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Guide to Database as a Service (DBaaS)

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  Part 1 – Transforming Your IT Environment with a Database Cloud

The Oracle Guide to Database as a Service (DBaaS) answers important questions that often arise when planning, designing, deploying and maintaining a private Database as a Service (DBaaS) environment—also known as a database cloud.

  Q – What is Database as a Service?

DBaaS is a cloud model that enables users to request database environments by choosing from a predefined service catalog using a self-service provisioning framework. The key benefits of these database clouds are agility and faster deployment of database services. As databases are provisioned and de-provisioned , the associated computing resources are consumed and then released. Database resources can be consumed for the duration of a project, and then be automatically de-provisioned and returned to the resource pool . Computing costs can be tracked and charged back to the consumer.

   Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides visibility into actual usage so that people only pay for what they use—instead of paying up-front for more capacity than they might otherwise need.

  A key component of this solution is Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database, which lets DBaaS administrators identify pooled resources, configure role-based access, and define service catalogs and chargeback plans.

  Q - What is the ideal Oracle private DBaaS configuration? For much of the Oracle customer base, the desired future state environment includes the following technologies:

Oracle Database 12c has been designed to enable DBaaS as part of a comprehensive cloud strategy. It uses a multitenant architecture in which a single “ container ” database can handle many “ pluggable ” databases. Collections of pluggable databases can be easily managed as a single entity, which maximizes consolidation density and simplifies administration.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is a complete DBaaS management solution. It allows administrators to manage the entire lifecycle of a database cloud, from planning, testing and deployment to monitoring performance. It includes tools for integrated chargeback and capacity planning, with visibility into both the physical and virtual IT environment.

Oracle Exadata is an engineered system that provides an exceptional deployment platform for DBaaS. It supports multiple deployment models, multiple workloads, and multiple service levels from one integrated platform. Optimizations in storage, storage-compute interconnects, and I/O resource management allow for flexible tiered server and storage resource configurations.


 Part 2 – Delivering Database as a Service to Your Organization

  Q - What software do you need to manage a DBaaS environment?

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is a complete cloud lifecycle management solution.

  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database lets DBaaS administrators create zones, identify pooled resources, configure role-based access to those resources, and define service catalogs and chargeback plans.

  Oracle Multitenant, an option of Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition, offers all the benefits of managing many databases as one, yet retains the isolation and resource control of separate databases. The multitenant container architecture enables organizations to set up one cloud environment with dozens or even hundreds of pluggable databases in each container database. Each pluggable database in a multitenant container database appears to applications as a single database. This high-density architecture enables servers, operating systems, and databases to be shared and lets system administrators manage many databases as one database.

  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c makes it easy to allocate CPU resources between database containers, providing fine-grained control over the processing workload. For example, you can shift resources to accommodate customer-facing applications during the day and large reporting jobs at night.

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