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Fulfillment Sets

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so line with field fulfillment sets.
Order Management provides the functionality required to recognize fulfillment of an
order or order line. One of the key features of fulfillment is to ensure order lines are
invoiced together, and not separately.
A Fulfillment set is a group of sales order lines with common attributes which must be
fulfilled together. Any order line which is part of a fulfillment set can not progress past
the Fulfil Activity within it’s flow until all lines of the fulfillment set have completed
their respective Fulfill activities.
Order Management utilizes the Fulfill workflow activity to ensure order fulfillment.
Seeded Order Management workflow processes and activities can be used to provide
baseline functionality for sales order, drop ship and return lines. The functionality is also
designed to allow you the flexibility to define other activities as fulfillment methods
so that you can model your unique business processes.
Fulfillment Set Not Working On ATO And PTO Non Shippable Components [ID 342127.1]

Applies to:

Oracle Order Management - Version: to 12.1 - Release: 11.5 to 12.0
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Multiple invoices are generated when OM Fulfillment set entered on all ATO/PTO order lines. On order header, all customers have a mandatory fulfillment set because a single invoice is required. After a first partial shipment, all non shippable lines are sent to Receivables (AR).
It seems that Fulfillment activity in line Workflow (WF) is not honored. Expect to be able to send only one invoice.

Too many invoices sent to customer. Expecting to send only one invoice per order, since all lines are in a fulfillment set


The issue is caused by the following setup: Incorrect workflow was being used at the line level

When the incorrect workflow is used, the non-shippable lines will progress to invoicing before the other lines in the fulfillment set, even though all lines are in the fulfillment set.  The correct line flow to use in this scenario is the seeded workflow called "Line Flow - Generic with Wait to Fulfill."  This line flow calls package OE_FULFILL_WF procedure Check_Wait_To_Fulfill_Line.
    There are comments from the code:
    -- Do not Hold Service and Non Shippable lines part of configurations. 
    -- Do not hold services lines attached to lines with in the same order
    -- Hold services lines attached to lines not in the same order otherwise it will
    -- Hold Non Shippable Lines.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Go into the responsibility: Order Management Super User

2. Navigate to Setup > Transaction Types > Define

3. Add the seeded workflow: Line Flow - Generic with Wait to Fulfill to the Order Level
Transaction Type used in the "Assign Line Flows" window.

4. Please retest the issue.

5. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

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