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Test 000-730: DB2 9 Family Fundamentals

Test information:
Number of questions: 64
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 59%

Section 1 - Planning (14%)

Knowledge of restricting data access
Knowledge of the features or functions available in DB2 tools (just tools that come with product - distributed +space - i.e., control center, configuration advisor, configuration assistant, command line processor)
Knowledge database workloads (OLTP vs warehousing)
Knowledge of non-relational data concepts (extenders)
Knowledge of XML data implications (non-shreading)

Section 2 - Security (11%)

Knowledge of DB2 products (client, server, etc.)
Knowledge of different privileges and authorities
Knowledge of encryption options (data and network)
Given a DDL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (grant/revoke/connect statements)

Section 3 - Working with Databases and Database Objects (17%)

Ability to identify and connect to DB2 servers and databases
Ability to identify DB2 objects
Knowledge of basic characteristics and properties of DB2 objects
Given a DDL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (ability to create objects)

Section 4 - Working with DB2 Data using SQL (23.5%)

Given a DML SQL statement, knowledge to identify results
Ability to use SQL to SELECT data from tables
Ability to use SQL to SORT or GROUP data
Ability to use SQL to UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT data
Knowledge of transactions (i.e., commit/rollback and transaction boundaries)
Ability to call a procedure or invoke a user defined function
Given an XQuery statement, knowledge to identify results

Section 5 - Working with DB2 Tables, Views and Indexes (23.5%)

Ability to demonstrate usage of DB2 data types
Given a situation, ability to create table
Knowledge to identify when referential integrity should be used
Knowledge to identify methods of data constraint
Knowledge to identify characteristics of a table, view or index
Knowledge to identify when triggers should be used
Knowledge of schemas
Knowledge of data type options for storing XML data

Section 6 - Data Concurrency (11%)

Knowledge to identify factors that influence locking
Ability to list objects on which locks can be obtained
Knowledge to identify characteristics of DB2 locks
Given a situation, knowledge to identify the isolation levels that should be used

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