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Question:  How do I read a STATSPACK report?

Answer:  Reading a STATSPACK report can be very tricky.

The STATSPACK report is an offshoot of the old bstat-estat report, which was create for Oracle internal-use only and it is not documented by Oracle.  Many of the performance metrics are undocumented also and required detailed knowledge of Oracle internals, and reading a STATSPACK report requires considerable knowledge. 


Understanding all of the sections of a STATSPACK report is quite complicated, and I have a whole chapter dedicated to reading a STATSPACK report (and the AWR report) in my new book "". 


Also, you can paste-in a STATSPACK report into   and learn how to analyze a STATSPACK report.  There are several , you may find useful for learning to read a STATSPACK report..


In a nutshell, the most important areas to read in any STATSPACK report are the top-5 timed events and the statistics for the major database events.  The I/O statistics are also very useful.  I have my notes on how to read a STATSPACK report here:

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