLNC     Collects Oracle PL/SQL Native Compilation Information

  PR       Collects Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting Information

 *PROF     Collects the User Profile

  PS       Collects Oracle Communications Policy Services Information

  PSCH     Collects PeopleSoft Information from Process Scheduler

  PSFT     Controls PeopleSoft Data Collections

  PWEB     Collects PeopleSoft Information from Web Application Server

 *RAC      Collects Cluster Information

 *RACD     Performs an Oracle Database Hang Analysis

  RET      Collects Oracle Retail Information

  REXE     Performs the Remote Data Collections

  RPRF     Samples Performance Information (root privileges required)

  RSRC     Collects Oracle Database Resource Manager Information

  RTC      Collects Real Time Communication Information

  SEBL     Collects Siebel Information

  SES      Collects Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Information

 *SMPL     Controls Sampling

  SOA      Collects Oracle SOA Suite Information

 *SP       Collects SQL*Plus/iSQL*Plus Information

  SSO      Collects Single Sign-On Information

  STA      Collects StorageTek Tape Analytics Information

  STC      Collects Streams Configuration Information

  STM      Collects Streams Monitoring Information

  TOPL     Collects Oracle TopLink Information

  TTEN     Collects Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Information

  TUX      Collects Oracle Tuxedo Information

  UCM      Collects Oracle Universal Content Management Information

  UIM      Collects Oracle Communications UIM Information

  UOA      Collects Oracle Universal Online Archive Information

  WAC      Collects Web Access Client Information

  WC       Collects Oracle WebCenter Suite Information

  WCA      Collects Oracle WebCenter Analytics Information

  WCI      Collects Oracle WebCenter Interaction Information

  WEBC     Collects Oracle Web Cache Information

  WKSP     Collects Workspaces Information

  WLI      Collects Oracle WebLogic Integration Information

  WLS      Collects Oracle WebLogic Server Information

  WMC      Collects Webmail Client Information

  WRLS     Collects Wireless Information

  WSP      Collects IBM WebSphere Application Server Information

  XDB      Collects XDB Information

  XPLR     Performs Oracle Explorer Collections

  XSMP     Samples User Defined Data

  XTRA     Collects User Defined Data

A '*' before a module name indicates that its setup has been done.




[oracle@rac1 rda]$ ./ -L profiles

Available profiles are:

  9iAS                   Oracle Application Server 9i problems

  AS10g                  Oracle Application Server 10g problems

  AS10g_FormsReports     Oracle Forms/Reports 10g problems

  AS10g_Identity         Oracle Identity Management 10g problems

  AS10g_IdentityFed      Oracle Identity Federation 10g problems

  AS10g_MidTier          Oracle Application Server 10g Middle Tier problems

  AS10g_Repository       Oracle Application Server 10g metadata repository


  AS10g_WebTier          Oracle Application Server 10g WebTier problems

  AS_BackupRecovery      Oracle Application Server backup/recovery problems

  Act                    Oracle Application Overview

  AppsCheck              Equivalent to AppsCheck

  Apps_DB_Assessment     Oracle Applications Database assessment collections

  AsmFileSystem          Oracle ASM Cluster File System problems

  Asm_Assessment         Oracle ASM assessment collections

  Bam                    Business Activity Monitoring problems

  Beehive                Oracle Beehive problems

  CloudControl12c        Cloud Control 12c problems

  ClusterFileSystem      Oracle Cluster File System problems

  Com_ASAP               Oracle Communications ASAP problems

  Com_CM                 Oracle Communications Configuration Manager problems

  Com_IPSA               Oracle Communications IPSA Software problems

  Com_NCC                Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control


  Com_ND                 Oracle Communications Network Discovery problems

  Com_NI                 Oracle Communications Network Integrity problems

  Com_NM                 Oracle Communications Network Mediation problems

  Com_OSM                Oracle Communications Order and Service Management


  Com_PS                 Oracle Communications Policy Services problems

  Com_UIM                Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management


 *DB10g                  Oracle Database 10g problems

  DB11g                  Oracle Database 11g problems

  DB8i                   Oracle Database 8i problems

  DB9i                   Oracle Database 9i problems

  DB_Assessment          Oracle Database assessment collections

 *DB_BackupRecovery      Oracle Database backup and recovery problems

  DB_Perf                Oracle Database performance problems

 *DataGuard              Data Guard problems

  DirectNFS              Direct NFS problems

  Discoverer10g          Oracle Discoverer 10g problems

  Discoverer11g          Oracle Discoverer 11g problems

  EPMA_FullRun           Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Architect


