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Role of a SAP-MM Consultant

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Role & Responsibilities of an MM Functional Consultant during Implementation Project:

  • Understand the business requirements, preparing AS-IS, and TO-BE document and sign-off with users for Business blue print document.
  • Setting up organization structure of material management and relevant configuration like Purchase organization, valuation area plants, storage location, and warehouse structure etc.
  • Finalization of material groups, purchasing groups, payment terms, Inco terms, Pricing Procedure.
  • Define and set up of Indian taxation structure.
  • Finalization of various numbers ranges for material master, vendor master and all purchasing and inventory documents.
  • Configuration of release procedure for purchasing document like Purchase requisition and purchase order
  • Preparation of testing document and internal testing
  • Preparation of master data templates for various object like material master, vendor master, excise master, Info-records, source list, purchase order.
  • Integration testing with other module PP, SD and FI/CO.
  • Preparing the cut over strategy for MM object.
  • Preparing the user manual and imparting training to business process owners.
  • Go-live preparation and post go live support.

Role & Responsibilities of an MM Functional Consultant during Support Project

  • Interaction with client through net meetings, calls & emails.
  • Handling Tickets & Tasks and responsible for closing the same within defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements.)
  • Responsible for troubleshooting the issues in the system and providing support
  • Executing the needed changes in configuration
  • Executing the analysis and resolution of production support calls
  • Raising Change Requests (CRs) and writing functional specifications for them
  • Preparing test data for testing CRs (Change Requests)
  • Testing CRs (Change Requests) and preparing test results
  • Carrying out regression testing
  • There will be some interaction with other modules consultants

In addition to the above, a functional consultant may also be assigned some more responsibilities based on his past experience. Area of responsibilities may also differ from client to client. Designation of consultant also play a very vital role in designing his role and responsibilities.

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