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SAP TV: travel report运行“Error while initiating travel form”

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直接出错,提示“Error while initiating travel form”


As I don't have your SAP release, I assume you have ECC5.0.
Since ECC5.0, the expense statement has been changed from ABAP list to
Adobe form. Therefore you need the Adobe Document Server (ADS) and
a Remote Function Call (RFC) connection to this server. However you have the possibility to switch back the the old list. Kindly check 1/ and 2/.

1/ Assuming that you are using Adobe Forms, check if the Remote Function Call (RFC) destination is set correctly in tcode SM59.

You can test the RFC connection using report FP_PDF_TEST_00 .
What's the outcome ?

2/ You use the ABAP Forms
Check you customizing with the IMG activity "Travel Expenses Control (Expert View)". Set the indicator Other Settlement 24 for the appropriate trip provision variant to the desired value :

0 (active
1 (not active)
2 (not active only in PR05 and PR04)

from toolbox

实践测试后,travel expense report的格式问题。确实像资料说的。我测试ADS运行出错。所以在专家视图下不激活ADOBE。再测试已经没问题。

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