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flex license server Linux 安装

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1. Set the $NCLICENSE environment variable to the common installation directory
(default: /opt/netcool/common/license).

2. Extract the installation media to the target license server.

3. Run the installation script, license_install.

4. Copy all license files to $NCLICENSE/etc. License file names must be in the
format .lic.

Note: Each license file must be modified to include the host name of the license server.

5. Start the license server using the following command:
$NCLICENSE/bin/nc_start_license &

6. Test operation using the following command:

7. Configure the server to automatically start the license server at system startup.

Note: All variables must be set on the system so as to be available to programs running on
the server. For example, include the definitions in the /etc/profile file on a Linux system.

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