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SAP TV:travel planning online booking

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In the current release the external reservation system in use is AMADEUS Global Travel Distribution. AMADEUS is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, Air France, Continental Airlines and Iberia. The reservation system it provides is in worldwide use and 160,000 terminals in 37,000 travel agencies and ticket sales centers in over 130 countries are connected to it.

In order to carry out online booking via AMADEUS the following must have been carried out:

  • Your enterprise must have signed an agreement with AMADEUS for the use of the interface and be registered at AMADEUS with a user ID
  • A network connection to the AMADEUS computer center must have been opened
  • The identification code issued to the enterprise by AMADEUS must be entered in the R/3 Customizing for Travel Planning under Master Data ® Control Parameters for Travel Planning ® Define sales offices and Define API access parameters.

既然是in use,为何还要另签合同呢?为什么SAP公司不能打包这项服务呢?如何让用户在不签协议的前提下,也能正常或部分使用呢?

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