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gc/Agent passwd reset

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./emctl secure oms -reset
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release  
Copyright (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Enter Enterprise Manager Root Password : 
Enter Agent Registration password : 
OPMN processes already stopped...   Done.
Securing central oms...   Started.
Checking Repository...   Done.
Checking Em Key...   Done.
Checking Repository for an existing Enterprise Manager Root Key...
WARNING! An Enterprise Manager Root Key already exists in
the Repository. This operation will replace your Enterprise
Manager Root Key.
All existing Agents that use HTTPS will need to be
reconfigured if you proceed. Do you wish to continue and
overwrite your Root Key
(Y/N) ?
Are you sure ? Reset of the Enterprise Manager Root Key
will mean that you will need to reconfigure each Agent
that is associated with this OMS before they will be
able to upload any data to it. Monitoring of Targets
associated with these Agents will be unavailable until
after they are reconfigured.
(Y/N) ?
Generating Enterprise Manager Root Key (this takes a minute)...   Done.
Fetching Root Certificate from the Repository...   Done.
Generating Registration Password Verifier in the Repository...   Done.
Generating Oracle Wallet Password for Enterprise Manager OMS...   Done.
Generating Oracle Wallet for Enterprise Manager OMS...   Done.
Generating Oracle Wallet for iAS HTTP Server...

Updating HTTPS port in file...   Done.
Generating HTTPS Virtual Host for Enterprise Manager OMS...
Securing central oms...   Ended.

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