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MM T-code

原创 Linux操作系统 作者:Phoenix_Reborn 时间:2009-09-25 17:46:48 0 删除 编辑
DPRL Change Material When Profile Deleted 删除参数文件时改变物料
DPRV Change Material When Profile Changed 修改参数文件时修改物料
MM00 物料主记录: 初始屏幕 物料主记录: 初始屏幕
MM01 Create Material - General 创建一般物料
MM02 Change Material 改变物料
MM03 Display Material 显示物料
MM04 Display Material Change Documents 显示物料改变凭证
MM06 Flag Material for Deletion 标出待删除物料
MM11 Create Material (Schedule) 创建物料(计划)
MM12 Change Material (Schedule) 修改物料(计划)
MM13 Activate Planned Changes 计划中修改的激活
MM14 Display Planned Changes 显示计划修改
MM15 Display Changes (Migration) 显示变化(移动)
MM16 Schedule Material for Deletion 将删除的计划物料
MM18 Activate Planned Changes 计划中修改的激活
MM19 Display Material at Key Date 显示关键日期时的物料
MM60 Material Log 物料日志
MM70 Sel. Materials Flagged for Deletion 标记为删除的选择物料
MM71 Reorganize Materials 重组的物料
MM73 Special Stocks: Preparation 特殊库存: 准备
MM74 Archive Special Stocks 归档特殊库存
MMAM Change Material Type 改变物料类型
MMB1 Create Semifinished Product 创建半成品
MMBE Stock Overview 库存总览
MMD1 Create MRP Profile 建立MRP参数文件
MMD2 Change MRP Profile 改变MRP参数文件
MMD3 Display MRP Profile 显示MRP参数文件
MMD6 Delete MRP Profile 删除MRP参数文件
MMD7 Display MRP Profile Usage 显示MRP参数文件使用
MMF1 Create Finished Product 创建产成品
MMH1 Create Trading Goods 建立贸易货物
MMI1 Create Operating Supplies Item 建立运行供应项目
MMK1 Create Configurable Material 建立可设置物料
MML1 Create Returnable Packaging 建立退货包装
MMN1 Create Non-Stock Material 建立无库存物料
MMNR  Material Master Number Ranges 物料主文档的编号范围
MMP1 Create Maintenance Assembly 建立维护组件
MMPI Initialize Period 初始化期间
MMPV Close Periods 结帐期间
MMR1 Create Raw Material 建立原材料
MMRV Allow Posting to Previous Period 允许对前期记帐
MMS1 Create Service 生成服务
MMSC Enter Storage Locations Collectively 汇总条目,库存地点
MMU1 Create Non-Valuated Material 生成无价值物料
MMV1 Create Packaging Material 建立有包装的物料
MMVD Change Decentr. for Decentr.Shipping 改变为分散运输
MMVH Create Centrally: Decentral.Shipping 集中建立: 分散发运
MMVV Change Centr. for Decentr. Shipping 改变为集中式运货
MMW1 Create Competitive Product 建立竞争性产品
MMZ1 Create Material, General (Old MM01) 创建物料,一般的(旧的MM01)
MMZ2 Change Material (Old MM02) 修改物料(旧的MM02)
MMZ3 Display Material (Old MM03) 显示物料(旧的MM03)
MP80 Create Forecast Profile 建立预测参数文件
MP81 Change Forecast Profile 修改预测描述文件
MP82 Delete Forecast Profile 删除预测参数文件
MP83 Display Forecast Profile 显示预测参数文件
MSC1 Create Batch 建立批量
MSC2 Change Batch 改变批量
MSC3 Display Batch 显示批量
MSC4 Display Batch Changes 显示批量改变
MSK1 Create Vendor Consignment Goods 创建供应商代销货物
MSK2 Change Vendor Consignment Goods 改变供应商代销货物
MSK3 Display Vendor Consignment Goods 显示供应商代销货物
MSK4 Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs 显示供应商代销变动凭证
MSK5 Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. Price 供应商代销: 激活未来价格
OMY0 Display Material Transfer File 显示物料转移文件
PPRL Change Material When Profile Deleted 删除参数文件时改变物料
PPRV Change Material When Profile Changed 修改参数文件时修改物料
W4EM Maintain No. Ranges for Weight EANs 维护加权EAN的号码范围
W4EN Maintain Number Ranges for EANs 维护EAN的号码范围
W4EO SAN Maintenance SAN维护
W4EQ Maintain EAN Prefixes 维护EAN前缀
W4ES Maintain Number Range Categories 维护编号范围类别
OLMS C RM-MAT Master Data Menu C RM-MAT 主数据菜单
OMS1 Units of Measure Grouping 计量单位组
OMS2 C MM-BD Material Types C MM-BD 物料类型
OMS3 Configure Industry Sectors 设置行业部门
OMS4 C MM-BD Material Status C MM-BD 物料类型
OMS5 C MM-BD Set Up Laboratory C MM-BD  设置库
OMS6 C MM-BD Storage Condition(s) C MM-BD 库存条件
OMS7 C MM-BD Temperature Condition(s) C MM-BD 温度条件
OMS8 C MM-BD Container Requirement(s) C MM-BD    集装箱需求
OMS9 Configure Field/Screen Selection 配置字段/屏幕选择
OMSA C MM-BD T130W Plant-Specific C MM-BD T130W工厂-特定
OMSD C MM-BD F. Sel. Spec.   T148G C MM-BD 工厂选择指定 T148G
OMSE C MM-BD F. Sel. Reference T148W C MM-BD 工厂选择参考 T148W
OMSF C MM-BD Material Groups C MM-BD    物料组
OMSH C MM-BD Matchcode for Material C MM-BD 匹配码: 物料
OMSM CS MM Set Up Administrative Data CS MM设置管理数据
OMSN C MM-BD User Maintenance C MM-BD 用户维护
OMSO C MM-BD User Profiles C MM-BD 用户参数文件
OMSR C MM-BD Field Groups C MM-BD 字段组
OMSS C MM-BD Field Groups: Special Stocks C MM-BD 字段组: 特殊库存
OMST C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPUT C MM-BD 有关批量输入的记录格式
OMSU C MM-BD Mat. Master Data Transfer C MM-BD 物料主记录数据的转换
OMSW C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPUT C MM-BD 有关批量输入的记录格式
OMSY C MM-BD Company Code for Matl Master 物料主记录的C MM-BD公司代码
OMSZ C MM-BD Authorizations 设置MM-BD授权
OMT0 C MM-BD Global Setting C MM-BD 全局设置
OMT5 Auth. Group MatMaster (Inactive) 物料主文档授权组(非活动的)
OMT7 Mat.Master Cust.-Specific Structures 物料主顾客-特定结构
OMT8 Transfer Material Master Data by DI 按DI转移材料主数据
OMY1 Create Input File from Material 创建来自物料的输人文件
MM50 List Extendable Materials 列示可扩展物料
MM51 List Extendable Materials (Old) 列出可扩展的物料(旧的)
MM72 Display Archive of Materials 显示物料归档
MM75 Display Archive of Special Stocks 显示特别库存归档
MM90 Analyze ALE Appl. Log for MatMaster 为物料主文挡分析ALE应用程序日志
MMDE Delete All Materials 删除所有物料
OMT2 Required Fields Control MM-BD ALE/DI 要求字段控制MM-BD ALE/DI
OMT3 Customizing for the Material Master 物料主文档的用户化
