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SAP bw work

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SAP Business Intelligence (BW) consultant

    Job Descriptions
    General Description
  • You will be a part of our global IT team and in interaction with our customers it will be your task to ensure optimal usage of SAP BW area seen in relation to business needs. Flair for business and the ability to see business processes as a whole will therefore be an advantage.
  • You will be a part of a group including highly qualified IT experts, who work together in a good and collegial atmosphere. Our status as a global centre of competences is the core of our existence and the professional development of the individual is everybody’s responsibility.

    Key Tasks
  • Daily support, maintenance and development of our existing systems
  • Participation in different projects, where you will take part in all project phases from design, adjustment and implementation to documentation of solutions in the different SAP modules
  • Act as a sparring partner to the business and colleagues
  • You are going to work with the development and implementation of SAP Business Intelligence within the applications used by Danfoss and be a part of supporting future architectures. You will participate in and drive many different improvement projects as well as support our existing systems. A close cooperation with the business is the cornerstone of our Business Intelligence solutions and you will therefore work in close cooperation with the different business units to ensure the most optimal solutions.
    The idea is to create optimum value for the customer/business based on the needs of our global customers. Your access to the job is through your professional knowledge but your results greatly depend on your communication skills and your ability to use own competences.
    Primarily you will be assessed on your skills to support our IT architecture, the service you provide our customers and your contribution to the total competences of the group.

    Job Requirements
  • Are interested in working with the interfaces between business and IT
  • Are capable of communicating a complex IT-structure to clients in business language
  • Have a process understanding and can work with more assignments at a time
  • Are open to challenges and the necessary drive to follow your tasks through
  • Have experience with MS SQL and/or SAP BW
  • Are capable of translating business needs to solutions within used applications and performing ETL (Extract Transform and Load)
  • Can communicate in English as it is our business language


SAP BW/SEM Engineer
- In depth SAP BW experience and knowledge.
- Inclusive of delivery of a minimum of 2 full lifecycle implementations, preferably delivered in a leading role. Strong technical and BI architecture skills would be highly desirable


1. Overview of the basic concepts and architecture of SAP Business Intelligence
2. Practical experience with SAP BI tools, extracting, transforming, and loading data
3. Understand the functions of the SAP BI Metadata Repository
4. Working knowledge of BW Analysis Tools:
- Overview of the basic concepts and OLAP functions of BW reporting
- Working with BW Business Content
- Creating reports with the Query Builder of the Business Explorer Analyzer
5. Understanding of various general extraction mechanisms:
- Delta mechanisms within the SAP BW when loading data from several sources
- Techniques of generic data extraction
- Implementing individual extraction techniques using function enhancements
6. Understanding of various extraction mechanisms within the SAP R/3:
- Understands basic concepts of SAP R/3 extraction
- Customizing Extract Structures
7. Understands BW Modeling:

- Requirements Analysis
- Development of a logical & physical data model
- Technical implementation in BW


1. Degree in Computer Science or the equivalent
2. Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in SAP. Over 2 years project experience in SAP Business Warehouse
3. Effective and experienced problem-solver with a proven ability for technical support in a fast-paced and creative environment
4. Good interpersonal and communication skill and a good team player
5. Mature and able to work independent


A minimum of 3 years with SAP products desired. Two or more years experience with SAP BW 3.0 or higher is required. BW certified a plus.
Experience as an SAP Business Warehouse Developer using BW Administrator Workbench, SAP Business Explorer and SAP BW Web Application Designer.
Experience building both standard and custom BW solutions Data marts, data extraction, transformation and loading into BW from R/3 and other data sources.
Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, with attention to detail and closure.
Strong analytical, problem solving and multi-tasking skills required, as well as communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to maintain confidential nature related to financial and management data.
Good organizational skills, Detailed oriented.
Must be committed to provide a high level of customer service to our customers.


SAP BW Senior Consultant:

Location: Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen Responsibilities:- Coordinate with clients and internal project team to ensure opportune and quality delivery;- Responsible for managing the implementation and support of SAP BW;- Work as independent consultant in SAP BW, guide and lead junior consultant in the team;- Work together with other module consultants for system integration;- Help clients to make necessary business process reengineering and provide appropriate solutions to client business requirements. Requirements:- Two or more years experience with SAP BW or higher, at least one SAP full cycle implementation, BW certified a plus;- Experience as an SAP Business Warehouse Developer using BW Administrator Workbench, SAP Business Explorer and SAP BW Web Application Designer. - Experience building both standard and custom BW solutions Data marts, data extraction, transformation and loading into BW from SAP R/3 and other data sources. - Excellent communication, interpersonal, negotiation and presentation skills, as well as self-activated with strong motivation working with the core team;- Customer orientation with a high level of service;- University degree in Accounting/ Economics/ Business Administration/ Computer Science or a related field, highly motivated;- Extensive SAP BW configuration and implementation skills, in-depth and extensive business process and scenario knowledge;- Must also be willing to travel mainly within China but also internationally;- Able to communicate in English or Japanese preferable.


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