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you don’t have right to execute this responsibility

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1.       Some time, after we added one OAF page, but when we checked and use it, it will show you don’t have right to execute this responsibility.


We can go to functional Administrator / Home / Core Services/ Caching Framework / Global Configuration / Clear All Statistics.

Otherwise we will wait for refresh after 15 minutes


2.       How can I find the data source for OAF page.

First we can enable the ‘Diagnostic’s on the OAF page By setting FND: Diagnostics

. And ‘about this page’ by setting Personalize Self-Service Defn

Login out and login in again, if you still cannot find the about this page and Diagnostic, we need to use the step 1 to clear the cache.


3.       How to disable below message

Low-level logging is currently enabled. Your application will not perform as well while low-level logging is on.


  • ?  Enable Applications Logging:
  • ?  Log into the application as the System Administration responsibility.
  • ?  Navigate to Oracle Applications Manager/Logs
  • ?  Click on the 'Log Setup' button.
  • ?  Expand 'User' (click on the plus sign to the left of the word user)
  • ?  Click on the 'Add Another Row' button, and enter the User for which logging is required
  • ?  Set 'Log Enabled' to Yes
  • ?  Set 'Log Level' to 1 - Statement (or desired logging level).
    (for RDBMS 9i, SQL tracing should be done at level 1, and for 10g, the tracing should be done at level 4)
  • ?  Set 'Midtier Log File Name' to the concatenation of the directory location, where the file should be created, and the name of the log file (i.e. /usr/tmp/appstrace.log). Please note that the input is an actual directory and not a directory alias.
  • ?  If only EPB processes are to be traced, set 'Module' to %ZPB%, otherwise leave this field blank. If the displayed error message is not captured in the resulting applications log, remove any values in this field, and then recreate a new log file.
  • ?  Click on the 'Apply' button
  • ?  Log into the EPB responsibility.

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