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some tips in developing multinational language website

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There are lots of tips in developing multinational language website.I will introduce some some usefule tips to you.[@more@]

The most import thing is to choose the right character set of database.We can use utf-8 or local characeter set that the database company have recommended. Uft-8 can be used to in most nations and easily to maintain but the local character set can support the loca language better.

After that you can visit the local goverment website to know what character set in html is often used in the country.

You have to understand the common language custom,such reading order (from left to right or else),

the letter in the language.

Install the inputing method supporting the local language to input something in your website to test.

Finaly, you may have to invite someone who are familar with the language to test your website.

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