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how to analyze why two system'data is not consistent?

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We have see too many cases just like that

one application system have to send messages or files to B application and B have to reflect some messages.

The two system'data have to be consistent by some rule.

But A is devepoped by one company, B is devepoped by another one.In most case they will censure each other when their data are not

consistent. What can I do ,if I am customter in the case.


I will ask two company to make their own record for each opertion in detail (ok or fail,why not fail, or time out ,error code )

some is normal such as network error,some due to capacity.

Two application system have to provide their own statistics report in real time or at regular intervals, so I can trace even predict the trend in web GUI or something like that.

I think it is a good method to analyze why two system'data is not consistent.

For those very important processes, we need to provide enough record statistics.

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