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SAP Tablespace的分类

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这个只是备忘录。- Oracle system tablespaces. Theses tablespaces do not contain R/3 data
but are reqiured for the operation of the database
SYSTEM : includes the internal oracle dictionary
PSAPROLL : contains the rollback segments
PSAPTEMP : temporary tablespace for internal processing

- Basis tablespace (R/3 Basis enviornment data)
PSAPEL<REL>D/I : contains loads for the development environment
PSAPES<REL>D/I : contains the sources for the development environment in this release
PSAPLOADD/I : contains the ABAP report loads and screens
PSAPSOURCED/I : contains the ABAP report sources and screens
PSAPDDICD/I : includes the ABAP dictionary
PSAPPROTD/I : includes control and log tables

- Application tablespace
PSAPCLUD/I : contains the system cluster tables
PSAPPOOLD/I : contains the system pool tables
PSAPSTABD/I : contains master data, transparent tables
PSAPBTABD/I : contains transaction data, transparent tables
PSAPDOCUD/I : contains documentation tables

- Customers tablespace
PSAPUSER1D/I : includes the customer tables

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