OMT4 Customizing for EAN Messages 为EAN消息定制
BD10 Send Material 发送物料
BD11 Fetch Material 打开物料
MAL1 Create material via ALE 通过 ALE 创建物料
MAL2 Change material via ALE 通过 ALE 更改物料
MM91 Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl Master 为物料管理删除ALE应用程序日志
MGW0 Maintain components for set product 为设置产品维护组件
MGW1 Display components for set product 显示设置产品的部件
MGW2 Maintain components for display art. 维护物品显示组件
MGW3 Display components for display art. 显示物品显示的部件
MGW4 Maintain components for lot article 维护批次物品的组件
MGW5 Display components for lot article 显示批量物品的部件
MGW6 Maintain components for empties art. 维护空物品的组件
MGW7 Display components for empties art. 显示空物品的部件
MM41 Create Material 创建物料
MM42 Change Material 改变物料
MM43 Display Material 显示物料
MM44 Display Change Documents 显示更改文档
RWBE Stock Overview 库存总览
W4E5 Maintain No. Ranges 5-Fig. Wt EANs 维护号码范围5-指标Wt EANs
WRST Transfer Master Data for Matl Maint. 物料维护的传输主数据
OW01 Ref. plant per distribution chain 每个分销链的参考工厂
BD14 Send vendor 发送供应商
BD15 Open vendor 打开供应商
M-01 Create vendor 创建供应商
M-02 Create goods vendor 创建货物供应商
M-03 Create payment recipient 创建付款的接收人
M-04 Create invoicing party 创建发票部分
M-05 Create carrier 创建载体
M-06 Create ordering address 创建订单地址
M-07 Create one-time vendor 创建一次性供应商
M-12 Create hierarchy nodes 创建层次节点
M-51 Create vendor 创建供应商
M-52 Create goods vendor 创建货物供应商
M-53 Create payment recipient 创建付款的接收人
M-54 Create invoicing party 创建发票部分
M-55 Create carrier 创建载体
M-56 Create ordering address 创建订单地址
M-57 Create one-time vendor 创建一次性供应商
M-62 Create hierarchy nodes 创建层次节点
MAP1 Create contact person 创建联系人
MAP2 Change contact person 修改联系人
MAP3 Display contact person 显示联系人
MK12 Change vendor (Purchasing), planned 修改供应商(购买),计划的
MK14 Planned vendor change (Purchasing) 计划修改供应商(购买)
MK18 Activate planned vendor changes (Pu) 激活计划修改供应商(购买)
MK19 Display vendor (purchasing), future 显示供应商(购买),将来
MKH1 Maintain vendor hierarchy 维护供应商层次
MKH2 Display vendor hierarchy 显示供应商层次
MKH3 Activate vendor master (online) 激活供应商主档(联机)
MKH4 Activate vendors (batch input) 激活供应商(批输入)
MPE1 Create buyer 创建买主
MPE2 Change buyer 修改买主
MPE3 Display buyer 显示买主
OMKC C MM PUR Price Marking 取消 MM PUR 价格标记
OMKD C MM PUR Supply Regions 取消 MM PUR 供货区
OMSG Account Groups: Vendor 科目组: 供应商
OMSI C MM-BD Matchcode for vendor 供应商的 C MM-BD 匹配码
OMSJ C MM-BD Number Range for Vendor C MM-BD 号范围: 供应商
OMSX TCODE/Field Selection: Vendor 事务码/字段选择: 供应商
WBG1 Maintenance 维护
WL00 Vendor Master 供应商主数据
WOPS Partner Schema Assignment, Vendor 业务往来方案分配,供应商
WYC1 Price Marking Agreement 价格标记协议
WYL1 Batch input interface, vendors 批输入接口,供应商
WYRL Vendor for returns 退货供应商
XK07 Change vendor account group 修改供应商科目组
BD30 Distribute material object list 分配物料对象清单
BD31 Distribute document object list 分配凭证对象清单
BD32 Distribute plant allocations(matBOM) 分布工厂分配(matBOM)
CS00 BOM Menu BOM 菜单
CS01 Create Material BOM 生成物料 BOM
CS02 Change Material BOM 更改物料 BOM
CS03 Display Material BOM 显示物料 BOM
CS05 Change Material BOM Group 更改物料 BOM 组
CS06 Display Material BOM Group 显示物料 BOM 组
CS07 Allocate Material BOM to Plant 分配物料 BOM 到工厂
CS08 Change Material BOM - Plant Alloc. 更改物料 BOM - 工厂分配
CS09 Display Allocations to Plant 显示到工厂的分配
CS11 Display BOM Level by Level 逐层显示 BOM
CS12 Multi-level BOM 多层 BOM
CS13 Summarized BOM 汇总 BOM
CS14 BOM Comparison BOM 比较
CS15 Single-Level Where-Used List 单层反查清单
CS20 Mass Change: Initial Screen 大量更改 : 初始屏幕
CS21 Mass Material Change: Initial Screen 大量物料更改 : 初始屏幕
CS22 Mass Document Change: Initial Screen 大量文档更改 : 初始屏幕
CS23 Mass Class Change: Initial Screen 大量类更改 : 初始屏幕
CS24 Reorganize BOMs: Initial Screen 重组BOM : 初始屏幕
CS25 Archiving for BOMs BOMs 的归档
CS26 BOM deletion BOM删除
CS27 Retrieval of BOMs BOM 检索
CS31 Create class BOM 创建类BOM
CS32 Change class BOM 改变类BOM
CS33 Display class BOM 显示类BOM
CS40 Create Link to Configurable Material 生成与可配置物料的链接
CS41 Change Material Config. Allocation 更改物料配置分配
CS42 Display Material Config. Allocation 显示物料配置分配
CS51 Create Standard BOM 创建标准 BOM
CS52 Change Standard BOM 更改标准 BOM
CS53 Display Standard BOM 显示标准 BOM
CS61 Create Sales Order BOM 创建销售订单 BOM
CS62 Change Sales Order BOM 更改销售订单 BOM
CS63 Display Sales Order BOM 显示销售订单 BOM
CS71 Enqueue Test for Dialog RFC 对话 RFC 的入队测试
CS72 Current Settings 当前的设置
CS80 Change Documents for Material BOM 更改物料 BOM 文档
CS81 Change Documents for Standard BOM 更改标准 BOM 文档
CS82 Change Documents for Sales Order BOM 更改销售订单 BOM 的文档
CS90 Material BOM Number Ranges 物料 BOM 编号范围
CS91 Number Ranges for Standard BOMs 标准 BOMs 的编号范围
CS92 Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMs 销售订单 BOMs 的编号范围
CSC5 Single-level where-used for classes 单层类反查
CSD5 Single-level where-used for document 单层文档反查清单
CV11 Create Document Structure 创建文档结构
CV12 Change Document Structure 更改文档结构
CV13 Display Document Structure 显示文档结构
CV15 Change Document BOM Group 更改文档 BOM 组
CV16 Display Document BOM Group 显示文档 BOM 组
CV80 Change Documents for Doc. Structure 更改文档结构的文档
CV91 Number Ranges for Doc. Structures 文档结构的编号范围
OS42 Process Transfer File 处理传送文件
OS43 Copy BOM changes 拷贝 BOM 更改
OS44 Copy BOM variants 拷贝 BOM 变式