  EnterpriseSearch       Oracle Secure Enterprise Search problems

  Essbase                Oracle Essbase problems

  Exadata_Assessment     Oracle Exadata assessment collections

  Exadata_CellBrownout   Oracle Exadata long brownout due to cell failure


  Exadata_CellFailure    Oracle Exadata cell failure problems

  Exadata_DatabaseCrash  Oracle Exadata database crash problems

  Exadata_DatabaseHang   Oracle Exadata database hang problems

  Exadata_FailedDrives   Oracle Exadata failed drives problems

  Exadata_FlashDrives    Oracle Exadata flash drives problems

  Exadata_IbSwitch       Oracle Exadata IB switch problems

  Exadata_Ilom           Oracle Exadata ILOM problems

  Exadata_ListenerHang   Oracle Exadata listener hang problems

  Exadata_Network        Oracle Exadata general network problems

  Exadata_NetworkCable   Oracle Exadata network cabling problems

  Exadata_RacInstance    Oracle Exadata RAC instance problems

  Exadata_SickCell       Oracle Exadata sick cell problems

  Exalogic_DriveFailure  Oracle Exalogic drive failure problems

  Exalogic_Gateway       Oracle Exalogic gateway problems

  Exalogic_HealthHwSw    Oracle Exalogic hardware and software health problems

  Exalogic_HealthNet     Oracle Exalogic network health problems

  Exalogic_IbFabric      Oracle Exalogic IB fabric problems

  Exalogic_IbSwitch      Oracle Exalogic IB switch problems

  Exalogic_Ilom          Oracle Exalogic ILOM problems

  Exalogic_Network       Oracle Exalogic general network problems

  Exalogic_Patch         Oracle Exalogic image patches problems

  Exalogic_Raid          Oracle Exalogic RAID card problems

  Exalogic_Temp          Oracle Exalogic ambient temperature problems

  FCM_FullRun            Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management problems

  FM11g_AccessManager    Oracle Access Manager 11g problems

  FM11g_Bi               Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g problems

  FM11g_Ecm              Oracle Enterprise Content Management 11g problems

  FM11g_FormsReports     Oracle Forms/Reports 11g problems

  FM11g_Identity         Oracle Identity Management 11g problems

  FM11g_Odi              Oracle Data Integrator Standalone 11g problems

  FM11g_OraclePortal     Oracle Portal 11g problems

  FM11g_PFRD             Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer 11g


  FM11g_Soa              Oracle SOA Suite 11g problems

  FM11g_WebTier          Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Web Tier problems

  FM11g_WlsBi            Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g with WLS

  FM11g_WlsFormsReports  Oracle Forms/Reports 11g with WLS problems

  FM11g_WlsIdentity      Oracle Identity Management 11g with WLS problems

  FM11g_WlsOdi           Oracle Data Integrator Suite 11g with WLS problems

  FM11g_WlsOraclePortal  Oracle Portal 11g with WLS problems

  FM11g_WlsPFRD          Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer 11g

                         with WLS problems

  FM11g_WlsWebTier       Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Web Tier with WLS


  FinancialReporting     Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting problems

  FusionApps             Oracle Fusion Applications problems

  GoldenGate             Oracle GoldenGate problems

  GridControl10g         Grid Control 10g problems

  GridControl11g         Grid Control 11g problems

  HFM_FullRun            Oracle Hyperion Financial Management problems

  Hyperion1112_EPM       Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System

                         11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_EPMA      Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Architect

                         11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_ESS       Oracle Essbase 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_FCM       Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management 11.1.2.x


  Hyperion1112_HCM       Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_HDRM      Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management 11.1.2.x


  Hyperion1112_HFM       Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2.x


  Hyperion1112_HFR       Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_HIR       Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.2.x


  Hyperion1112_HPL       Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_HPSV      Oracle Hyperion Provider Services 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_HSS       Oracle Hyperion Shared Services 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_HSV       Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2.x problems

  Hyperion1112_PR        Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting 11.1.2.x


  Hyperion_DRM           Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management problems

  InterMedia             Oracle interMedia problems

  IpmWls11g              Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g problems

