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Native-to-ASCII Converter

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Native-to-ASCII Converter[@more@]

native2ascii - Native-to-ASCII Converter

Converts a file with native-encoded characters (characters which are non-Latin 1 and non-Unicode) to one with Unicode-encoded characters.


native2ascii [options] [inputfile [outputfile]]


The Java compiler and other Java tools can only process files which contain Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded (udddd notation) characters. native2ascii converts files which contain other character encodings into files containing Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded charaters.

If outputfile is omitted, standard output is used for output. If, in addition, inputfile is omitted, standard input is used for input.



Perform the reverse operation: convert a file with Latin-1 and/or Unicode encoded characters to one with native-encoded characters.

-encoding encoding_name

Specify the encoding name which is used by the conversion procedure. The default encoding is taken from System property file.encoding. The encoding_name string must be a string taken from the first column of the table below.


Converter Description



8859_1 ISO 8859-1

8859_2 ISO 8859-2

8859_3 ISO 8859-3

8859_4 ISO 8859-4

8859_5 ISO 8859-5

8859_6 ISO 8859-6

8859_7 ISO 8859-7

8859_8 ISO 8859-8

8859_9 ISO 8859-9

Big5 Big5, Traditional Chinese

CNS11643 CNS 11643, Traditional Chinese

Cp037 USA, Canada(Bilingual, French), Netherlands,

Portugal, Brazil, Australia

Cp1006 IBM AIX Pakistan (Urdu)

Cp1025 IBM Multilingual Cyrillic: Bulgaria, Bosnia,

Herzegovinia, Macedonia(FYR)

Cp1026 IBM Latin-5, Turkey

Cp1046 IBM Open Edition US EBCDIC

Cp1097 IBM Iran(Farsi)/Persian

Cp1098 IBM Iran(Farsi)/Persian (PC)

Cp1112 IBM Latvia, Lithuania

Cp1122 IBM Estonia

Cp1123 IBM Ukraine

Cp1124 IBM AIX Ukraine

Cp1125 IBM Ukraine (PC)

Cp1250 Windows Eastern European

Cp1251 Windows Cyrillic

Cp1252 Windows Latin-1

Cp1253 Windows Greek

Cp1254 Windows Turkish

Cp1255 Windows Hebrew

Cp1256 Windows Arabic

Cp1257 Windows Baltic

Cp1258 Windows Vietnamese

Cp1381 IBM OS/2, DOS People's Republic of China (PRC)

Cp1383 IBM AIX People's Republic of China (PRC)

Cp273 IBM Austria, Germany

Cp277 IBM Denmark, Norway

Cp278 IBM Finland, Sweden

Cp280 IBM Italy

Cp284 IBM Catalan/Spain, Spanish Latin America

Cp285 IBM United Kingdom, Ireland

Cp297 IBM France

Cp33722 IBM-eucJP - Japanese (superset of 5050)

Cp420 IBM Arabic

Cp424 IBM Hebrew

Cp437 MS-DOS United States, Australia, New Zealand,

South Africa

Cp500 EBCDIC 500V1

Cp737 PC Greek

Cp775 PC Baltic

Cp838 IBM Thailand extended SBCS

Cp850 MS-DOS Latin-1

Cp852 MS-DOS Latin-2

Cp855 IBM Cyrillic

Cp857 IBM Turkish

Cp860 MS-DOS Portuguese

Cp861 MS-DOS Icelandic

Cp862 PC Hebrew

Cp863 MS-DOS Canadian French

Cp864 PC Arabic

Cp865 MS-DOS Nordic

Cp866 MS-DOS Russian

Cp868 MS-DOS Pakistan

Cp869 IBM Modern Greek

Cp870 IBM Multilingual Latin-2

Cp871 IBM Iceland

Cp874 IBM Thai

Cp875 IBM Greek

Cp918 IBM Pakistan(Urdu)

Cp921 IBM Latvia, Lithuania (AIX, DOS)

Cp922 IBM Estonia (AIX, DOS)

Cp930 Japanese Katakana-Kanji mixed with 4370 UDC,

superset of 5026

Cp933 Korean Mixed with 1880 UDC, superset of 5029

Cp935 Simplified Chinese Host mixed with 1880 UDC,

superset of 5031

Cp937 Traditional Chinese Host miexed with 6204 UDC,

superset of 5033

Cp939 Japanese Latin Kanji mixed with 4370 UDC,

superset of 5035

Cp942 Japanese (OS/2) superset of 932

Cp948 OS/2 Chinese (Taiwan) superset of 938

Cp949 PC Korean

Cp950 PC Chinese (Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Cp964 AIX Chinese (Taiwan)

Cp970 AIX Korean

EUCJIS JIS, EUC Encoding, Japanese

GB2312 GB2312, EUC encoding, Simplified Chinese

GBK GBK, Simplified Chinese

ISO2022CN ISO 2022 CN, Chinese

ISO2022CN_CNS CNS 11643 in ISO-2022-CN form, T. Chinese

ISO2022CN_GB GB 2312 in ISO-2022-CN form, S. Chinese

ISO2022KR ISO 2022 KR, Korean

JIS JIS, Japanese

JIS0208 JIS 0208, Japanese

KOI8_R KOI8-R, Russian

KSC5601 KS C 5601, Korean

MS874 Windows Thai

MacArabic Macintosh Arabic

MacCentralEurope Macintosh Latin-2

MacCroatian Macintosh Croatian

MacCyrillic Macintosh Cyrillic

MacDingbat Macintosh Dingbat

MacGreek Macintosh Greek

MacHebrew Macintosh Hebrew

MacIceland Macintosh Iceland

MacRoman Macintosh Roman

MacRomania Macintosh Romania

MacSymbol Macintosh Symbol

MacThai Macintosh Thai

MacTurkish Macintosh Turkish

MacUkraine Macintosh Ukraine

SJIS Shift-JIS, Japanese


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