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SCM600--Availability Check

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Availability Check[@more@]

*An availability check is carried out during sales order processing if:
.The material requires an availability check.
.The availability check is set in Customizing for this transaction.

*Material Availability Date Check
The material availability date is determined from delivery scheduling. On this date,enough material has to be available in time for delivery to the customer for their requested delivery date.

*Check at Plant Level
The system accesses information in the following order to propose the standard delivering plant:
1. Customer-Material Information
2. Ship-to party customer master record
3. Material master record

*In Customizing, you can configure which elements are included in an availability check, according to the transaction you are using.

*Complete and Partial Deliveries
.The indicator for controlling complete/partial deliveries is proposed from the customer master record. The proposal for the item level comes from the customer-material info,if a customer and material agreement has been maintained there.

2.Backorder Processing
*An order item is backdated if:
.the quantity of an order item is not totally confirmed
.the required delivery data for an order item cannot be kept

*There are two types of backorder processing:
Manual with backorder processing
.You can use backorder processing to list sales documents for materials and to process them manually with reference to the confirmation. This means that ATP quantities can be reassigned and any shortfall can be cleared.
Via rescheduling
.You can use the delivery priority (proposed from the customer master record for the sales order) as a sorting criteria in automatic rescheduling.

3.Transportation Processing
*The system transfers billing document data in invoices, credit and debit memos to financial accounting and posts this to the determined accounts.
*You can set account determination to be dependent on various different criteria in Customizing, so that the corresponding accounts can be determined. The following criteria are defined in the standard system:
.Chart of accounts
.Account assignment group of the payer
.Account assignment group of the material
.Account key

If you have already left the availability control screen, you can call it up again by selecting Check item availability.

To check availability for another plant, choose Other plants on the availability control screen.

Inventory management is carried out in materials management. Choose Logistics → Materials Management → Inventory Management → Environment → Stock → Stock/Requirements List.

The Complete Delivery field in the order header is on the Sales overview screen and on the Shipping tab page.

You can find the Part.dlv./item field for the order item on the Shipping tab page.

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