  Linux                  Linux problems

  LinuxPerf              Linux performance problems

  Maa_Assessment         Maximum Availability Architecture assessment


  Maa_Exa_Assessment     Maximum Availability Architecture with Exadata

                         assessment collections

  Multimedia             Oracle Multimedia problems

  MySQLCluster           Oracle MySQL Cluster problems

  MySQLDatabase          Oracle MySQL Server problems

  OSMonitor              Operating System performance sampling

  OVMManager             Oracle VM Manager problems

  Pda10g                 Oracle Portal 10g problems

  Pda11g                 Oracle Portal 11g problems

  Pda9i                  Oracle Portal 9i problems

  PeopleSoft_Appl        PeopleSoft application server assessment collections

  PeopleSoft_DB          PeopleSoft Oracle Database tier assessment


  PeopleSoft_Sched       PeopleSoft process scheduler assessment collections

  PeopleSoft_Web         PeopleSoft Web application server assessment


  Rac                    Real Application Cluster problems

  Rac_AdvancedAsm        Cluster with ASM problems (ASM advanced mode)

 *Rac_Asm                Cluster with ASM problems

  Rac_Assessment         Real Application Cluster assessment collections

  Rac_Perf               Cluster performance problems

  Retail                 Oracle Retail problems

  Security               Filter sensitive information from the reports

  Siebel                 Siebel problems

  Siebel_DB              Siebel with Oracle Database problems

  StorageTekTape         StorageTek Tape Analytics problems

  SupportInformer70      Oracle Communication BRM 7.0 problems

  SupportInformer72      Oracle Communication BRM 7.2 problems

  SupportInformer73      Oracle Communication BRM 7.3 problems

  SupportInformer74      Oracle Communication BRM 7.4 problems

  SupportInformer75      Oracle Communication BRM 7.5 problems

  TimesTen               Oracle TimesTen problems

  TimesTenLog            Oracle TimesTen problems with logs collected

  TopLink10g             Oracle TopLink 10g problems

  Tuxedo                 Oracle Tuxedo problems

  UcmWls11g              Oracle Universal Content Management 11g problems

  UoaWls11g              Oracle Universal Online Archive 11g problems

  WarehouseBuilder       Oracle Warehouse Builder problems

  WebCenter10g           Oracle WebCenter 10g problems

  WebCenter11g           Oracle WebCenter 11g problems

  WebCenterContent10g    Oracle WebCenter 10g with Oracle Content Services


  WebLogicPortal         Oracle WebLogic Portal problems

  WebLogicServer         Oracle WebLogic Server problems

  WebSphere              IBM WebSphere Application Server problems

A '*' before a profile name indicates the current profile.



3 Rda的使用


首次执行运行 要选择modules,选择过的选项记录在setup.cfg配置文件中,如果需要重新配置,删除setup.cfg文件或者添加-S选项。Rda modules非常之多 选择需要大量的时间,一般指定使用的profile,ORACLE DATABASE  有如下常用选项

DB10g,Rac_Asm,DB_BackupRecovery,DataGuard, Rac_AdvancedAsm, DB_Perf  等并且这些模式可以组合使用如-p DB10g- Rac 方式即可,输出文件默认保存在rdaoutput 文件夹下,再次生成会覆盖原来的文件




[oracle@rac1 rda]$ ./ -S  -p  DB10g-Rac_Asm-DB_BackupRecovery-DataGuard


S020SMPL: Controls Sampling



S100OS: Collects the Operating System Information



S105PROF: Collects the User Profile



S110PERF: Collects Performance Information


Can ADDM, AWR, and ASH be used (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (Y)




S120NET: Collects Network Information


Do you want RDA to perform. the network ping tests (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S122ONET: Collects Oracle Net Information



S130INST: Collects the Oracle Installation Information



S200DB: Controls Oracle RDBMS Data Collection


Is the database associated to the current Oracle home (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (Y)



Enter the Oracle SID to be analyzed

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (orcl1)



Is the INIT.ORA for the database to be analyzed located on this system? (Y/N)

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (Y)



Enter the location of the spfile or the INIT.ORA (including the directory and

file name)

Hit 'Return' to accept the default




Enter an Oracle User ID (userid only) to view DBA_ and V$ tables. If RDA will

be run under the Oracle software owner's ID, enter a forward slash (/) here,

and enter Y at the SYSDBA prompt to avoid a prompt for the database password

at runtime.