OS45 Copy BOM with description 拷贝有描述的 BOM
OS46 Edit transfer file (long text)_ 编辑转换文件 (长文本)
OST1 CS Transport C Tables TCS21/TCS22 CS 传输 C 表 TCS21/TCS22
OST2 CS Transport C Tables BOM Usage CS 传输 C 表格 BOM 使用
OST3 Transp. Customizing tabs T418F,T418G 传输用户化表 T418F,T418G
OS11 Spare Part Indicators 备件指示符
OS12 Material Provision Indicators 物料供应标志
OS13 Item Categories 项目类别
OS14 Material Types Allowed in BOM Item 在BOM 项中允许的物料类型
OS15 Variable-Size Item Formulas 可变尺寸项目公式
OS16 BOM Item Object Type BOM 项目对象类型
OS17 Explosion Types 展开类型
OS18 Relevancy to costing 与成本计算相关
OS20 BOM Usage BOM 用途
OS21 BOM Usage Default Values 物料清单使用缺省值
OS22 Copying Defaults for Item Statuses 复制项目状态的默认值
OS23 BOM Statuses BOM 状态
OS24 Material Types Allowed in BOMs 在BOM 中允许的物料类型
OS25 BOMs with History Requirement 带历史需求的 BOM
OS26 Laboratory/Office 实验室/办公室
OS27 Modification Parameters for BOMs 用于 BOM 的修改参数
OS28 Defaults for BOMs BOM 的默认值
OS29 User-Specific Settings for BOMs 特定用户的BOM表设置
OS30 Application 应用
OS31 BOM Usage Priorities BOM 使用优先级
OS32 Alternative BOM Determination 替代 BOM 确定
OS33 Alt. Determination in Inventory Mgmt 库存管理中的替代确定
OS34 Alt. Determination in Costing 成本核算中的替代确定
OS35 Alt. Determination in Production 生产中的替代确定
OS36 Alt. Determination in SD SD 中的替代确定
OS37 Alt. Determination in PM PM 中的替代确定
OS38 Alt. Determination in MRP MRP 中的替代确定
OS40 Generate BOM Transfer File 生成 BOM 传送文件
OS41 Transfer BOM without Long Text 传送不带长文的 BOM
OS47 Field Groups: Assigned Fields 字段组:分配字段
OS48 Field Groups: Definition and Descs 字段组:定义和说明
OS57 Document Revision Level Sequence 文档修改级别顺序
OS70 User-Specific List Profiles 特定用户的列表描述文件
OSSZ C PP Authorizations C PP 授权
ME00 采购功能 采购功能
ME01 Maintain Source List 维护货源清单
ME03 Display Source List 显示货源清单
ME04 Changes to Source List 改变货源清单
ME05 Generate Source List 生成货源清单
ME06 Analyze Source List 分析货源清单
ME07 Reorganize Source List 重组货源清单
ME08 Send Source List 发送源清单
ME0M Source List for Material 物料的资源清单
ME11 Create Purchasing Info Record 建立采购信息记录
ME12 Change Purchasing Info Record 改变采购信息记录
ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record 显示采购信息记录
ME14 Changes to Purchasing Info Record 改变采购信息记录
ME15 Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion 为删除标记采购信息记录
ME16 Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion 要删除的采购信息记录
ME17 Archive Info Records 归档信息记录
ME18 Send Purchasing Info Record 发送采购信息记录
ME1A Archived Purchasing Info Records 归档的采购信息记录
ME1B Redetermine Info Record Price 重新确定信息记录价格
ME1E Quotation Price History 报价价格的历史记录
ME1L Info Records Per Vendor 每供应商的信息记录
ME1M Info Records Per Material 每物料的信息记录
ME1P Purchase Order Price History 采购订单价格历史记录
ME1W Info Records Per Material Group 每物料组的信息记录
ME1X Buyer's Negotiation Sheet for Vendor 用于供应商的买方采购谈判记录
ME1Y Buyer's Negotiat. Sheet for Material 买方物料采购谈判记录表
ME21 Create Purchase Order 建立采购订单
ME22 Change Purchase Order 改变采购订单
ME23 Display Purchase Order 显示采购订单
ME24 Maintain Purchase Order Supplement 维护采购订单补充
ME25 Create PO with Source Determination 生成带决定货源的订单
ME26 Display PO Supplement (IR) 显示采购订单补充(IR)
ME27 Create Stock Transport Order 建立库存运输订单
ME28 Release Purchase Order 批准采购订单
ME2A Monitor Confirmations 监视确认
ME2B POs by Requirement Tracking Number 需要追踪号的采购订单
ME2C Purchase Orders by Material Group 按物料组分类采购订单
ME2J Purchase Orders for Project 项目的采购项目
ME2K Purch. Orders by Account Assignment 采购订单帐户设置
ME2L Purchase Orders by Vendor 按供应商分类采购订单
ME2M Purchase Orders by Material 按物料分类采购订单
ME2N Purchase Orders by PO Number 按订单号分类采购订单
ME2O SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor) SC 库存监视(供应商)
ME2V GR Forecast 收货预测
ME2W Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant 供货工厂的采购订单
ME31 Create Outline Agreement 创建框架协议
ME31K Create Contract 创建合同
ME31L Create Scheduling Agreement 创建计划协议
ME32 Change Outline Agreement 更改框架协议
ME32K Change Contract 修改合同
ME32L Change Scheduling Agreement 修改计划协议
ME33 Display Outline Agreement 显示框架协议
ME33K Display contract 显示合同
ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement 显示计划协议
ME34 Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement 维护框架协议补充
ME34K Maintain Contract Supplement 维护合同附录
ME34L Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplement 维护计划协议附录
ME35 Release Outline Agreement 批准框架协议
ME35K Release Contract 发放合同
ME35L Release Scheduling Agreement 发放计划协议
ME36 Display Agreement Supplement (IR) 显示协议补充(IR)
ME37 Create Transport Scheduling Agmt. 创建运输计划协议
ME38 Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule 维护计划协议计划
ME39 Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST) 显示计划协议计划 (测试)
ME3A Transm. Release Documentation Record 传输发放文档记录
ME3B Outl. Agreements by Req. Tracking No 根据申请轨迹号的框架协议
ME3C Outline Agreements by Material Group 按物料组的草案协议
ME3J Outline Agreements for Project 项目的框架协议
ME3K Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignment 根据帐户设置的框架协议
ME3L Outline Agreements by Vendor 根据供应商的框架协议
ME3M Outline Agreements by Material 根据物料的框架协议
ME3N Outline Agreements by Agreement No. 根据协议号的框架协议
ME3P Recalculate Contract Price 重定合同价
ME3R Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price 重新计算计划协议价格
