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cycle count with no adjust value

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 When the user do cycle count, we found some items adjust value is 0. as worked with oracle for a long time and get this reply:

Has customer viewed the item cost history for the item against the default cost group? The item has so far only been transacted against the project cost groups and has no quantity or cost against the default cost group. This is why the cycle count adjustment has gone at zero cost (which is the current average cost). Customer should either have done an average cost update with a new cost for the item / cost group before the transaction, or can even now do the same.


CST_QUANTITY_LAYERS stores item average cost information by cost

layer. This table is only used for average costing organizations.


As CST_QUANTITY_LAYERS  has no cost for the item.


Check Item_A's average cost is not Zero, but after use average cost update, then do cycle count again, and found the adjust value is not zero. if the adjust loctor is common locator, when adjust the item, adjust cost group should choose common cost group.


if the adjust locator with project, the adjust group should choose the project as the cost group.


For asset items with the adjustment value 0, as the transactions are related to cycle count but resulted in 0 distribution/cost as before these transaction there was no average cost either in Project cost group or in Common Cost group.


Take item GTGAAAA for example, the adjust value is 0 for sub 02, locator: 02.A.032.03.PPPPP.. As in system, before this transaction, there was no project cost group for the project PPPPP.



If we new creat item B, then we perform. cycle count with this item, the adjust value will be 0.

if we create po without project, then we receive it with qty 10, after receive, the average cost will be changed aumatically.

then we in cycle count entry form, we input qty 7 with common locator. in cycle count approve form, the adjust qty will be -3, there will have adjust value for this.


expense item:费用item。比如办公用品等等。可以用来采购,但入库时,就按照采购单价进费用科目。但可以数量跟踪,即可以通过miscellenous issue来领料,减少库存。但领料时,实际不产生分录。因为费用已经在入库时记账了。

expense subinventory:费用子库存。当asset item transfer到这个子库存时,从存货科目到费用科目。但在expense subinventory 中的item是否还可以继续领料呢? 这样我可以继续控制在这个仓库里面的asset item的数量?


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