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As discussed with you earlier while opening the master project and also discussed with XXXX offline, it is not possible to improve the performance of this control board form.


1.       As per our initial discussion we have added the date parameter and tried to run, but there is no improvement into performance.

2.       We already have opened SR with Oracle in past and they have told us that this problem is because of the huge amount of data and only way to improve the performance is to reduce the data.

3.       In Past we have tried to improve the performance, but changes has been rollback because of the improper result set.

4.       We have opened the master project to performance team, but as we are calling standard procedure and packages to get the result, they will not able to improve the performance of the same.


The Only way for user to use this form. is to search for the particular records by putting all necessity parameter in control board form.


Please let us know can we close the XXXX

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