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (/)



Is '/' a SYSDBA user (will connect as SYSDBA) (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (Y)




S201DBA: Collects Oracle RDBMS Information



S203DBM: Collects Oracle RDBMS Memory Information



S204LOG: Collects Oracle Database Trace and Log Files



S205BR: Collects Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Information


Is Recovery Manager (RMAN) used for backup and recovery (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S212DNFS: Collects Direct NFS Information



S213SP: Collects SQL*Plus/iSQL*Plus Information


Do you want RDA to collect SQL*Plus/iSQL*Plus information (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S400RAC: Collects Cluster Information


Do you want RDA to collect information for a clustered environment (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (Y)




S400RACD: Performs an Oracle Database Hang Analysis


Are you experiencing an instance hang or slowness (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S401OCFS: Collects Oracle Cluster File System Information


Do you want RDA to collect Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS) information


Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S402ASM: Collects Automatic Storage Management Information


Do you want RDA to collect Automatic Storage Management (ASM) information


Hit 'Return' to accept the default (Y)




S405DG: Collects Data Guard Information


Enter the user to login as on standby databases. This setting must be set only

when you are running the collection on a primary

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (oracle)




S410GRID: Collects Oracle Management Server and Repository Information


Do you want RDA to analyze Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud/Grid Control (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S420AGT: Collects Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent Information


Do you want RDA to analyze Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)




S430DBC: Collects Database Control Information


Is the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control in use (Y/N)?

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (N)



[oracle@rac1 rda]$ ./



[oracle@rac1 rda]$ ./


RDA Data Collection Started 12-Sep-2013 09:10:52


Processing Initialization module ...

Processing OCM module ...

Processing PERF module ...

Processing CFG module ...

Processing Sampling module ...

Processing OS module ...

Processing PROF module ...

Processing NET module ...

Processing ONET module ...

Listener checks may take a few minutes. please be patient...

Processing Oracle installation module ...

Processing RDBMS module ...

Processing HCVE tests ...


Test "Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2.0) Preinstall (Linux)" executed at 12-Sep-2013 09:13:45


Test Results



ID     NAME                 RESULT  VALUE

====== ==================== ======= ==========================================

A00010 OS Certified?        PASSED  Adequate

A00020 User in /etc/passwd? PASSED  userOK

A00030 Group in /etc/group? PASSED  GroupOK

A00040 Enter ORACLE_HOME    RECORD  /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_2

A00050 ORACLE_HOME Valid?   PASSED  OHexists

A00060 O_H Permissions OK?  PASSED  CorrectPerms

A00070 Umask Set to 022?    PASSED  UmaskOK


A00090 JAVA_HOME Unset?     SKIPPED Skipped

A00100 Other O_Hs in PATH?  FAILED  OratabEntryInPath

A00110 oraInventory Permiss PASSED  oraInventoryOK

A00120 Temp Adequate?       PASSED  TempSpaceOK

A00121 Temp Not Too Large?  SKIPPED no max tmp

A00130 Swap (in MB)         RECORD  2000

A00140 RAM (in MB)          PASSED  2026

A00150 Swap OK?             FAILED  SwapToRAMLow

A00160 Disk Space OK?       PASSED  DiskSpaceOK

A00170 Kernel Parameters OK FAILED  SHMALLTooSmall SEMOPMTooSmall RMEM_DE..>

A00180 Got Software Tools?  PASSED  ld_nm_ar_make_found

A00190 ulimits OK?          FAILED  NoFilesTooSmall MaxLockMemTooSmall

A00200 OL4 RPMs OK?         SKIPPED Not OL4

A00201 OL5 RPMs OK?         SKIPPED Not OL5

A00204 RHEL3 RPMs OK?       SKIPPED Not RedHat3

A00205 RHEL4 RPMs OK?       SKIPPED Not RedHat4

A00206 RHEL5 RPMs OK?       FAILED  [libaio-devel] not installed [libgomp..>

A00209 SLES9 RPMs OK?       SKIPPED Not SLES-9

A00210 SLES10 RPMs OK?      SKIPPED Not SLES-10

A00211 SLES11 RPMs OK?      SKIPPED Not SLES-11

A00213 Asianux1 RPMs OK?    SKIPPED Not Asianux1

A00214 Asianux2 RPMs OK?    SKIPPED Not Asianux2

A00215 Asianux3 RPMs OK?    SKIPPED Not Asianux3

A00218 Patch 3006854 Instal SKIPPED Not RHEL3

A00219 ip_local_port_range  FAILED  LowValue HighValue

A00220 Tainted Kernel?      PASSED  NotVerifiable

A00230 Other OUI Up?        PASSED  NoOtherOUI

Result file: /home/oracle/rda/output/RDA_HCVE_A200DB10R2_lin_res.htm

Processing RDBMS Memory module ...

