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Visual SourceSafe(VSS)相关的8个环境变量

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Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 作为最常用的版本控制工具, 有些变量是比较常用的.
PATH:定义了用户执行的命令在系统中的查找顺序,将VSS的安装目录“D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe”添加到PATH变量后,用户就可以在命令行下直接使用SS、analyze等工具。
SSDIR:指定Microsoft Visual SourceSafe或在命令行下运行SS命令时默认打开的VSS数据库文件 Srcsafe.ini 的位置。
Visual SourceSafe defines several environment variables, listed in the following table. You can set these variables in Windows for a variety of maintenance purposes.     
PATH    Specifies the path for executable files. Add the path to your Win32 folder, which by default contains Visual SourceSafe program files. For example PATH=%PATH%;c:\Program Files\vss\win32.    
SSCURPRJ   Overrides the project setting in Ss.ini and is most commonly used in writing batch files and macros for Visual SourceSafe.
SSDEBUGTIME   Specifies a file name that contains a 32-bit integer date/time stamp in binary format. This variable is used for setting dates and times for debugging.
SSDIR   Specifies the location of the Srcsafe.ini file for a Visual SourceSafe database to which to connect.  
SSINI   Overrides the location of a user's Ss.ini file, as provided in Users.txt.   
SSINIENV   Specifies platform. specifiers to load from the Srcsafe.ini and Ss.ini files. If this variable is not set, the defaults for Win32 systems are NT, Win, PC, UI for Visual SourceSafe Explorer components, and NT, Win, PC, CL for command line components.  
SSPWD   Specifies the default password to be used for command line operations, in clear text,   
SSUSER    Specifies the default user name to be used for command line operations.

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