ME41 Create Request For Quotation 建立询价
ME42 Change Request For Quotation 改变询价
ME43 Display Request For Quotation 显示询价
ME44 Maintain RFQ Supplement 维护询价补充
ME45 Release RFQ 批准RFQ
ME47 Create Quotation 创建报价
ME48 Display Quotation 显示报价
ME49 Price Comparison List 价格比较清单
ME4B RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number 按需求跟踪号的询价
ME4C RFQs by Material Group 按物料组的询价
ME4L RFQs by Vendor 按供应商的询价
ME4M RFQs by Material 按物料的询价
ME4N RFQs by RFQ Number 按询价号的询价
ME4S RFQs by Collective Number 按集中号的询价
ME51 Create Purchase Requisition 建立采购申请
ME52 Change Purchase Requisition 改变采购请求
ME53 Display Purchase Requisition 显示采购申请
ME54 Release Purchase Requisition 批准采购请求
ME55 Collective Release of Purchase Reqs. 采购请求的集中批准
ME56 Assign Source to Purch. Requisition 对采购申请分配供货源
ME57 Assign and Process Requisitions 分配和处理申请
ME58 Ordering: Assigned Requisitions 订单: 分配的请求
ME59 Automatic Generation of POs 采购订单的自动生成
ME5A Purchase Requisitions: List Display 采购申请: 清单显示
ME5F Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition 批准催单:采购申请
ME5J Purchase Requisitions for Project 项目的采购需求
ME5K Requisitions by Account Assignment 按帐户设置分类的采购申请
ME5R Archived Purchase Requisitions 归档的采购申请
ME5W Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions 采购申请的重述
ME80 Purchasing Reporting 采购报告
ME80A Purchasing Reporting: RFQs 采购报表: 询价
ME80F Purchasing Reporting: POs 采购报表: 采购订单
ME80R Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts. 采购报表: 草案协议
ME81 Analysis of Order Values 订单价值分析
ME82 Archived Purchasing Documents 归档的采购凭证
ME84 Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases 计划协议发放的生成
ME85 Renumber Schedule Lines 重新给计划行编号
ME86 Aggregate Schedule Lines 聚集计划行
ME87 Aggregate PO History 聚集采购清单历史记录
ME90 Message Processing for Purch. Docs. 采购凭证的信息处理
ME91 Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding 采购凭证: 催货/催付
ME91A Urge Submission of Quotations 报价的紧急提交
ME91E Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind. 计划协议计划: 紧急/余额
ME91F Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders 采购订单: 紧急/余额
ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment 监控订单认可
ME92F Monitor Order Acknowledgment 监控订单认可
ME92K Monitor Order Acknowledgment 监控订单认可
ME92L Monitor Order Acknowledgment 监控订单认可
ME97 Archive Purchase Requisitions 归档采购凭证
ME98 Archive Purchasing Documents 归档采购凭证
ME99 Messages from Purchase Orders 来自采购订单的消息
ME9A Message Output: RFQs 消息输出: 询价
ME9E Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedules 消息输出: 计划协议计划
ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders 消息输出: 采购订单
ME9K Message Output: Contracts 消息输出: 合同
ME9L Message Output: Sched. Agreements 消息输出: 计划协议
MEAN Delivery Addresses 供货地址
MEIS Intrastat Selection: Arrivals 州内选择: 到达
MEK0 Conditions, Purchasing: Customizing 条件,采购: 客户设置
MEK1 Create Conditions (Purchasing) 建立条件(采购)
MEK2 Change Conditions (Purchasing) 改变条件(采购)
MEK3 Display Conditions (Purchasing) 显示条件(采购)
MEK4 Create Conditions (Purchasing) 建立条件(采购)
MEKA Conditions: General Overview 条件: 一般的总览
MEKB Conditions for Contract 合同的条件
MEKC Conditions for Info Record 信息记录的条件
MEKD Conditions for Material Group 物料组的条件
MEKE Conditions for Vendor 供应商的条件
MEKF Conditions for Material Type 物料类型的条件
MEKG Conditions for Conditions Group 条件组的条件
MEKH Market Price 市场价格
MEKI Conditions for Incoterms 国际贸易条件
MEKJ Conditions for Invoicing Party 出票方的条件
MEKK Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range 供应商子范围的条件
MEKL Price Change: Scheduling Agreements 价格修改:计划协议
MEKLE Currency Change: Sched. Agreements 货币改变: 计划协议
MEKP Price Change: Info Records 价格变化,信息记录
MEKPE Currency Change: Info Records 货币改变: 信息记录
MEKR Price Change: Contracts 价格变化,合同
MEKRE Currency Change: Contracts 货币改变: 合同
MEKX Transport Condition Types Purchasing 传送采购条件类型
MEKY Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.) 传送定价纲要:市场价格(采购)
MEKZ Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.) 传送定价纲要(采购)
MELB Purch. Transactions by Tracking No. 采购交易跟踪号
MEPA Order Price Simulation/Price Info 订单价格模拟/价格信息
MEPB Price Info/Vendor Negotiations 价格信息/供应商谈判
MEQ1 Maintain Quota Arrangement 维护配额协议
MEQ3 Display Quota Arrangement 显示配额的协议
MEQ4 Changes to Quota Arrangement 改变配额协议
MEQ6 Analyze Quota Arrangement 分析配额协议
MEQ7 Reorganize Quota Arrangement 重组配额协议
MEQ8 Monitor Quota Arrangements 监视配额的协议
MEQB Revise Quota Arrangement 重设配额协议
MEQM Quota Arrangement for Material 物料的配额协议
MKVG Settlement and Condition Groups 结算和条件组
MKVZ List of Vendors: Purchasing 供应商清单: 采购
MKVZE Currency Change: Vendor Master Rec. 货币改变: 供应商主记录
MN01 Create Message: RFQ 建立信息: 询价
MN02 Change Message: RFQ 改变信息: 询价
MN03 Display Message: RFQ 显示信息: 询价
MN04 Create Message: PO 建立信息: 采购订单
MN05 Change Message: PO 改变信息: 采购订单
MN06 Display Message: PO 显示信息: 采购订单
MN07 Create Message: Outline Agreement 建立信息: 框架协议
MN08 Change Message: Outline Agreement 改变信息:  框架协议
MN09 Display Message: Outline Agreement 显示信息: 框架协议
MN0Z Set Up Message Determination 设置信息确认
MN10 Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule 建立消息: 计划协议计划
MN11 Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule 改变消息: 计划协议计划
