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wip test

原创 Linux操作系统 作者:susie0409 时间:2011-07-15 14:38:36 0 删除 编辑

After the wip pick release;After the load the record(transfer lpn has generated), still can delete the record form. the form(Material Requirements form): after delete the record, the line status of the move order line is 9. After delete, check on the move order line, the move order line status is : Canceled by Source. And there still have the data in mmtt. As the qty has located, so can’t delete the record though the form. for mmtt (the form. is the move order form. though update). we can Unload the LPN. After unload successful, there is no data in the pending transaction form. and QUANTITY_DETAILED=0 in table MTL_TXN_REQUEST_LINES, and move order line status changed to 5, and we can’t fine the data in the move order form.


If the component is still required for the wip, after upload the LPN, we can load again to generated a new LPN. At this time, the onhand of this item still not available. If we can delete from the move order???still need test.

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