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global purchase

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global purchase
A----> B-------->C-----Vendor
A: manufacturing company
B: finanical company
C: Taiwai purchange comany
A need material to production , but A company don't have the authority for purchasing. so A need create PR.after PR approve, then create po, the purchasing org should be C company.C company find the incompany purchase order, then add the suppliy, check the amount, price. then approve. after the supplier provide the products,in C responsiblity, we need add responisiblity access for A company, then A company recieve products.
items flow: from suppier to A comany.
financial flow: c should pay to suppier,B shuld pay to C, A should pay to B.
set up:
INV: Advanced Pricing for Intercompany Invoicing =No
QP: Source System = Oracle Pricing 
QP: Transaction Entity = Order Fulfillment 
AR: AutoInvoice Gather Statistics=NO
AR:Maximum lines per AutoInvoice worker=20
transaction type: purchasing
intercompany flow:
from C to A
C to B
B to A

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