MN12 Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule 显示消息: 计划协议计划
MN24 Create Message: Shipping Notif. 创建消息: 装运通知
MN25 Change Message: Shipping Notif. 修改消息: 装运通知
MN26 Display Message: Shipping Notif. 显示消息: 装运通知
MP01 Maintain AMPL records 维护 AMPL 记录
MP02 Maintain AMPL records 维护 AMPL 记录
OMEV Determine Consgt. Valuation Prices 确定寄售估价价格
OMGT Import data 输入数据
OMH4 C MM PUR Item Categories C MM PUR 项目类别
OMH5 Default Doc. Type in Transactions 在事务处理中的缺省的凭证类型
OMJO Convert MKOP into Consgt. Info Recs. 转换 MKOP 到寄售信息记录
OMJP Batch Input: Consignment Info Recs. 批量输入: 寄售信息记录
OMJQ Deletion Flag: Consg. Price Segments 删除标志: 寄售价格段
OMPN C MM-PUR Purchasing Manuf. Part No. C MM-PUR 采购制造商零件编号
OMQ1 Transfer of purchase orders 采购订单的传输
OMQ2 Transfer of PO history PO 历史的传输
OMQ3 Transfer of PO texts PO 文本的传输
OMQ4 Create PO transfer file 创建 PO 传输文件
OMQ5 Edit PO transfer file 编辑 PO 传输文件
OMQ6 Create PO text transfer file 创建 PO 文本传输文件
OMUP Forecast Schedule: Transm. Profile 预测计划: 传输参数文件
OMXX Contract release docu. updating MM 合同下达凭证更新MM
OMZ1 Partner Role Definition: Purchasing 合伙角色定义: 采购
OMZ2 Key Reassignment: Partner Roles 码重设: 合伙角色
OMZ3 Admissible Partner Roles: Acc. Group 可接受合伙角色: 科目组
OMZ4 Partner Schemas: Vendor Master 合伙方案: 供应商主记录
OMZ5 Assignment of Schemas to Acc. Groups 给科目组设置方案
OMZ6 Partner Schemas: Purch. Documents 合伙方案: 采购凭证
OMZ7 Assignment of Schemas to Doc. Types 给凭证类型设置方案
OMZ8 Partner Schemas: Rebate Arrangements 合作伙伴概要: 回扣安排
OMZ9 Assign Schemas to Arrangement Types 把概要分配给安排类型
OMZB Maintain Reasons for Ordering 维护订购的原因
TEAK Header Texts: RFQ/Quotation 标题文本: RFQ/报价
TEAP Item Texts: RFQ/Quotation 项目文本: RFQ/报价
TEBP Texts: Purchase Requisition 文本: 采购申请
TEFK Header Text: Purchase Order 标题文本: 采购订单
TEFP Item Texts: Purchase Order 项目文本: 采购订单
TEIP Info Record Texts 信息记录文本
TEKK Header Texts: Contract 标题文本: 合同
TEKP Item Texts: Contract 项目文本: 合同
TELK Header Texts: Scheduling Agreement 标题文本: 计划协议
TELP Item Texts: Scheduling Agreement 项目文本: 计划协议
VL31 Create Shipping Notification 创建装运通知
WC61 Number ranges Replenishment Run 值范围补充运行
WDFR Rqmnts Planning for Perishables 易腐品的需求计划
MEI1 Automatic Purchasing Document Change 自动修改采购凭证
MEI2 Automatic Document Change 自动修改凭证
MEI3 Recompilation of Document Index 再编译文档索引
MEI4 Compile Worklist for Document Index 编译文档索引的工作清单
MEI5 Delete Worklist for Document Index 删除文档索引的工作清单
OWIA Purchasing: Opt. PO-Based Load-Bldg. 采购:选择基于 PO 的 Load-Bldg.
M703 Output: Create Conditions Table 输出: 建立条件表
M704 Output: Change Condition Table 输出: 改变条件表
M705 Output: Display Conditions Table 输出: 显示条件表
M706 Maintain Output Types: Inv. Mgmt 维护输出类型: 库存管理
M708 Output Determination: Procedure 输出确定: 过程
M710 Output Determ.: Access Sequences 输出确定: 存取顺序
MB00 Inventory Management 库存管理
MB01 Post Goods Receipt for PO 对采购订单的收货记帐
MB02 Change Material Document 改变物料凭证
MB03 Display Material Document 显示物料凭证
MB04 Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"Consmp. "物料供应"消耗的事后调整
MB05 Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat 事后调整:有效成份物料
MB0A Post Goods Receipt for PO 对采购订单的收货记帐
MB11 Goods Movement 货物移动
MB1A Goods Withdrawal 货物提取
MB1B Transfer Posting 转移记帐
MB1C Other Goods Receipts 其它收货
MB21 Create Reservation 生成预订
MB22 Change Reservation 改变预订
MB23 Display Reservation 显示预订
MB24 Reservations by Material 通过物料的预订
MB25 Reservations by Account Assignment 通过帐户设置的预订
MB31 Goods Receipt for Production Order 按生产订单收货
MB51 Material Movements by Material 通过物料的物料移动
MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand 现有仓库库存清单
MB53 Display Plant Stock Availability 显示工厂库存的可用性
MB54 Consignment Stocks 寄存商品库存
MB55 Display Quantity String 显示数量字串
MB56 Analyze batch where-used list 分析批量使用处清单
MB57 Build Up Batch Where-Used List 建立批量使用处清单
MB58 Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer 客户处的寄存和退回物包
MB59 Mat. Documents for Posting Date 记帐日期的物料凭证
MB5A Evaluate Batch Where-Used Archive 评估批量的用途反查归档
MB5B Stocks for Posting Date 过帐日期时的库存
MB5C Pick-up List 选出的清单
MB5D Delete Docs of Batch Where-Used File 删除批量用途反查文本的凭证
MB5E Create Batch Where-Used Archive 创建批量的用途反查归档
MB5L List of Warehouse Stocks: Balances 仓库库存表: 余额
MB5M Exp. Date/Date of Production 期满日期/生产日期
MB5S Display List of GR/IR Balances 显示收货/发货余额清单
MB5T Stock in transit CC 库存传输中CC
MB5V Manage Batch Where-Used Archive 管理批量的用途反查归档
MB5W List of Stock Values 库存值清单
MB90 Output Processing for Mat. Documents 物料凭证的输出处理
MB9A Analyze archived mat. documents 分析归档的物料凭证
MB9R Archive material documents 归档物料凭证
MBAD Delete Material Documents 删除物料凭证
MBAL Material Documents: Read Archive 物料凭证:读取档案
MBAR Archive Material Documents 归档物料凭证
MBAV Manage Material Document Archive 管理物料凭证档案
MBBM Batch Input: Post Material Document 批量输入: 记帐物料凭证
MBBR Batch Input: Create Reservation 批量输入: 创建预订
MBC1 Create MM Batch Search Strategy 创建物料主记录批量搜索策略
MBC2 Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy 改变MM批量确定策略
MBC3 Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy 显示MM批次确定策略
MBGR Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason 显示由移动原因而产生的物料凭证
MBNK Number Ranges, Material Document 号码范围,物料凭证
