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Why I changed my job?

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Dear boys and girls,

How are you doing during these days? I am so confused, I changed my job. I left Microsoft to start my new job. That's really really a hard dicussion for myself. Although I am a vendor of Microsoft, I allways happy work at there. I have so many good friends who is kindless and warmness. I enjoy working with them. In the past 15 months, I was work hard as a PMX project member. My colleagues think I am one of the best staff there. We have fun with each other and we got a award from our customer Verizon which is our customer. And some of the US team meber of Microsoft FTE send an email to recommend me as the frist man who will become the FTE of our department. I really really feel happy at that moment.

Every Saturday when I got up, I checked the email first and then have some free chart with my US team members. Most work days, I am the last one who left the office. I didn't feel tired but happy. I learned more at Microsoft. For example, how to communacate with US team member and how to control yourself when you lose your temp, how to work more effictive, how to delight your customer, how to management the conflict and so on. But last month my PM told me you were dismissed, because the Microsoft cell phone KIN1 and KIN2 is not good as our expected. Every feel sad at that moment. We can't believe that, we are the best in the best, our team is one of the greatest team in Microsoft MSCIS. We left office and stayed at home. Although my boss gave me the full pay, I am not happy. I have no achievement during these days.

At first, I feel sad and didn't say more words at home. I am so disappointed. My wife told me, don't worry about that, you are a good worker, you are excellent, no worry about the job, everything will be goes well. Then, I bought a basketball, every morning I got to park, playing basketball and running. After that bought breakfast, got back to home and took a bath. Everyday I got to wall street institute to study English. I known I just make every minute is insteresting. I liked have cook these days. In the evening, I had dinner with my wife. She was so happy that she can have dinner once her back home. And I really enjoy that.

I thought more about my future. Everyone want to have a bright future, include me. I became more and more intresting about business and management but tech. I tried to jump out my area thought more about my career and my family. I am so love my wife, I want to give her more, to improve our live condition. Finally, I decided left there and start my new life. When I told that to my colleagues and my friends, everyone can't believe that, espically for my boss, she didn't say anything when I told that on phone. I am a special man, I don't like the comfortable life when I was young. My wife known, when I decided, it's hard to change. Interview is easy for me, I have four years in my area. Everything looks well until I came to my new company.

When you lost something, you will know that's really pity. Now it's my really feeling. I lost a wonderful working environment, but I am not sad, because I trust I have a bright future, I have a lovely girl allways encourage me. I am sorry for my friend and my ex-boss. I am sorry, but I want to have a bright future. That's what I want to say. Hope you guys happy everyday.







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