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The full error message received is:

Failed to delete selected objects(s)
Lock request conflicts with an established lock
[Locked by database user: 'username' on machine: 'MACHINENAME']

Even though there is no connection to ArcSDE by the username from MACHINENAME you could receive this error message if there is a hung connection to ArcSDE that was not terminated correctly.


Use the sdemon -o info -I users command to determine the connection that is causing the error message:

C:\>sdemon -o info -I users

ArcSDE Instance esri_sde Registered Server Tasks on TSPGIS37 at Fri Jan 30 11:50:26 2009
S-ID   User     Host:OS                          Started
----- -------- -------------------------------- ------------------------
81    TECH_ANALYST TSPGIS37:Win32                   Fri Jan 30 11:44:54 2009
84    DAN      TSPGIS37:Win32                   Fri Jan 30 11:46:08 2009

Find the SID that corresponds to the username and machine name that is causing the error message. Use the sdemon -o kill -t pid command to terminate the hung connection:

C:\>sdemon -o kill -t 81
Please enter ArcSDE DBA password:

ArcSDE Instance esri_sde Process Management on TSPGIS37 at Fri Jan 30 11:54:32 2009
Kill Server Task 81?     ARE YOU SURE (Y/N)?: y

You should now be able to delete the table or feature class in ArcCatalog.

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