MBRL Return Delivery per Mat. Document 单位物料凭证的退货
MBSF Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc. 通过物料凭证批准冻结库存
MBSI Find Inventory Sampling 查找抽样盘点
MBSL Copy Material Document 复制物料凭证
MBSM Display Cancelled Material Docs. 显示取消的物料凭证
MBST Cancel Material Document 取消物料凭证
MBSU  Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn 物料凭证的入库: 初始屏幕
MBVR Management Program: Reservations 管理程序: 预订
MBXA Printout of XAB Documents XAB凭证的打印输出
MI00 Physical Inventory 库存盘点
MI01 Create Physical Inventory Document 建立实际盘点凭证
MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document 改变实际盘点凭证
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document 显示实际盘点凭证
MI04 Enter Inventory Count with Document 输入带文件的库存盘点
MI05 Change Inventory Count 修改库存盘点
MI06 Display Inventory Count 显示库存盘点
MI07 Process List of Differences 差额清单处理
MI08 Create List of Differences with Doc. 建立带凭证的差额清单
MI09 Enter Inventory Count w/o Document 输入无文件的库存盘点
MI10 Create List of Differences w/o Doc. 建立不带凭证的差额清单
MI11 Physical Inventory Document Recount 实际盘点凭证重新盘点
MI20 Print List of Differences 打印差额清单
MI21 Print physical inventory document 打印实际库存凭证
MI22 Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material 显示物料的实际盘点凭证
MI23 Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material 显示物料的实际盘点数据
MI31 Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. 批量输入: 创建实际盘点凭证
MI32 Batch Input: Block Material 批量输入: 冻结物料
MI33 Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance 批量输入:冻结帐面库存余额
MI34 Batch Input: Enter Count 批量输入: 键入盘点
MI35 Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance 批量输入:记录零库存余额
MI37 Batch Input: Post Differences 批量输入: 记帐差额
MI38 Batch Input: Count and Differences 批量输入: 盘点和差额
MI39 Batch Input: Document and Count 批量输入: 凭证和盘点
MI40 Batch Input: Doc., Count and Diff. 批量输入: 凭证,盘点和差额
MI9A Analyze archived phy. inv. docs 分析存档的实际盘点凭证
MI9R Archive phys. inv. documents 归档实际盘点凭证
MIAD Delete Phys. Inv. Documents 删除实地盘存凭证
MIAL Inventory Documents: Read Archive 库存凭证:读取档案
MIAR Archive Phys. Inv. Documents 归档实地盘存凭证
MIAV Manage Phys. Inv. Doc. Archive 管理实地盘存凭证档案
MIBC ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting 为周期盘点的 ABC 分析
MICN Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng 批输入: 循环计数的实际盘点凭证
MIDO Physical Inventory Overview 实际盘点概况
MIE1 Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales Ord 批量输入: 实际盘点凭证 销售订单
MIK1 Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons. 批量输入: 实际盘点凭证供应商寄存
MIM1 Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP 批量输入:创建实地盘存凭证 RTP
MIMD Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data 传送PDC实地盘存数据
MIO1 Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.Subc 批输入: 实际盘点凭证: 按次要标准库存
MIQ1 Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock 批量输入:实地盘存凭证 项目库存
MIS1 Create Inventory Sampling - R/3 建立抽样盘点 - R/3
MIS2 Change Inventory Sampling 改变抽样盘点
MIS3 Display Inventory Sampling 显示抽样盘点
MIS4 Create Inventory Sampling - R/2 建立抽样盘点 - R/2
MIS5 Create Inventory Sampling - Other 建立抽样盘点 - 其他
MIV1 Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust. 批输入: 客户处退货包装实地盘点凭证
MIW1 Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Cust. 批输入: 客户处寄存的实地盘点凭证
MN21 Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt 建立条件: 库存管理
MN22 Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt 改变条件: 库存管理
MN23 Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt 显示条件: 库存管理
MN27 Create message: rough goods receipt 创建消息:粗货物收据
MN28 Change message: rough goods receipt 改变消息:粗货物收据
MN29 Display message: rough goods receipt 显示消息:粗货物收据
MR51 Material Line Items 物料行项目
OMBT No. Ranges: Mat. Doc./Phys.Inventory 号码范围:物料凭证/实际库存
OMJ5 Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl 在工厂级别和移动级别上的期满日期
OMJ6 Maintain No. Range for GR/GI Slips 维护收货或发货单的编号范围
OMJ8 Create Stor. Loc. Automatically 自动创建仓库地点
OMJ9 Change Manual Account Assgt. 变更手工帐户设置
OMJA Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement 设置货物移动屏幕格式
OMJC Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvmt 生成实际货物移动凭证
OMJD Set Missing Parts Check 设置短缺部件检查
OMJE Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl 在工厂级别和移动级别上的期满日期
VOK4 Output Determination: Inventory Mgmt 输出确定: 库存管理
OLMB C RM-MAT Inventory Management Menu 设置RM-MAT库存管理菜单
OLMW IMG Valuation/Acct Assgt IMG 评估/科目分配
OMA0 Conditions: V_T681F for H ME 条件: V_T681F 用于 H ME
OMA1 Create Cond. Table: Batches in MM 创建条件表: 物料管理的批次
OMA2 Change Cond.Table: Batches in MM 变更条件表: 物料管理的批次
OMA3 Display Cond. Table: Batches in MM 显示条件表: 物料管理的批次
OMB0 List of document types 凭证类型清单
OMB1 Dynamic Availability Check 动态可用性检查
OMB2 Create SLoc. Automatically (GI) 自动创建库存地(GI)
OMB3 Create SLoc. Automatically (GR) 自动创建库存地(GR)
OMB4 Maintain Print Indicator (GI) 维护打印标志(GI)
OMB5 Maintain Print Indicator (GR) 设置打印标志(GR)
OMB6 Change Manual Account Assgt. 变更手工帐户设置
OMB7 Test Data: Init.Entry of Stock Balcs 测试数据: 库存余额的初始条目
OMB8 Test Data: Reservations Transfer 测试数据: 预定转移
OMB9 Change Document Rentention Periods 变更凭证保留期段
OMBA Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs. 会计凭证科目号设置
OMBB Batch Where-Used List 批量使用处清单