Processing LOG module ...

Processing BR module ...

Processing Cluster module ...

Processing ASM module ...

Processing DG module ...

Processing RDSP module ...

Processing LOAD module ...

Processing End module ...


RDA Data Collection Ended 12-Sep-2013 09:16:48



 You can review the reports by transferring the contents of the

 /home/oracle/rda/output directory to a location where you have web-browser

 access. Then, point your browser at this file to display the reports:



 Based on your server configuration, some possible alternative approaches are:

 - If your client computer with a browser has access to a web shared

   directory, copy the /home/oracle/rda/output directory to the web shared

   directory and visit this URL:



 - If your client computer with a browser has FTP access to the server

   computer with the /home/oracle/rda/output directory, visit this URL:


 If this file was generated to assist in resolving a Service Request, please

 send /home/oracle/rda/output/ to Oracle Support by uploading

 the file via My Oracle Support. If ftp'ing the file, please be sure to ftp in

 BINARY format.


 Please note: Do not submit any health, payment card or other sensitive

 production data that requires protections greater than those specified in the

 Oracle GCS Security Practices


 Information on how to remove data from your submission is available at


RDA-00017: Warning - 3 command(s) not executed in ONET, RAC module(s)



For 11g

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p DB11g





./ -S -p DB10g

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p DB10g



./ -S -p DB9i

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p DB9i


./ -S -p DB_BackupRecovery

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,RMAN_IN_USE=0 -p DB_BackupRecovery

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,RMAN_IN_USE=1,RMAN_CATALOG=0 -p DB_BackupRecovery

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,RMAN_IN_USE=1,RMAN_CATALOG=1,RMAN_SCHEMA=rman,RMAN_EXPORT_USER=rman@catlogdb -p DB_BackupRecovery


./ -S -p DB_Perf

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p DB_Perf

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,PERF_START_TIME=11-Mar-2010_12:00,PERF_END_TIME=11-Mar-2010_13:00 -p DB_Perf

收集dg 信息

./ -S -p DataGuard

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p DataGuard

同时也收集Oracle Net Services信息

收集Real Application Cluster CRS信息

./ -S -p Rac

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p Rac

收集 Rac + Clusterware + Asm 信息

./ -S -p Rac_Asm


收集更详细的Rac + Clusterware + Asm 信息

./ -S -p Rac_AdvancedAsm

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ASM_ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 -p Rac_AdvancedAsm


./ -S -p Rac_Perf

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p Rac_Perf

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,PERF_START_TIME=11-Mar-2010_12:00,PERF_END_TIME=11-Mar-2010_13:00 -p Rac_Perf


./ -S -p DirectNFS

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p DirectNFS


./ -S -p AsmFileSystem

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p AsmFileSystem


./ -S -p Rac_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p Rac_Assessment


./ -S -p Rac_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p Rac_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ASM_ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 -p Rac_Assessment


./ -S -p Maa_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/ -p Maa_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ASM_ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 -p Maa_Assessment


./ -S -p Exadata_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ALERT_TEXT=1 -p Exadata_Assessment

./ -vSCRPfy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ALERT_TEXT=1,EXA_COLLECT_CELL=0 -p Exadata_Assessment

./ -vSCRPfy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ALERT_TEXT=1 -p Exadata_Assessment


./ -S -p Maa_Exa_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ALERT_TEXT=1 -p Maa_Exa_Assessment

./ -Sy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ALERT_TEXT=1,EXA_COLLECT_CELL=0 -p Maa_Exa_Assessment

./ -vSCRPfy -e SQL_SYSDBA=1,SQL_LOGIN=/,ALERT_TEXT=1 -p Maa_Exa_Assessment









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