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怎么去启用FND DEBUG(How to enable fnd debug)

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1. set below profiles value at user level

FND: Debug Log Enabled -> Yes
FND: Debug Log Level -> Statement
FND: Debug Log Module -> csd% 
( this is for CSD module, for INV module, you need to set is as inv%)
FND: Message Level Threshold - Debug High
FND: Debug Log Filename -> blank.
(Note: After you setup. please log out and log in oracle system)
select max(log_sequence)
into v_max_log_sequence
from fnd_log_messages
(it is better to get the max sequence before your issue, it will reduce the bandwidth( the lines of log file which you focus on )  )
3. reproduce the issue in the oracle system

select module, MESSAGE_TEXT, log_sequence, timestamp
from fnd_log_messages
where log_sequence > 460054742-- enter the max log sequence from step 2
order by log_sequence

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