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WIP Outside Processing Setup

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1. Create outside processing Item
     Inventory--> Items--> Master Items
Under Inventory Attributes, Define the following:
- Uncheck Inventory Items.
- Stockable, and Transactable.
Under the Purchasing Attributes, Define the following:
- Outside Processing Item is checked
- Unit Type
- Purchasable

2. Define Resources
BOM-->Routings--> Resources
Define outside resources and link them to outside processing items.
Select Charge Type: PO Move or PO Receipt
Enable Outside Processing and enter outside processing item

3. Define Departments
BOM-->Routings--> Departments
Define Department Class & Location used in the PO
Add the Outside processing Resources to the Department
** NOTE: Specify Cost Types associated with this department
         Add Overhead Rate or Amount
4. Create BOM
BOM--> Bills--> Bills
Define Subassemblies and Components

5. Create Routing
BOM--> Routings--> Routings
Specify the Operation sequence and outside processing department

6. Create Discrete Job
WIP--> Discrete--> Discrete Jobs
Enter the Job number, Assembly, Class, Status, Quantities, and Dates

7. Perform. Miscellaneous TXN
Inventory-->Transactions-->Miscellaneous Transaction
Enter Miscellaneous receipt for component items into Inventory
8. Setup Employees
PO-->Setup Personnel-->Employees
Define employees and link them to the applications users who enter the Move Transactions

9. Define Sourcing Rules
PO--> RFQ and Quotations--> Quptations
Define from which supplier to source the outside processing item

10. Perform. Move TXN
WIP--> Move Transactions--> Move Transactions
Perform. a WIP Move Transaction to generate a Purchasing Requisition
Move the assemblies into the Queue of an operation with an Outside processing Resource

11. Run Receipt Import
PO--> Reports Run--> Select Requisition Import
Enter Import Source as WIP and Initiate Approval After Req. Import

12. Autocreate PO
PO--> Autocreate
Set Action = 'Create' and Document Type = 'Standard PO'

13. Approve the PO
PO--> Purchase orders--> Purchase Orders
Under the Outside Processing button verify the Job number, sequence, department, and quantity  Click Approve

14. Receive the OSP Item
Purchasing--> Receiving--> Receipts
Receive the Outside processing item back to the Shopfloor

15. Verify Move TXN
WIP--> Move Transactions--> Pending Move Transaction

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