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关于BW Queries/Workbooks/Web templates很有用的一些表 (COME FROM )

不知道兄弟们在做项目时是否遇到过这样的苦恼?客户或者负责管理主数据和数据字典的同事可能追着向你要所有Query,Workbook,Web template及其相关info provider的清单。这时你不得不挤出时间,冲进Metadata Repository猛干一通ctrl+c和ctrl+v的无聊事情。相信下面这些表,一定能够帮你省下很多宝贵的时间。。。
RSZELTDIR Directory of the reporting component elements
RSZELTTXT Texts of reporting component elements
RSZELTXREF Directory of query element references
RSRREPDIR Directory of all reports (Query GENUNIID)
RSZCOMPDIR Directory of reporting components

RSRWBINDEX List of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBINDEXT Titles of binary objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBSTORE Storage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBTEMPLATE Assignment of Excel workbooks as personal templates
RSRWORKBOOK 'Where-used list' for reports in workbooks

Web templates
RSZWOBJ Storage of the Web Objects
RSZWOBJTXT Texts for Templates/Items/Views
RSZWOBJXREF Structure of the BW Objects in a Template
RSZWTEMPLATE Header Table for BW HTML Templates

Another way to find available queries....

Run the ABAP editor (SE38) and enter report name QUERY_F4_GET.

This report is based on the SAP BW function module RSZ_DB_COMP_F4, and it will display InfoCubes in a tree with the queries.

When you find a query, double-click it to see the technical name of the InfoProvider and its internal ID.

Instead of using metadata repository (RSA1), you can use below tables.
These tables collect information about relations among InfoCubes, queries, and workbooks, and also contain information about the changes in these relations.

RSRWBINDEX — data about workbooks: IDs, creation time, change time, person who last changed them, etc.

RSRWBINDEXT — workbook IDs and their titles

RSRWORKBOOK — data about which query belongs to which workbook

RSRREPDIR — information about queries, types of reporting components (key figures, variables, etc.) for each query, InfoCubes, who queries belong to, query versions (active/modified/revised), and many other kinds of analysis-related metadata


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