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Create supplier in PO (R12)

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1.    From the Suppliers home page, click Create Supplier.

2.    On the Create Supplier page:

o    Select standard supplier as the supplier type. Note: See for instructions on creating parent-child relationships between suppliers.

o    Enter a unique supplier name in the Organization Name field.

Suggestion: Use a naming convention that minimizes risk of separate entries for the same supplier under different names. For example, if you consistently spell the full name of a supplier, do not enter both Orion Corp. and Orion Corporation.

o    Select the country of origin for the new supplier.

o    Optionally enter the supplier's tax identification number in the Taxpayer ID field; for example, a corporation or partnership's federal identification number/federal tax ID.

o    Optionally enter the value-added tax (VAT) registration number in the Tax Registration Number field if you are entering a VAT supplier.

o    Optionally, enter values for the remaining fields.

o    Click Apply. You return to the Suppliers page with the information on the new supplier displayed..

Once you have the supplier initially created, you can use the options from the Quick Update navigation bar on the left side of the page to define other information about your new supplier. You can:

*       Define information about the supplier.

*       Define

*       Define Note that supplier sites are tied to an address, so you must create at least one supplier address before you can create a supplier site.

*       Define and associate them with addresses and sites.

*       Define information for the supplier.

*       Specify such as certifications or ownership status.

*       Identify the the supplier provides.

*       Define information about the you use with the supplier.

*       You can use internally created to monitor and evaluate supplier performance and satisfaction.

*       You can create on the accounts you use with this supplier.

*       Specify what requirements are used for this supplier.

*       Define

*       Define



select * from apps.AP_SUPPLIERS
where vendor_name like'XX%'; --vendor_id=1 34170

select  * from po_vendor_sites_all
where vendor_id in (1, 2);


Once the supplier created, if we try to user the supplier in ASL form, but we can't find the site for the supplier, please check if PURCHASING_SITE_FLAG is Yes, if the flag =N, please update the purchasing flag as Yes with path: Address book----Manage site.

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