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Enter by 要求

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“Enter by”

1.      Require For better cost analyzereset “enter by” item in work order to distinguish   each team quickly and clearly.


2.      Current situation :

            2.1Most of W/O can be distinguished easily by select “main work center”.

            2.2Currently, rare “enter by “ in W/O was discovered  different from its “ main work center”

            2.3“Enter by “in PM can not match “main work center” due to batch import into system.

            2.4Rare PM W/O was found contain cost, up to now.


3.      We can combine the “Enter by “and “main work center” to distinguish team cost very easily through pivot table in excel.(please see attachment)

            3.1PM can be almost ignored (except those contain cost).

            3.2“Enter by” can not be reset in PM system unless we re-import all the PM data again.

            3.3Maybe we have to make change/reset/…./PM in future. One more modify means one more un-stable rising percentage.

            3.4We will polish our ways when  we found better solution.


4.      Suggest not make reset now.


5.      PO has “requisition” item.


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