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To Feed into the Severe Society

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Now everybody needs, or probably is trying very hard to feed in this severe society. But the society develops so fast that a lot of people can't get on the train. Some of them lose their confidence and just hang around the life to wait for the final sentence. Some of them fall into the hole and just know one three things - Money, Power and Interest. There are some others, like us.

We don't want to give up our dreams that we have since we are little men. We are longing for the most beautiful thing of the world. We are willing to trust that the people are all good - at least that they are born to be good. We work harder and contineously studying to improve our ability to get to the higher level. We love our lovers, family and friends as most as we can. We are willing to help the others and try to make it a better world to live in. But until one day, we realize something.

That something are realistic. We need to be rich, then we can be famous and powerful. Why? Because everything we want to do is all about the money. We need to first stand higher so we see father. That's the rule. People don't expect to just have the lip service, they may urgently need the food to feed themselves, the clothers to keep them warm, etc.

So one day I said to myself: From now on, I need to be rich. Then I will help you out, trust me!

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