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不能查看clstat。最后我在hacmp目录里面,看到redeme update文件里面有完整的解决方法。

 APAR IZ41204: Enabling Internet MIB tree for clstat or cldump to work

clstat or cldump will not start if the internet MIB tree is not
enabled in snmpdv3.conf file. This behavior. is usually seen in
AIX 6.1 onwards where this internet MIB entry was intentionally
disabled as a security issue. This internet MIB entry is required to
view/resolve risc6000clsmuxpd ( MIB sub tree
which is used by clstat or cldump functionality.

There are two ways to enable this MIB sub tree(risc6000clsmuxpd) they
1) Enable the main internet MIB entry by adding this line in
/etc/snmpdv3.conf file
VACM_VIEW defaultView    internet       - included -
But doing so is not advisable as it unlocks the entire MIB tree

2) Enable only the MIB sub tree for risc6000clsmuxpd without enabling
the main MIB tree by adding this line in /etc/snmpdv3.conf file
VACM_VIEW defaultView    - included -

Note: After enabling the MIB entry above snmp daemon must be restarted
with the following commands as shown below:
1) stopsrc -s snmpd
2) startsrc -s snmpd
After snmp is restarted leave the daemon running for about two minutes
before attempting to start clstat or cldump.

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