OMBC Set Missing Parts Check 设置短缺部件检查
OMBD Business Area from MM View 来自物料管理视图的经营范围
OMBF Control BTCI Sessions for Goods Mvmt 控制货物移动的BTCI进程
OMBG Set Stock Balance Display 设置库存余额显示
OMBH Phys. Inventory Settings in Plant 工厂实际盘点设置
OMBI Suggest Items Preselected GR 建议收货的预选择项
OMBJ Suggest Items Preselected GI 建议发货的预选择项
OMBK Suggest Items Preselected Reserv. 建议预订的预选择项
OMBL Set Plant Stock Availability 设置工厂可用库存
OMBM Control BTCI Sessions for Reserv. 控制预留的BTCI进程
OMBN Defaults for Reservation 预订缺省设置
OMBO Maintain Form. Allocations 维护表分配
OMBP Freeze Book Inventory Balance 冻结帐面库存余额
OMBR General Print Settings 一般打印设置
OMBS Reasons for Movements 移动原因
OMBU Allocate Layout Sets to Reports 为报告分配格式集
OMBV Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv. 控制实际盘点批输入进程
OMBW Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement 设置货物移动屏幕格式
OMBX Stock Balance Display 库存余额显示
OMBZ Rev. GR Despite Invoice 货物接收发票反冲
OMC0 Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt 收货容差限制
OMC1 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number 收货/发货单编号
OMC2 Number Assignment for Reservations 设置预订号码
OMC3 Suggest Items Preselected: Phys.Inv. 建议预选择项目:实际库存
OMC4 BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory Count 批输入传输:库存盘点
OMC6 Test Data Transfer: Phys. Inventory 检测数据实际盘点传送
OMC7 BTCI Data Transfer: Inv.Count + Diff 批输入数据传送: 库存盘点+差额
OMC8 BTCI Data Tranfer: Inv. Doc./Count 批输入数据传输:库存凭证/盘点
OMC9 BTCI Data Tfr.: Inv.Doc./Count/Diff. 批输入数据传输:库存凭证/盘点/差额
OMCC Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvmt 生成实际货物移动凭证
OMCD Suggest "Del. Completed" Indicator 建议 "删除完成" 标识
OMCE Define Batch Level 定义批层次
OMCF Print Label 打印标签
OMCG Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MM 搜索过程:批确定.物料管理
OMCH Set Manual Account Assignment (GR) 手工帐户设置(收货)
OMCJ Screen Layout: Goods Receipt 屏幕格式:收货
OMCK Inventory Sampling Profile 库存抽样参数文件
OMCL Inventory Sampling: St. Mgmt Levels 库存抽样盘点: 库存管理级
OMCM Dynamic Availability Check: GR 动态可用性检查: 收货
OMCN Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv. 控制实际盘点批输入进程
OMCO Set Cycle Counting 设置循环计数
OMCP Dynamic Availability Check: GI 动态可用性检查:发货
OMCQ Settings for System Messages 系统信息设置
OMCR Inventory Sampling: St.Mgmt Lvl: WM 库存抽样盘点:库存管理层次:WM
OMCS Activate Batch Status Management 激活批状态管理
OMCT Batch Definition 批定义
OMCU Batch Status Management in Plant 工厂中的批量状态管理
OMCV Classify Batches 划分批量等级
OMJ1 Allow Negative Stocks 允许负库存
OMJ2 Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->Employee 维护实际库存容差->职员
OMJ3 Printer Determination Plant/SLoc. 打印机确定工厂/存储地点
OMJ4 Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User Grp 打印机确定:工厂/仓位/用户组
OMJ7 Plant/Val.Area - Divis. -> Busin.Ar. 工厂/值域-部门->业务部门
OMJH Maintain Dataset for Phys. Inventory 维护盘点库存的数据集
OMJI Set Material Enqueue 设定物料队列
OMJJ Customizing: New Movement Types 定制:新移动类型
OMJK Number Ranges for Reservations 预订的号码范围
OMJL Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvT) 维护打印指示符(自动移动)
OMJM Comprn plnt/val.area - divis.->BusAr Comprn 工厂/评估范围-部门->业务范围
OMJN General field selection: goods mvmnt 一般字段选择:货物移动
OMJR Printer determin.: message type/user 打印机确定:信息类型/用户
OMJS Check expiration date at goods issue 在发货时检验截止日期
OMJT Stock determination; Inventory Mgmt 库存确定:库存管理
OMSB C MM-BD Special Stock Description C MM-BD 特殊库存描述
OMSK  C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025 C MM-BD  评估类型 T025
OMT1 C MM-BD Consistency Check Updating C MM-BD 连续检查更新
OMW0 C MM-IV Control valuation C MM-IV 控制评估
OMW1 C RM-MAT MW Price Control C RM-MAT MW 价格控制
OMW3 C RM-MAT MW LIFO Valuation Levels C RM-MAT MW LIFO 评估级
OMW5 C RM-MAT MW Price Difference Account C RM-MAT MW 价格差额科目
OMW6 C RM-MAT MW Devaln. (Slow/Non-Mvt.) C RM-MAT MW 减评估 (慢/非移动)
OMW7 C RM-MAT MW IR/GR Accts. Lowest Val. C RM-MAT MW 发票接收/收货帐户低值
OMW8 C RM-MAT MW Devaluation (Coverage) C RM-MAT MW 低值评估 (范围)
OMW9 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch. C RM-MAT MW 凭证类型/F-成本价检查
OMWA C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/C C RM-MAT MW 凭证类型/F-成本借/贷
OMWB C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.) C MM-IV 自动帐户设置(模拟)
OMWC C MM-IV Split material valuation C MM-IV 分离物料评估
OMWD C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area C RM-MAT MB 组值区域
OMWF C MM-IV User Maintenance C MM-IV 用户维护
OMWG C RM-MAT MW User Profiles C RM-MAT MB 用户参数文件
OMWI C MM-IV Movement Types: Lowest Value C MM-IV 移动类型: 最低值
OMWJ C MM-IV Document Types: Lowest Value C MM-IV 凭证类型: 最低值
OMWK C MM-IV Authorizations C MM-IV 权限
OMWM C MM IV Control: Accnt Determination C MM IV 控制: 科目确定
OMWN MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Type MM-IM:移动类型的帐户组代码
OMWO C MM-PUR: Purchase Account Mgmt C MM-PUR:采购帐户管理
OMXL Configure empties processing 配置空处理过程
OX09 Customize storage locations 定制库存地点
OX10 Customize plant 定义工厂
OX14 C MM-IV Valuation area - val. level C MM-IV 估价区域 - 级别
OX18 Plants->company code 工厂->公司码
PF01 Test transact. 检验业务处理
PF02 Cust. test of value-based IM 仅有价值IM的用户定制测试
VKU1 Report for SP reval. when SP change SP改变时SP重估值的报表
VKU2 Total SP revaluation 合计SP重估价
