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1. istockphoto

One of the best stock photo libraries around for price verses quality. Images from around 60p ($1). We use this site most.

2. gettyimages

Expensive at £50 - £350 per image ($100 - $600) but has access to some of the best professional photography. We use this sparingly for our corporate clients.

3. google image search

Free images, but you need to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

4. flickr creative commons

restricted rights according to image

5. flickr
A very good selection of amateur images. You need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. We usually find that the owners are really chuffed to be asked.

6. wikipedia

restricted rights according to image

7. corbis

again more expensive than flickr but the quality is generally high

8. fotolia

cheap and cheerful with more images than istockphoto, but let down by slow speeds

9. stockxpert

Cheap with good range. Navigation is a bit confusing.

10. shutterstock

Need to buy a lot of credits to download.

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