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BW--Create Data Warehousing: Step by Step(摘自SAP Library)

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Data Warehousing: Step by Step
To build a data warehouse, you have to execute certain process steps.
Process Flow
1. Data modeling
Creating InfoObjects: Characteristics
Creating InfoObjects: Key Figures
Creating DataStore objects
And/or creating InfoCubes
And/or creating InfoSets
And/or creating MultiProviders
Or creating VirtualProviders
2. Metadata and Document Management
Installing BI Content
Creating documents
3. Setting up the source system:
Creating SAP source systems
And/or creating external systems
And/or creating file systems
4. Defining extraction:
For SAP source systems: Maintaining DataSources
Or for a SOAP-based transfer of data: Creating XML DataSources
Or for transferring data with UD Connect: Creating a DataSource for UD Connect
Or for transferring data with DB Connect: Creating a DataSource for DB Connect
Or for files: Creating DataSources for File Source Systems
Or for transferring data from non-SAP systems
Creating InfoPackages
5. Defining transformations:
Creating transformations
6. Defining data distribution:
Using the data mart interface
Creating open hub destinations
7. Defining the data flow:
Creating data transfer processes
Creating process chains
8. Scheduling and monitoring:
Checking process chain runs
Monitor for extraction processes and data transfer processes
9. Performance optimization:
Creating the first aggregate for an InfoCube
Or using the BIA index maintenance wizard
10. Information lifecycle management:
Creating data archiving processes
11. User management:
Setting up standard authorizations
Defining analysis authorizations

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