VKU3 Partial SP revaluation 部分SP重估值
VKU4 SP value change docs for material 物料的SP值改变凭证
WBF1 IS-R: Stock overview, empties IS-R: 库存一览, 空缺
WBF2 Display GI/GR diff. for stck trans. 为库存传送显示发货/收货差异
CK21 Release Standard Costing 批准的标准成本
MR00 Invoice Verification 发票校验
MR01 Process Incoming Invoice 处理接收发票
MR02 Process Blocked Invoices 处理冻结的发票
MR03 Display Inv. Verification Document 显示库存检验凭证
MR08 Cancel Invoice Document 取消发票凭证
MR11 Maintain GR-IR Clearing Account 维护GR-IR结算帐户
MR21 Price Change 价格改变
MR22 Material Debit/Credit 物料借/贷
MR2B Activate future price 激活未来价格
MR32 Change Material Layer (LIFO) 改变物料层(LIFO)
MR33 Display Material Layer (LIFO) 显示物料层次(LIFO)
MR34 Change FIFO data 改变FIFO数据
MR35 Display FIFO data 显示FIFO数据
MR39 Display Documents (LIFO) 显示凭证(LIFO)
MR41 Park invoice 预制发票
MR42 Change Parked Invoice 改变预制发票
MR43 Display Parked Invoice 显示预制发票
MR44 Post Parked Document 预制的凭证记帐
MR91 Messages for invoice documents 发票凭证的信息
MRBE Valuation 评估
MRF1 Execute FIFO valuation 执行FIFO估价
MRF2 Diplay documents (FIFO) 显示凭证(FIFO)
MRF3 Create Document Extract 建立凭证摘要
MRF4 Select materials 选择物料
MRF5 Delete valuation data 删除估价数据
MRHG Enter Credit Memo 输入贷项凭证
MRHR Enter Invoice 输入发票
MRKO Settle consignment/pipeline liabs. 结算委托/管道债务
MRL1 Valuation on individual level 个别等级的评估
MRL2 Valuation on pool level 储备级的评估
MRL3 Determination of Lowest Value 最低值的确定
MRL4 Display on individual level 在单个层次上显示
MRL5 Display on pool level 在储备层次上显示
MRL6 Select materials 选择物料
MRL7 Display Pool Formation 显示储备构成
MRL8 Create Base Layer 创建基本层次
MRL9 Create Document Extract 建立凭证摘要
MRLA Check pool formation 检查储备形式
MRLB Delete Layer 删除层次
MRLC Transfer third-party data 传输第三方数据
MRLD Transfer valuation prices 传输评估价格
MRLE Change group structure 改变组结构
MRLF Create version as copy 按复制创建版本
MRLG Aggregate layer 合计层
MRLH Change LIFO/FIFO valuation level 改变LIFO/FIFO评估级别
MRLI Generate pools 产生池
MRM1 Create message: Invoice Verification 创建信息:发票校验
MRM2 Change message: Invoice Verification 修改消息: 发票校验
MRM3 Display message: Inv. Verification 显示消息: 发票验证
MRM4 Number ranges, Invoice Verification 编号范围,发票校验
MRN0 Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices 确定最低值: 市场价格
MRN1 Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage 确定最低值: 覆盖范围
MRN2 Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate 确定最低值: 移动率
MRN8 Lowest value: price variances 最低价值: 价格变式
MRN9 Lowest Value: Bal.Sheet Val.per Acct 最低价值: 每个帐户的平衡表价值
MRO2 Configuration: IV lists 配置: 发票校验清单
MRRS Evaluated receipt settlement 评估收据的结算
OMRM C MM-IV customer-specific messages C MM-IV 用户规定的消息
OMRN C MM-IV  Carry forward price change C MM-IV 执行价格改变
OMWPS1 C MM-IV LIFO Pool splitting C MM-IV LIF池拆分
OMWPS2 C MM-IV LIFO pool merging C MM-IV LIFO池合并
OMWR C MM-IV LIFO layer versions C MM-IV LIFO层版本
OMWT C MM-IV FIFO valuation levels C MM-IV FIFO评估级别
OMWU C MM-IV constants for DB commit 关于数据委托的C MM-IV常数
OMWV C MM-IV val.types non-movement 非活动评估类型C MM-IV
M802 Message Requirements (IV) 信息需求 (IV)
M811 Create message condition table (IV) 建立信息条件表 (IV)
M812 Change message condition table (IV) 改变信息条件表 (IV)
M813 Display message condition table (IV) 显示信息条件表 (IV)
MR1B Invoice Verification Result Overview 发票检验结果总览
MR1G Enter incoming credit memo 输入将收到的信用备忘录
MR1M Enter incoming invoice 输入将收到的发票
MR2M Change invoice document 改变发票凭证
MR3M Display invoice document 显示发票凭证
MR5M Delete invoice document 删除发票凭证
MR8M Cancel invoice document 取消发票凭证
MR90 Messages for invoice documents 发票凭证的信息
MRA1 Archive invoice documents 归档发票凭证
MRA2 Delete archived invoice documents 删除归档的发票凭证
MRA3 Display archived invoice documents 显示归档的发票凭证
MRA4 Manage invoice document archive 管理发票凭证档案
MRED EDI invoice receipt EDI发票收货
MRIS Settle invoicing plan 结算发票计划
MRM0 Logistics invoice verification 后勤发票校验
MRRL Evaluated receipt settlement 评估收据的结算
WLF1 Create vendor billing document 建立供应商票据凭证
WLF2 Change vendor billing document 修改供应商票据凭证
WLF3 Display vendor billing document 显示供应商票据凭证
WLF4 Cancel vendor billing document 取消供应商票据凭证
WLFA IMG vendor billing document IMG 供应商开票凭证
WLFB List header data billing document 列出表头数据开票凭证
WLFC List billing documents 列出出具发票凭证清单
WLFD List invoice list header data 列出发票清单表头数据
WLFE Display invoice list data 显示发票清单数据
WLFF Mass release payment documents 大量批准支付凭证
WLFG Display payment header data 显示支付表头数据
WLFH Display payment documents with items 显示含项目的支付凭证
WLFI Payment document reversals 支付凭证回转
WLFJ Mass reversal of vendor billing docs 供应商开票凭证的大量回转
WLFK Mass release vendor billing docs 大量批准供应商开票凭证
WLFL Mass release invoice list 大量批准发票清单
WLFM Create invoice list from bill. docs 由开票凭证创建发票清单
WLFN Create inv. lists from payment docs 由支付凭证创建发票清单
WLR1 Vendor bill. doc.: Create inv. list 供应商开票凭证: 创建发票清单
WLR2 Vendor bill. doc.: Change inv. list 供应商开票凭证: 修改发票清单
WLR3 Vendor bill. doc.: Display inv. list 供应商开票凭证: 显示发票清单
WZR0 Vendor Billing 供应商开票
WZR1 Create Pooled Payment Document 创建共享收付凭证
WZR2 Change Pooled Payment Document 修改共享收付凭证
WZR3 Display Pooled Payment Document 显示共享收付凭证
WZR4 Reverse Pooled Payment Document 反转共享收付凭证

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