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Oracle Support Lifecycle Advisors

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Updated 10-Jun-2013

Oracle Support's strategic Transformation initiative to define and deploy a future state model for our business continues with the expansion of our Lifecycle Advisor services. The first Lifecycle Advisors, Oracle Upgrade Advisors, were introduced in July 2010 and designed to guide you through your upgrade. On May 30th, 2011, Oracle Support expanded its services to include Patching and Maintenance Advisors, designed to guide you through patching and maintenance activities. In Jan 2012, we enhanced our offerings yet again with the introduction of Install and Configure advisors and more recently, we've added Performance advisors to our family of advisors.

The advisors are specially crafted documents that incorporate information from various sources using best practices and where applicable, provide step by step instructions to guide you.

What are the benefits of using an Oracle Support Lifecycle Advisor?

  • Presented in multimedia formats enhancing the richness and depth of information available.
  • Organized in a way that you can take maximum advantage of what you need when you need it.
  • Collaboration through advisor communities enabling shared experience with peers and Oracle experts.
  • Updated regularly.

Oracle Support Lifecycle Advisors are designed for those with strong technical proficiencies who are interested in leveraging the power of self service tools.


Upgrade / Migration Advisors

These advisors include steps to guide you through an upgrade lifecycle between specific versions for a product or suite. Review this video on the Upgrade Advisors.

Patching and Maintenance Advisors

These advisors include steps to create a viable patching and maintenance strategy including a complete project patch plan specific to your environment.

Install and Configure Advisors

These advisors include steps to guide you through the installation and configuration of your particular product.?

Performance Advisors

Our latest offerings! These advisors include steps to prevent and resolve issues around performance for your particular product. You will see more of these advisors over the next few months.

Custom Advisors

Various custom advisors have been created for your use. The list of custom advisor types are found in the menu on the left and are also listed under the products for which they have been created.

Help us to expand our services by adding a comment to this document or creating a thread on the Lifecycle Advisor community and let us know what product / environment we are missing in our offerings.

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