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Check the Port  Numbere in Tcode IDX1

Message types configuration in IDX2

SM58 execute LUW

Check SMQ2 in receiver  system

activate the scheduler in SMQS and check if background user has correct authorizations


Transact RFC error
tRFC Error - status running Yellow for long time (Transact RFC will be enabled in Status tab in RSMO).
Step 1: Goto Details, Status get the IDoc number,and go to BD87 in R/3,place the cursor in the RED IDoc entroes in tRFC

queue thats under outbound processing and click on display the IDOC which is on the menu bar.
Step 2: In the next screen click on Display tRFC calls (will take you to SM58 particular TRFC call)
place the cursor on the particular Transaction ID and go to EDIT in the menu bar --> press 'Execute LUW'

(Display tRFC calls (will take you to SM58 particular TRFC call) ---> select the TrasnID ---> EDIT ---> Execute LUW)

Rather than going to SM58 and executing LUW directly it is safer to go through BD87 giving the IDOC name as it will take you
to the particular TRFC request for that Idoc.


Go into the JOB Overview of the Load there you should be able to find the Data Package ID.
(For this in RSMO Screen--> Environment--> there is a option for Job overview.)
This Data Package TID is Transaction ID in SM58.

SM58 > Give * / user name or background (Aleremote) user name and execute.It will show you all the pending TRFC with
Transaction ID.
In the Status Text column you can see two status
Transation Recorded and Transaction Executing
Don't disturb, if the status is second one Transaction Executing. If the status is first one (Transation Recorded) manually
execute the "Execute LUWs"


Directly go to SM58 > Give * / user name or background (Aleremote) user name and execute. It will show TRFCs to be executed
for that user. Find the particular TRFC (SM37 > Req name > TID from data packet with sysfail).select the TrasnID (SM58) --->
EDIT ---> Execute LUW

You can use report RBDAGAIN to send IDocs that are set to status "02".
Refer note : 784381

error relates to IDocs processing in source system, initially check the connection with the BI system and source system.
If it is fine check the IDOCs in source system go to BD87->give Ur user ID and date->execute->you can find Red status Idocs select the erroneous Idoc-> and select Manual process.

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