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netcool omnibus server Linux安装

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1. Make installation media available to the target server.

2. Set the $OMNIHOME variable to the installation directory (default: /opt/

3. Set the $NETCOOL_LICENSE_FILE variable to the port and host name of a
valid license server using the following format:NETCOOL_LICENSE_FILE=27000@

4. Run the OINSTALL script

5. Run the $OMNIHOME/bin/nco_xigen utility to set the server communication

6. Initialize the ObjectServer database using the following command:
$OMNIHOME/bin/nco_dbinit -server

Note: For all commands requiring a , remember that
is unique to an OMNIbus environment and does not automatically
correspond to the host name. The default is NCOMS.

7. Start the ObjectServer with the following command:
$OMNIHOME/bin/nco_objserv -name &

8. Configure system startup scripts to automatically start the ObjectServer at system start.

9. Start the Conductor console to verify operation:

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