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The goal of this blog is to bundle the information related to the Data Transfer Process (DTP). The documents listed below are describing the different DTP features and "data flow" capabilities in detail. The general definition of a DTP is: A Data Transfer Process transports data from one data source to one data target. Please find the different links to the documents below:
  1. Blog: The "normal" Data Transfer Process... Link
  2. Blog: The "Only Get Delta Once" Data Transfer Process Feature... Link
  3. Blog: The "Get Data by Request" Data Transfer Process Feature... Link
  4. Blog: How to get DTP runtime information in the Transformation... Link
  5. Blog: Extended Capabilities to Debug a Data Transfer Process (DTP) Request... Link
  6. How to paper: How to... minimize reporting downtime during initial data upload in SAP NetWeaver BI7.0 ... Link
  7. Blog: Modeling a Write Optimized DataStore object in a EDW layered architecture in SAP NetWeaver BI7.0... In process
  8. Blog: 'Error DTP' - BI@2004s by KJ (Kamaljeet) ... Link



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